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    Juri by JPalanca

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            by : Joe Palanca (jgpalanca@csupomona.edu)
    Any replies, comments, info, questions, cool ascii pics, etc. that I can use,
    e-mail me at the address above.
    This guide is strictly PUBLIC DOMAIN - it's FREE and no one should profit
    from selling any part of this guide to anyone.  If anyone uses part of this 
    guide in another publication, please acknowledge your source of information.
    Galaxy Fight is one of the best fighting games I've ever seen.  There are
    very few faults in this game, and none affect the game play.  The graphics
    are superb, the movements are fluid, the sound and music are realistic and
    astounding, and the game play is awesome.  It's surprising that many people
    don't know about this game.  They don't know what they're missing.  As one of
    the few people to get this game when it was first released, I intially found
    it to be quite difficult to get used to, and to play.  But my style of game
    play quickly helped me to adapt to this new system of running attacks and
    such, and I found an easy and fun character in JURI.  I quickly learned how
    to utilize all her moves, making me one of the best players of this game.  As
    of yet, no one that I've played has been able to beat me (if I'm playing as
    Juri).  That is the main reason for writing this guide.  I've recieved a lot
    of mail from my Galaxy Fight FAQ, asking how to beat the game, and so I've
    decided to use my favorite character to demonstrate how this game can be
    played.  Please note that this is my style of play, and it is sometimes
    difficult for some gamers to play this way.  This style involves close in
    fighting, with a lot of quick jabs and running attacks.  For those who are
    more comfortable using uppercuts and fireballs, don't bother reading this or
    it'll be a waste of your time.  Now enter the world of JURI...
    Version History
    Character Information
    Notes on Game Play
    Normal Attacks
    Special Attacks
    General Strategies
    Specific Strategies
    Juri's Ending
    Info Lacking/Needed
    0.5 - Initial unreleased version; author's personal notes
    0.7 - First released version; slightly reorganized; more information added
            This is too awesome a game; hoping for a sequel
    Jason Saddrick (jsaddrick@csufullerton.edu)
            He bought me the game, the gamest mook, and showed me the pics in
            Diehard that made me want to buy this game
    Kelya Saddrick (kisaddrick@csufullerton.edu)
            Contributing writer; first person I know who used Juri; editing
    JURI THE SPACE BANDIT -> A beautiful woman who harnesses some awesome 
    strength.  Can often outmaneuver an opponent.
    Background : Juri was abandoned as a young child, and cast out because of her
            weaknesses.  She learned to live on the streets as a bandit.  She
            used what she stole to attempt to make a normal life for herself, but
            was cast away by the man she loved for a woman more beautiful than
            her.  After that, she trained herself, becoming stronger and more
            beautiful.  She was determined to become the strongest and most
            beautiful woman in the galaxy.  She learned about Felden's coming and
            set out to meet him.  She wants to prove herself.
    Origin: Unknown
    Stage : LEZAAR
    Age : 23 Earth Years
    Ht. : 165 cm / 3 (?)
    Wt. : 49 kg
    Measurements : B87/W56/H91
    Taunts : Wipes mouth with hand then points at opponent and says one of the
             following :
                    "Sore dio senai"
                    "Aka teo de"
                    "Sore teo nano"
    The gameplay is quite different from most other fighting games.  A lot of
    running is involved, as well as the fact that there are no designated buttons
    for punches or kicks.  For more information, I suggest (as a cheap plug)
    checking out my Galaxy Fight FAQ which is available through me and most sites
    that carry video game faqs.
