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    FAQ by CallMeSpike

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                             STAKES WINNER
    Arcade & Neo-Geo
    Written By: CallMeSpike
    FAQ Version: 1.00
    Date written: 19 May 2002
    E-Mail: excidium1@hotmail.com
    * Please Note: 
    If you have any questions or comments about the game or FAQ you are 
    more than welcome to email me.  Just make sure you make it clear in 
    the subject that its to do with the FAQ because i get so much junk 
    mail i tend to just delete EVERYTHING i get without looking.  
    Alternatively you can catch me on the GameFAQs message board's 
    I check the Stakes Winner Board reguarly to see if anythings up.
    1. How To Play
    2. Horses
    3. Races
    4. Special Items
    5. Tips
    6. Walkthrough
    7. Copyright Notice
                       -----1. How To Play-----
    Stakes Winner is a horse racing game.  You are the jockey, and
    the objective is to get your horse past the winning post before
    the 7 other horses in the race.  The camera is set above the track
    giving you a sky view of the race (like you would see on television).
    There are 12 races altogether, but depending on where you finish,
    you may find that you will be competing in either more or less.  
    You must finish in the first 3 placings to progress to the next race. 
    You will notice on the game screen when your racing some useful 
    things to help you win.  On the top right of the screen is a 
    map of the track.  On this map is some dots representing each horse
    in the race.  The colour of the jockey's cap will donate what colour
    dot the horse will be on the map.  The map also shows you where the
    finish line is.  Knowing how far there is to go is important, because
    you don't want to be making your move too early or too late.
    On the bottom left of the screen is a picture of your horse's head,
    and a power bar.  You have to keep your eye on the horse's head during
    the race.  It gives you an indication of how he is travelling.  If you
    use the whip on your horse for a long period of time he will start to
    shake his head  This means that if you keep using the whip your horse
    is going to suddenly slow down and you will lose a lot of ground.  
    The power bar must never get empty.  If it does run out, your horse 
    will slow down, and eventually stop.  And thats Game Over for you.
    You use the joystick and 2 buttons to control your horse.  If you don't
    press any buttons, your horse will travel at a steady pace, and you 
    will not use of any power.  The first button controls the reins. 
    Pressing this button repeatedly will decrease your power slightly, but 
    your horse will gallop at a quick speed.  The second button controls the 
    whip.  Using the whip will decrease your power alot quicker, but it
    will make your horse really sprint hard.  You can use your whip any
    time you like.  Each horse reacts differently to the whip.  Some can
    stand being whipped longer than others before they start to refuse it.
    Towards the end of the race (usually between the 400-600 metre mark, 
    and depending on the horse you chose) you can whip as much as you like 
    and your horse will never shake his head, he will keep pressing on hard, 
    obviously knowing the finish line is close.
                           ----2. Horses----
    There are 8 selectable horses in Stakes Winner.  All have their
    own individual abilities and statistics.  So choose wisely.
    The horses are...
       1. White Heat
       2. Euro Unicorn
       3. Hot Sand
       4. Asian Hope
       5. Brave Lady
       6. Be Silent
       7. US Fighter
       8. Sky Dancer
    White Heat
    White Heat's acceleration is huge, but his top speed is quite poor.
    He is very quick to begin and he can control most races from the 
    front.  However, he hates the whip.  Soon after you start to use 
    it he starts to refuse it and will shake his head.  White Heat is 
    useful in the early sprint races, but when it comes to the longer 
    harder races, he is left wanting.
    Euro Unicorn
    An OK horse.  He's gate speed is only fair, as is he's ability to 
    sprint when called upon with the whip.  You will win plenty of races
    with him, but you have to be up on the pace to have any real chance.
    He's speed in the straight is not that good and he has difficulty 
    catching leaders.
    Hot Sand
    Hot Sand is by far the best horse of the bunch. He has terrific
    gate speed, allowing you to get to the front early and dictate races.
    He can also settle just off the pace behind the leaders, or towards 
    the rear of the pack, and still give you a top winning chance.  Hot 
    Sand's other big advantage is his ability to start sprinting for home
    further out from the finish line then most other horses can.  You 
    can go for the whip in some races 800 metres out from the winning
    post and he will never give in.
