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    RPG Commercial Translation by Deuce

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                                Samurai Spirits RPG
                              Commercial Translations
                              (Taken from SS3 Neo CD)
                        Translated by Deuce (deuce@scsn.net)
    These translations are not exact, as I did take a few liberties
    for the sake of sentences that would make sense.  There are also
    a few holes, where I either didn't know how to translate, or I
    couldn't make out what was being said... don't blame me! :)
    Nakoruru = N
    Rimururu = R
    Commercial 1:
    N: Let's go, Rimururu.
    R: Yes, big sister!
    N: This is nature's punishment.
    R: This is nature's punishment!!!!!
    BOTH: We did it!!
    R: We did it, right, big sister?
    N: Yes... and next is the RPG.
    R: You've never been in an RPG before!
    N: True... neither of us have.
    R: Personally, I'd like it to be a romantic love story!  Ahh, the
       story of two hearts coming together... platonic love!  I'd love
       that!  Big sister, do you think there's a chance?
    N: What?  You're kidding.  Your breasts aren't big enough for something
       like that.
    R: WHAT?  You're not exactly well-endowed yourself!
    (No, I am NOT making this up... -Deuce)
    N: Well, anyway...
    BOTH: Samurai Spirits RPG!  We'll see you there!
    Commercial 2:
    R: Hey, big sister... come on!  Ahh, I can't wake her up.  Well,
       today's battle was kinda hard.  Big sister's pretty cool in
       Samurai Spirits 3!    This is natures punishment... *giggles*
       How cool!  And when the RPG comes out, I get to be in it too!
       I'll show them all what nature's wrath can be like!!!!
    N: Would you keep it down?  Stop talking nonsense and get to sleep.
    R: Okay... goodnight! *mumbles*  She never lets me have any fun...
    Commercial 3:
    R: I did it!  I finally did it!  Hey big sister, now I'm the champion
       of Samurai Spirits!  AAAAAHH!!  I can't believe it!
    N: It can't be... I actually lost to you?  Maybe I need more practice.
       What's wrong, Nakoruru?  A little practice and you'll be better than
       ever.  Right?   Right... you're getting better at this!  Don't
       give up!  Nature is strengthening your spirit!
    R: Yes!  Keep trying!  Just leave it to me, big sister!
    N: Don't worry though... I'll get my title back in the RPG!
    Commercial 4:
    R: Big sister?  Come on!!  It's time for dinner! *mumbles* Is she
       still practicing?  What does she think she's doing?
    N: I'm in the bath... who's there?
    R: It's me!
    N: Ah, the earth... the sky... the sea is crying!
    R: Huh??
    N: Let's go... Shikuruu... Mamahaha... We must go protect nature.
       It is our destiny!
    R: What?  Oh, I get it... you're practicing for the RPG!
    N: Rimururu, you should practice too...
    R: Okay!  Everyone... we'll see you in the Samurai Spirits RPG!
    This document is, of course, public domain.  It is not to be sold
    for any form of profit.  If you paid for this, you got ripped off!

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