    Close (Standing Close); Far (Standing Far); D (Down); U (Up); F (Forward);
    A (A button); B (B button); C (C button); # after description (Damage rating)
    Close A - Knee Bash (18)
    Far A - Straight Kick (18)
    D+A - Gut Punch (18)
    U+A - Downwards Punch (18)
    UF+A - Downwards Punch (18)
    Close DASH+A - Knee Bash (27)
    Far DASH+A - Straight Kick (27)
    DASHU+A - Downwards Punch (27)
    DASHUF+A - Downwards Punch (27)
    Close B - Shin Kick (62)
    Far B - High Kick (62)
    D+B - Crouching Straight Kick (62)
    U+B - Flying Knee (62)
    UF+B - Flying Cross Kick (62)
    Close DASH+B - Shin Kick (93)
    Far DASH+B - High Kick (93)
    DASHU+B - Flying Knee (93)
    DASHUF+B - Flying Cross Kick (93)
    Close C - 2 Hits/Downwards Heel Kick (62/88)
    Far C - Elbow Smash (88)
    D+C - 2 attempted hits/Sweep Kick (88)
    U+C - Sideways Cross Kick (88)
    UF+C - Downwards Heel Kick (88)
    Close DASH+C - 2 Hits/Downwards Heel Kick (93/132)
    Far DASH+C - Elbow Smash (132)
    DASHU+C - Sideways Cross Kick (132)
    DASHUF+C - Downwards Heel Kick (132) 
    (The number next to the move name is the damage rating.  If two sets are
    shown, the second is the rating if the move is done while dashing.  Exception
    is the Needle Shot, which has three sets, depending on the button pressed.)
    Note : D is the taunt button.
    ---= Holds/Throws =---------------------------------------------------------
              Air Dump (88)        |  Left or Right + C Button
    There's not much to say in the way of throws...
    ---= Air Throws =-----------------------------------------------------------
              Air Toss (88)        |  Close in Air, Left or Right + C Button
    Ditto for air throws...
    ---= Special Moves =--------------------------------------------------------
              Garing Elbow (64)    |   O-   + B button
    This is a strong attack, and can be used to beat crouching defenses.  It can
    be used in a combo.
              Laser Stroke         |   -O | \         + A/B/C button 
      (48/56/64/96) (64/72/80/112) |      O  O                       
    This is extremely useful, especially in a running attack.  It knocks your
    opponent clear across the screen if it connects.  It can do massive damage if
    done at the right time.
              Rolling Slicer       |   | \  -O        + A/B/C button 
           (40/56/72) (64/80/96)   |   O  O                          
    This is used best as a combo finisher.  It also ticks off a good amount of
    damage.  It's quick, and can be used as a counter.
              Somersault Kick (80) |   |  / O-        + A/B/C button 
                                   |   O O                           
    This would be her anti-air counter, but can also be useful as a running
    attack.  It can tick off some good damage too.
              Needle Shot          |   Jump,  O-  / | \  -O + A/B/C button     
          (48*64/56*72/64*80)      |             O  O  O                       
    This is useful in attempting multiple hits in the air.  This does good damage
    for those exciting air battles.
              Galactica Cyclone    |   -O  O-  / | \  -O   + ABC buttons  
                 (18/0/224)        |          O  O  O                     
    This is one of those Art of Fighting style finishers.  It does massive damage
    and comes out fairly quickly.  Not much recovery time either.  Very good in
    combos or for spectacular finishes.
    COMBOS :
    - Jumping C, Crouching C
    - Crouching A, Somersault Kick
    - Standing Close A, Standing A, Crouching A x2, Rolling Slicer
    - Standing Close A, Crouching A x2, Crouching B, Rolling Slicer
    - Standing Far C, Galactica Cyclone
    - Standing Close A, Crouching B, Garing Elbow
            Basically, this is an offensive game.  You don't last long playing
    turtle, especially with Juri.  Running attacks are her specialty.  She is the
    fastest character in the game, and has some pretty mean attacks.  All of her
    attacks are useful.  She's especially good in close-in fighting.  Her jabs
    have priority over all other attacks.
            The best strategy is to knock your opponent down somehow, then switch
    off between crouching and standing A attacks as they get up, and as soon as
    they make a blocking mistake, combo them.
    VS ROLF - Rolf can be annoying as he is the only person capable of the upper-
            cut, fireball combo.  However, the CPU never uses him that way.  Keep
            the fight close-in, because Juri lacks the fireball to counter those
            of Rolf.  He frequently uses that hurricane kick type move, so block
            and use the crouching C when he lands.  Then use one of the Rolling
            Slicer combos continuously.  Against human players, stay close-in as
            well to prevent cheap fighting.  Watch out for Rolf's jabs, because
            they are fast and setup for some nasty combos.  Don't jump too much
            because his uppercut is very fast and he has his bomber move that
            does massive damage.