    Asian Hope
    Asian Hope is unlike any other horse.  He has no early gate speed, so
    you are often forced to drop to the back of the pack.  He is a hard 
    horse to use because by dropping back you are giving the opposition
    a head start.  You can also find yourself blocked in behind some 
    slower horses when your trying to improve your position towards the 
    end of the race.  Asian Hope does have a big finish however.  Like
    Hot Sand, he can start sprinting for home a long way out.  And when
    he gets going, he really gets going!
    Brave Lady
    Brave Lady is a quick horse.  You must take advantage of her early
    gate speed by getting to the front of the field.  Don't go to hard
    out in front, because in the longer races you will find yourself short
    on power.  You can sit behind the leaders with her if that makes you
    feel more comfortable.  But you have to be thereabouts at the end 
    because her finish isn't too flash.
    Be Silent
    Be Silent is a good horse for beginners.  He has some good all-round
    stats.  Very reliable and will win you plenty of races.  His gate 
    speed is pretty good and so is his finish.  However he does finds 
    some races a bit to tough for him.
    US Fighter
    This horse is an absolute bolter.  No horse is quicker than US Fighter.
    However, despite his quick speed, he also gets tired of being whipped
    very quickly.  If your not paying attention to your horse when he's 
    shaking his head, he will suddenly slow right down and your lead
    will be all but gone, and it will happen when you least expect it...
    towards the finish line!  The early sprint races will be fairly easy,
    but tackling the longer staying trips like 2500 metres and 3000 metres
    is a nightmare.  Most of the time you will find yourself stumbling over
    the line as your power bar will have emptied a long way out.  
    Sky Dancer
    Sky Dancer is another good horse for beginners.  His stats are nicely
    evened out so you can pretty much race as you please.  There is nothing
    to special about him, but he is honest.
                         ----3. Races----
    Race 1: Maiden   - 1000m - Sapporo
    Race 2: Juvenile - 1200m - Sapporo
    Race 3: Juvenile - 1600m - Nakayama
    Race 4: Guiness  - 2000m - Nakayama
    Race 5: Derby    - 2400m - Tokyo
    Race 6: St Leger - 3000m - Kyoto
    Race 7: Japan Grand Prix   - 2500m - Nakayama
    Race 8: Emperor Spring Cup - 3200m - Kyoto
    Race 9: Champion Stakes    - 2200m - Hanshin
    Race 10: Emperor Autumn Cup - 2000m - Tokyo
    Race 11: Japan Cup          - 2400m - Tokyo
    Race 12: Japan Grand Prix   - 2500m - Nakayama
    Special Races
    *Breeder's Cup Classic - 2000m - Churchill Downs
    If you come first in Race 5 (Derby) and/or Race 9 (Champion Stakes),
    you will be given the option of competing in the Breeder's Cup.
    *Prix de le Arc de Triumphe - 2400m - Longchamp
    If you come first in Race 12 (Grand Prix), you will be taken to 
    France to compete against the worlds best in the Arc de Triumphe.
                       ----4. Special Items----
    During the races, you will notice some items lying around the track.  
    These items can be the difference between you winning and losing.
    Get these...
    White Wings:    Speed Boost
    Orange Carrot:  Increases Power
    Avoid these...
    Brown Hole:    Loss of speed for about 2 seconds
    Green Bottle:  Loss of speed and control for about 5 seconds
    And theres also...
    Blue Question Mark:       You could get any of the above 4
    Yellow Exclamation Mark:  ??? {Email me if you know}
                        ----5. Tips----
    1. This is the most important thing to know, so listen up.
       Your best weapon in this game is the bumping technique. 
       Tapping forward twice will cause your horse to bump every 
       other horse around you and severely slow them down.  It 
       costs you one power to use, so dont overdo it. Just use it 
       if you think you won't be able to get past the leader, or 
       if you look like getting passed at the finish.  Take note 
       that you can only do this technique racing horizontely. 
    2. There is no such thing as protesting in this game. So by all
       means play as dirty as you like.  See a horse trying to 
       squeeze up on your inside? Shove him into the rail.  He will 
       almost always be stopped in his tracks.
    3. The Kyoto race track has an unusual final turn.  The inside
       rail ends and leaves an opening for you to cut a corner.  As
       you turn, hold "down/left" and you can sneak past the field
       and save yourself a massive amount of time, as the other 
       horses tend to go wide around it.
