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"Fatal Fury 3 Nearly Wrecks An Awesome Franchise"

This game had high expectations from me. I really thought Fatal Fury 3 would be the best in the series, but really it lacks a lot of what I loved about Fatal Fury Special. Fatal Fury 3, Road to the Final Victory, nearly kills an awesome series of games. Luckily SNK came out with the Real Bout Fatal Fury series and saved an awesome fighting game. Fatal Fury 3 is almost the worst in the series, just a tad bit better than Fatal Fury the original. Let's take a look at what happened.

(gameplay - 6)
This game is really hard. That is the truth. I have trouble just beating the first guy. That's a bit sad considering I love Fatal Fury. But this game takes it to the extreme by making your players feel hard to use. The characters don't control well and the moves are hardly effective. Geese Howard, the bad boy on the block is one of the weakest characters! Truly a shame. Geese definately has some problems, and so does Andy. I really felt that this game lacked in the gameplay department as it is too hard to be considered fun, and when one of the ultimate bosses is considered weak, then you have a problem.

(story - 8)
A new boss is found in this game and he is set on the loose from the introductory movie. Pretty cool guy. The story is emphasized in this game and I like that. Really what it boils down to is that Southtown is once again ruled by an iron-fisted bad guy, Yamazaki is his name. He is a tough killer of a man, and he is the ultimate object of hatred in this game. You move around Southtown fighting bouts until you come to the climactic ending, which really is hard to get to. A little too hard.

(graphics - 9, sound - 6)
The new characters are cool, and are unique in their own way. The game looks different and it seems that this is pretty good. The graphics are top-notch, with the characters receiving lots of detail, and the backgrounds are nicely animated. I always think that Neo games have the best graphics and this game doesn't disappoint. It's the gameplay that hurts. The soundtrack is decent. The characters all have their own theme songs but they are annoying and lame. I really never liked the Neo soundtracks much, and this game is disappointing to say the least.

(replayability - 6)
Hard to want to play this game over and over. It is just too hard. And it is very difficult to get past the hard factor. The characters are cool, and the graphics rock, but this game just isn't much fun to play. Out of all the Fatal Fury games this is the one to skip.

Don't buy this game. It's not worth it. It really may hurt your opinion of the Fatal Fury series and that's not a good thing. I would stay away from this game at all costs. It really is disappointing and puts a sour ending on a great franchise. Luckily the Real Bout series launched next and saved the day. Skip Fatal Fury 3 and purchase Fatal Fury Special instead.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 06/28/04

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