    VS KAZUMA - His fireball isn't as fast to come out as Rolf's, so there's not
            much to worry about in the fireball, uppercut thing.  He likes to run
            and attack a lot, so interrupt his attack while he's still running at
            you with a crouching B or C (preferably B).  When knocked down, go
            into the Rolling Slicer combo, then wait for him to run at you again.
            Against human players, watch out for a running attack, because most
            likely they are attempting the Ninja Death Tornado.  Use the same
            techniques above for preventing such attacks.
    VS ALVAN - He's the biggest cheeser in the game next to Felden.  He
            continually throws fireballs.  Keep the fight close-in to prevent him
            from doing so.  Remember, his fireballs take a while to come out, and
            you can attack the fireball.  Use Jumping C, Crouching B or Standing
            A to setup for combos.  Against human opponents, keep the same thing
            in mind, but watch out for the Super Alvan when his meter bar is
            flashing, because he can easily turn the game around with two moves.
    VS JURI - N/A vs. CPU (See Yacopu).  Against human opponents, get ready for a
            quick game of hit and run attacks.  Watch for combo set ups.  That is
            the main thing most Juri players look for.
    VS ROOMI - Play defensively against her, because it pays off.  Wait for her
            to attack first, then counter by running up and peforming a combo.
            Use the Crouching C or Galactica Cyclone when she runs at you.  Watch
            out for her quick jabs which lead to some combos.  Against human
            opponents, watch out for frequent air attacks and quick throws.
            Interrupt attacks with Crouching A.
    VS GUNTER - Against CPU, jumping straight up with C most of the time will
            easily beat him.  But for those who care to try other things, just
            stay away from him as much as possible.  His holds are deadly.  Be
            careful with the Rolling Slicer, because if he blocks, he'll counter
            with a throw.  Against human opponents, remember that Gunter is the
            second slowest in the game.  Use your speed to take advantage.
    VS G.DONE - Keep using jabs and the Somersault Kick.  It's hard to pull off
            combos because of his dodging ability.  Watch out for frequent air
            attacks.  Try not to let him get behind you either, because he has
            a lot of throws to choose from.  This strategy is good for both human
            and CPU opponents.
    VS MUSAFAR - He's the slowest character in the game.  Use your speed to beat
            him.  Run in with A and use it to set up combos.  Watch out for his
            jabs though, because they are second in speed to yours, and he can
            perform about seven hits before your out of range.  Strategy is good
            for both human and CPU opponents.
    VS BONUS KUN - I'll just say one thing : He can't block!
    VS YACOPU - The only moves that will hit, are her crouching attacks, Needle
            Shot (if he jumps), Galactica Cyclone, the low hitting parts of the 
            Rolling Slicer, and the Somersault Kick.  Use the Crouching C
            frequently.  When he changes, get ready to counter your own attacks.
            Use the same basic techniques against Rolf for this one.
    VS FELDEN - The best opening move is to jump with B as soon as the round
            begins.  If he blocks, block his uppercut and counter with Crouching
            C.  Always use the Needle Shot or B if you attempt an aerial attack.
            When you knock him down, immediately run up and perform Standing A's,
            moving into the Rolling Slicer combo.  Occasionally, you can run up
            to him and perform this same combo, but it is relatively difficult
            because of his fireballs.  Watch out for his plasma ball, because it
            dizzies usually.  Also remember to block up when he jumps at you with
            his flying elbow.
    VS ROUWE - Block until you get an opportunity to knock him down, then do the
            Rolling Slicer combo continually.  (That's the only way I've ever
            beaten him.  If I never knock him down, I lose.)
    She says she thought Felden was immortal, but he was weaker than her and one 
    must be both beautiful and strong to survive.  For if you are weak, you will 
    be destroyed and ugly, cast aside, so she vows to become more beautiful and 
    stronger and someday good fortune will be hers.
    - Anything you think may be missing (more combos/strategies)
    						                                  [ 0-0 ]
    END OF JURI STRATEGY GUIDE/FAQ                          (C)1996 JGPALANCA

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