    4. As you near the finish line, you will notice the music will
       change.  Its a good indication that you should be starting to 
       get a move or you will find yourself in trouble.
    5. Conserve your power in races over 2000 metres and longer! You 
       will need it. You have to have patience. Dont go using your      
       whip for the first 400 metres just so your the first horse       
       around the first turn.  Other horses will go with you to keep    
       the pressure on, and you'll find yourself with practically no    
       lead, and hardly any power left for the finish.  Trust me, it 
       will never work.  You can't rely on picking up power up's and 
       speed boosts (that may not even come) throughout the race to 
       keep you going. It's not worth the risk.
    6. In the Special Races, there are no special items on the track.
    7. Keep your eye on the small picture of your horse's head at 
       the bottom left of the screen.  It tells you how the horse is
       travelling. When you use the whip he will grit his teeth and
       close his eyes.  If you keep using it he will begin to shake
       his head furiously.  So stop using it or he will just 
       completely slow down.  
                      -----6. Walkthrough-----
    =-Race 1: Maiden-= 
    Distance:  1000m
    Track:     Sapporo
    Prize:     59,000
    Direction: Clockwise
    Special Items (1):
    -200 metre mark
    Very easy race to get you started.  If your horse has good speed, take 
    advantage of it.  There's 400 metres to the first turn so if you have 
    drawn an outside barrier, get to the front and cross to the fence.  if 
    your horse doesnt have much gate speed, then just drop back to the rear 
    and cross to the fence.  Then you can start pressing forward through 
    the field without getting caught wide around the turn. Just keep using 
    that whip because you will never run out of power.  Also remember that 
    when your horse starts shaking his head (at the bottom left of the 
    screen) it means he has had enough and will dramatically lose speed (and 
    possibly lose you the race) if you keep using it.  So take it easy.  
    Just make sure you keep to the inside rail and you shouldn't have a 
    problem.  Holding the joystick in the direction you're going is also 
    useful and will save you from running over extra ground.  There is a 
    speed boost (wings) at the 200 metre mark if you're really in rouble, 
    but you should be able to win easily with a comfortable 3 length 
    victory.  If by some chance you do happen to come second or third, you 
    will race in this maiden event again.
    =-Race 2: Juvenile-= 
    Distance:  1200m
    Track:     Sapporo
    Prize:     320,000
    Direction: Clockwise
    Special Items (1):  
    -200 metre mark
    Similar to race 1.  You race around the same track, except this time 
    there's an extra 200 metres till the first turn.  Take note that unlike 
    the first race, the special items at the 200 metre mark will be 
    different every time you play.  The short distance of this sprint race 
    once again means that you can use the whip and an even rate and still 
    have plenty of power to get over the line.  You should easily blitz this 
    weak field with a 3 length win.
    =-Race 3: Juvenile-= 
    Distance:  1600m
    Track:     Nakayama
    Prize:     540,000
    Direction: Clockwise
    Special Items (2):
    -600 metre mark
    -250 metre mark
    The start to this race is tricky.  The track turns into a bottleneck 
    almost immediately.  Outside barriers are at a disadvantage, and 
    everyone has some pretty good speed so you will probably have to settle 
    mid-field.  99% of the time one horse will go out to a 2-3 length lead.  
    You can work your way up to second place and sit there until you get to 
    the 600 metre mark.  Then when the music changes go for the whip.  You 
    should catch the leader, he usually gets tired and slows down around the 
    final turn, meaning you can cruise to the winning post.  If he doesnt 
    get tired, then you've got a battle on your hands.  If you dont think 
    your going to get past him, you can resort to some dirty tactics like 
    using the bumping technique.  If you're still too far behind him to do 
    that, then start praying that there's a speed boost at the 250 metre 
    mark, otherwise you'll just have to settle for a place.
    Training gives you the opportunity to boost up your stats.  You are 
    presented with 3 choices to increase your stats with.  Speed, stamina, 
    and strength.  Boost up the stats that you have less of.  If you 
    complete the course within the time limit, you get an extra point added 
    to that ability that you chose.
    The course is also divided up into three sections.  These three sections 
    represent Speed, Strength, and Stamina.  If you pass a particular 
    section quick enough, you get point added to that ability.
    To finish within the time limit, and to complete each section 
    successfully, you are required to tap BOTH buttons repeatedly.
