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"Smell like I sound, I'm lost in a crowd..."

Terry Bogard needs to die. The little punk has been asking –no, begging - for an ass kicking. He thinks he's so damned cool, strutting around Southtown with his designer jeans and that ridiculous baseball cap. But hey, who can blame him? He's the one that threw Geese Howard, the city's crime kingpin, out of a high-rise window and left him for dead. The thing is, Geese didn't die. In fact, he's back and feeling better than ever…and very pissed off. It's time to show Terry and his little band of fighters who really owns this town. In times like these, it doesn't matter how or when you die, but how much you want to live. And with some ancient scrolls of immortality in his possession, Geese isn't going anywhere soon.

Forget about the King of Fighters tournament. There shouldn't have been one in the first place; Geese should have slaughtered Terry, Andy, and their little Muay Thai friend when they first showed up. His brother Krauser's inane worldwide fighting tournament didn't help things, either. Geese had to lay low after his defeat, slowly rebuilding his power in Southtown. In the meantime, that bastard Yamazaki has been trying to take over the city and managed to make things even more difficult. He tried to recruit a famous boxer named Franco Bash into his ranks, but the mustachioed juggernaut turned him down, ignoring the likely consequences. There are two detectives snooping around here as a well; Hon Fu came all the way out from Hong Kong, signature nunchucks and all, to track down Yamazaki. Then there's Blue Mary, the femme fatale who can out-breast jiggle Andy's girlfriend Mai. There's even a Capoeira practitioner and some sort of mystical hermit running amok as well.

God, what a nuisance. As if the Bogards weren't enough of a problem already. It's not like you can take any of these people lightly, either; they've honed their skills to the point of perfection. Franco may be a slow on the uptake, but he makes up for it with those fast-paced punches. And Yamazaki…Well, Yamazaki's got plenty of his own dirty tricks. He's nothing more than a psychotic thug anyway. It's the Bogards that are going to be the real problem here; the brothers have been fine-tuning their moves ever since they returned to Southtown. They have the same special moves, but they've been developed with better range, mind-boggling speed, incredibly responsive controls to make the executions easier, and the potential to rack up multiple hits with a single attack. Not to mention that all of their basic punches and kicks have been modified to have multi-hit capabilities and balanced attack power.

Yeah, that's going to be tricky. Especially since all of these new fighters are far more aggressive and challenging than those of the old days. Not only have they upped their offensive strategies, but they learned a thing or two about defending as well. Before, all of the fights took place on two planes: the foreground and background. Jumping back and forth between the two was second nature; if you didn't leap to the other area, you'd inevitably get your ass roasted by some random attack. The problem was that all you could do was jump; no sidestepping, no defensive crouching, or anything else. Just jumping and praying that your outstretched fist managed to connect as you played cat-and-mouse with your enemy. That was pretty damned pathetic, in retrospect. Now, everyone has learned to fight on three planes; the background, the foreground, and the middle. Instead of jumping, you can sidestep or slide into the new position, making dodging and countering infinitely more streamlined. If all else fails, a well-timed backward defensive jump can save your hide.

Not that that's going to help Terry Bogard, of course. That blonde bastard has a heel kick to the jaw with his name on it…among other things. In fact, all of those kids deserve to be broken. But before that can happen, Geese has to get back to work and re-conquer Southtown. Business before pleasure, as the saying goes. It's amazing how different the place looks now…It's been, what? Four years? The Pao Pao Cafe is still around, and by the looks of the pool, bustling crowd, and fully-stocked bar, things are going good. There's even a church near one of the old alleyways, decked out with gilded floors and fancy lights as far as the eye can see. The once-dingy docks are now flooded with sparkly seawater (which looks pretty damned awesome during one of Southtown's red-orange sunsets, even after all these years) and crammed with yachts. Even the freakin' aquarium has gotten some new fish and penguins. There is one thing that hasn't changed though: Geese's high-rise office. It's been empty ever since Terry sent him through one of the windows all those years ago…

Geese looks up at his office. He's going to get Terry. He's going to get all of them, even those new people that are just to damned naive to stay out of his matters. Yes, they've all been perfecting their fighting techniques. Yes, they've become stronger, faster, more challenging, and far better fighters than even he thought they would. So they've become more balanced, can execute more combos and dance their way around the fighting ground with their fancy new dodging skills. So what? They're still mortal. Him, on the other hand…Looking down from the window he once fell from, Geese lets a sinister smile onto his face. It's time to get back to work.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/13/07

Game Release: Garou Densetsu 3: Road to the Final Victory (JP, 04/21/95)

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