    Of course to make it that extra bit harder for you, there are mole holes 
    throughout the course.  Run over one and you will lose speed, and will 
    almost certainly cost you from getting a bonus point.  So just stay 
    aware and keep on your toes. 
    =-Race 4: Guiness-= 
    Distance:  2000m
    Track:     Nakayama
    Prize:     970,000
    Direction: Clockwise
    Special Items (3):  
    -1900 metre mark
    -Left Side
    -600 metre mark
    Now you are starting to compete in the longer distance races.  Whats
    important is that you dont use your whip the entire journey, or else you 
    will run out of power and fail to finish.  Just use it to improve your 
    position.  Im not saying dont use it at all, just keep in mind the 
    amount of power you have.  Keep pressing the reigns button to keep your 
    horse going at an even pace.  Once again you might find one horse going 
    out to a early lead.  But this time he may not get tired, so dont give 
    him to much breathing space if you can help it.  
    After you go around the second last turn to come down the screen, stay 
    off the fence!  STAY OFF THE FENCE. i cant stress that enough.  If you 
    are racing on the fence and you have a horse on your outside blocking 
    you in, it could cost you the race. Why? Because at the 600 metre mark 
    are some special items, one of them is positioned on the fence, so if 
    its a brown hole, or a green bottle, you will NOT be able to avoid it, 
    and you can probably kiss the race good-bye.  If you are running about 2 
    or 3 horses wide off the fence you are giving yourself a chance.  Then 
    if its wings or carrots there, you can move in a take it, and if is 
    something bad you can miss it.
    =-Race 5: Derby-= 
    Distance:  2400m
    Track:     Tokyo
    Prize:     130,000
    Direction: Anti-Clockwise
    Special Items (4):
    -150 metre mark 
    -Right side
    -Left side
    -150 metre mark
    Very similar race to the previous.  An extra 400 metres this time.  At 
    the start if you drew a wide barrier dont try to beat the other horses 
    out and cross in front of them, it wont work.  You'll just waste power.  
    Drop back to the rear, get to the fence, then move forward.  If you are 
    racing from an inside barrier however, then you can use the reigns 
    (maybe the whip) and get into a position where you feel comfortable.  
    You can start to sprint home at about the 600 metre mark, and when you 
    approach the home turn keep to the inside.  If you're struggling to pass 
    horses don't forget to use the bumping technique.
    If you win this race you are invited to race in the Breeder's Cup 
    Classic. It is one tough race, and if you don't finish in the first 
    three its game over, so you dont have to accept the invitation if you 
    dont want to.  If you dont accept you head to Kyoto to compete in the 
    St. Leger.  However if you do accept, compete, and finish in the first 
    three, you will skip the St. Leger.
    =-Race 6: St Leger-= 
    Distance:  3000m
    Track:     Kyoto
    Prize:     1,110,000
    Direction: Clockwise
    Special Items (5):  
    -Right Side
    -200 metre mark
    -Left Side
    -Right Side
    -200 metre mark
    If you came 2nd or 3rd in the previous race, or declined the offer to
    race in the Breeder's Cup Classic, you will be here, the St. Leger.
    It is a very long race.  One and a half laps.  As soon as the race 
    starts just do NOTHING.  Don't whip or use the reigns.  Just let 
    everyone run past and allow yourself to be last.  Go up the hill, then 
    around the first turn and you will start to come down the right side of 
    the track.  Now you can start to gently use the reigns to catch up to 
    the other tail-enders.  There are some special items down this side and 
    its usually wings.  Get them and you will move up to mid-field.  
    Remember what i said in the tips section about the awkward turn? well, 
    its coming up so get to the inside, and hold down/left when you go 
    around it.  You might find yourself with the leaders now, and you still 
    haven't spent a cent of power.  When the other horses see you making a 
    move past them, they will try to go with you, and the pace will quicken, 
    dont get carried away and try to bolt away from them, just relax and let 
    them go around you.  Keep using the reigns as you go up the left side 
    and the back straight, getting any good special items you come across.  
    When you get to the hill in the back straight its nearly time to make a 
    move, use the whip a LITTLE bit to start getting your horse to run a bit 
    faster.  Then as you turn and come down the right side really start to 
    go for home.  Cut the corner on the final turn and you should be in 
    front.  Just keep sprinting hard and you will cross the line in first 
    place.  If somehow your power is almost depleted, and there are horses 
    around you, use the last bit of power you have to do the bumping 
    technique.  It will slow down the other horses, and you can just walk 
    over the line.
    Once again you are given the opportunity to increase your stats.
    Boost up the ones that you have least of.
    =-Race 7: Japan Grand Prix-= 
    Distance:  2500m
    Track:     Nakayama
    Prize:     1,300,000
    Direction: Clockwise
    Special Items (4): 
    600 metre mark
    300 metre mark
    Left Side
    300 metre mark
    At the start of the race, get to the inside rail.  Most of the horses
    will travel down the centre of the track.  A perfect opportunity for 
    you to sneak through on the inside and save ground at the same time.  
    Just sit behind the leaders and stick to the inside rail and you will 
    give yourself every chance to win.  Keep on your guard towards the 
    finish line because they will be coming home fast from everywhere.
    =-Race 8: Emperor Spring Stakes-= 
    Distance:  3200m
    Track:     Kyoto
    Prize:     1,300,000
    Direction: Clockwise
    Special Items (5): 
    -Right Side
    -200 metre mark
    -Left Side
    -Right Side
    -200 metre mark
    This race is the same as the St. Leger in Race 6, except with and 
    added 200 metres at the start of the race.  Just use the same 
    tactics as you did before and you will have no trouble defeating 
    this field.
    =-Race 9: Champion Stakes-= 
    Distance:  2200m
    Track:     Hanshin
    Prize:     1,300,000
    Direction: Clockwise
    Special Items (4):  
    -200 metre mark
    -Left Side
    -Right Side
    -200 metre mark
    This is one tough race.  The tricky part is the back straight, it runs 
    on an angle and you can get caught on the fence and will get shuffled 
    back in the field.  When the race begins get to the fence and settle 
    mid-field.  When you turn the corner to enter the back straight, try and 
    position yourself 2-3 horses wide of the rail.  Keep using the reigns 
    with a whip every now and again.  Be sure to be holding up/right as you 
    travel along too, it will make you go slightly faster.  As you leave the 
    back straight and turn the corner to come down the right side, start 
    getting a real move on.  You cannot afford to let the leaders get away 
    from you.  Sprint hard down the inside and really hug the rail as you 
    turn into the final straight.  Use the bump technique if necessary and 
    go for home.
    If you win this race, you get an invitation to the Breeder's Cup Classic 
    again.  If you accept, compete, and finish in the first three, you will 
    not have to compete in the Emperor Autumn Cup in Race 10.  Instead you 
    will train, then head to the Japan Cup in Race 11.
    Last chance to get your stats up.  If you'd completed the last 2
    courses successfully and within the time limit, then a successful
    completion of this course will see your stats maxed out.
    =-Race 10: Emperor Autumn Cup-= 
    Distance:  2000m
    Track:     Tokyo
    Prize:     1,300,000
    Direction: Anti-Clockwise
    Special Items (3):
    -Back Straight
    -700 metre mark
    -150 metre mark
    Hard race.  All horses go hard.  The only chance you've got is to be 
    right up there on the pace.  Even holding the inside rail doesn't prove 
    to be much of an advantage.  If you do find yourself in the lead, just 
    try and slow down the pace and bump any horses who do try to get past.  
    This race always develops into an absolute sprint to the finish line,
    so make sure you've got plenty of power in the tank to give yourself 
    every chance to win.
    =-Race 11: Japan Cup-= 
    Distance:  2400m
    Track:     Tokyo
    Prize:     1,300,000
    Direction: Anti-Clockwise 
    Special Items (3):
    -200 metre mark
    -Right Side
    -200 metre mark
    Another fast run race.  At the start, dont go hard and sprint with the 
    rest of the horses, settle back and get yourself into a position on the 
    fence, then begin to improve your position and move forward.  Don't go 
    nuts with the whip trying to get in front of everybody so you can 
    dictate the race.  Just do enough so that you can sit behind the 
    leaders.   Then when you come out of the back straight and down 
    the left side make your move.  Sprint hard whilest trying to keep to the 
    inside rail.  You should be right on the heels of the leaders.  Then get 
    right up on their inside around the final turn and push them out.  You 
    have to be on the inside rail or you will not win.  Once again if the 
    other horses are kicking back and look like passing you in the final 
    straight, use the bumping technique to put them back into their place.
    =-Race 12: Japan Grand Prix-= 
    Distance:  2500m
    Track:     Nakayama
    Prize:     1,300,000
    Direction: Clockwise
    Special Items (3):  
    -600 metre mark
    -300 metre mark
    -left side
    This is it, the penultimate race.  Win this and its off to France to 
    compete against the worlds best.  Lose, and its back to the paddock for 
    you.  This is the same race as the Japan Grand Prix in Race 7.  Same 
    distance, same track.  So if you won the first time, chances are good 
    you're going to win again!  Just use the same tactics as you did then 
    and you should win and head for the big time.
    If you do win, you will be invited to compete in the Prix de le Arc de 
    Triumphe in Longchamp.  Unlike the Breeder's Cup races, you dont get a 
    choice, so you're off to France whether you like it or not.  Don't 
    worry, it's easy.
    =-Special Race: Breeder's Cup Classic-= 
    Distance:  2000m
    Track:     Churchill Downs
    Prize:     1,560,000
    Direction: Anti-Clockwise
    Special Items (NONE) 
    This is the hardest race to win out of them all.  Every horse you are up 
    against has an enormous amount of speed.  The pace is hot and if you are 
    out the back you have no chance.  There aren't any special items to 
    replenish your power and to give you a speed boost.
    The best horse to win this race is Hot Sand, and this is how to win it.
    From the very start of the race, no matter what barrier you come out of, 
    sprint HARD.  You MUST be leading when you get to the back straight.  If 
    you come from an inside barrier your task will be easier, because by 
    sticking to the rails you will save a lot of ground.  ITS VERY IMPORTANT 
    to stay to the rails.  If you are coming out of an outside barrier, 
    already the odds are against you.  There will be horses on the inside 
    sprinting faster than you and if they slip away all is lost.  Try your 
    hardest to be up with the leaders going around the first corner.  When 
    you go around the first corner use the reigns and the whip, and remember 
    to keep to the inside.  When going around the second corner, hold 
    up/left to save ground.  Then as soon as you enter the back straight use 
    the bumping technique!  Hopefully you knocked every horse around you, 
    and you will hit the lead.  Im sure by the half way mark you power bar 
    is half empty, thats alright, because now you are controlling the race.  
    Slow the pace right down by not even pressing the reigns button.  You 
    want the speed to be a walking pace.  Horses will be trying to get past 
    you, so get yourself in a position close to them so that you can bump 
    them again.  Bumping does cost you one part of your power bar remember, 
    so dont over do it.  When you reach the end of the back straight, bump 
    again, then start to pick up speed.  Scoot around the third turn keeping 
    to the inside.  You should open up a bit of a break from the field of 
    about 2-3 lengths.  That's the hard part out of the way.  Stay OFF the 
    inside rail coming around the last turn because its actually slower 
    there.  Vary betwen using the whip and the reign in the home straight, 
    and if anyone looks like passing you just bump them.  
    =-Special Race: Prix de le Arc de Triumphe-= 
    Distance:  2400m
    Track:     Longchamp
    Prize:     900,000
    Direction: Clockwise
    Special Items (NONE)
    For the final race, this one is actually pretty easy.  Its an awkward 
    track because you race in a very long diagonal line for about 1000 
    metres, then its almost like a u-turn at the end and you come back to 
    the finish line diagonally.
    The start is frustrating, because theres not much room to move, so the 
    entire field just plods along up to the turn.  Just go with them and 
    don't try anything fancy, your chance will come later.  Go around the 
    turn at the end of the diagonal section and start to pick up speed.  
    When you come back towards the finish in the second diagonal section, 
    hold down/left.  You MUST hold down/left.  For some reason, your horse 
    will go twice as fast and absolutely fly past all the horses.  And if 
    you are on the inside rail, you are laughing.  If your not on the 
    inside, then you could run into trouble.  Because you go so fast you 
    might find yourself running into the back of another horse, which will 
    block your run.  You cant avoid it because if you let go of the 
    joystick, you wont have the speed to get past everyone.  But even so, i 
    would't be to worried about it because it's just such an easy race to 
    win.  Then the diagonal section turns into a final straight where you 
    can just sail past the winning post and salute to the crowd because you 
    are the world champion. 
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