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    Rimururu by JPalanca

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            by : Joe Palanca (jgpalanca@csupomona.edu)
    "Nakoruru's younger sister who believes that the cause of this trouble stems
     from Amakusa Shiro Tokisada, the original villain of Samurai Shodown.  She
     is the ice-cold snow maiden on a quest."
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    Why Rimururu?  Well, I kinda liked Rimururu after playing her for a while,
    and found that she's much like Nakoruru in Samurai Shodown I and ][.  I
    found that she's not that easy to learn how to use, because of her short
    range and delays during some of her specials.  Well, for those of you who've
    found that this is true, or those who're just curious to the benefits of
    using Nak's younger sister, this guide will hopefully enlighten you in the
    world of RIMURURU.
    Version History
    Character Information
    Notes on Game Play
    Normal Attacks
    Special Attacks
    General Strategies
    Specific Strategies
    Rimururu's Ending
    Info Needed/Lacking
    Shawn Holmes (shawnh@csn.net)
            Lots of info taken from his TapFAQ
    Red Fox (redfox08@aol.com)
            Some info taken from his movelist
    Greg Kasavin (shrike@slip.net)
            His NewType page had some info I used
    Damone (damone@ios.com)
            Web site where this guide can be found
    Kelya Saddrick (kisaddrick@csufullerton.edu)
            Contributing writer; spelling/grammar corrections; editing; move
    Eddie Ju (edju@scf.usc.edu)
            Web site where this guide can be found
    Mike Pureka (mpureka@mail.wesleyan.edu)
            Info on special moves; come combos
    David Quest (dquest@cris.com)
            Info about Kamui Shtokke move
    Chad (macabio@hawaii.edu)
            Some combos
    Rodger Wayne Belyea (fenix@ksu.ksu.edu)
            Bit of info and combos
    0.5 - Initial unreleased version; still needs a LOT of work; basically only
          a move list still
    0.9 - First released version (basically to get more feedback); added combos,
          FAQs, move comments, poses
    1.0 - Revised with better information on moves, more combos and strategies
    1.2 - Minor revisions; updated info on moves; more combos
    1.5 - More info on normal and special attacks; combo descriptions; revised
    1.7 - More strategies; older strategies revised slightly; more combos
    2.0 - Minor revisions; Speech translations added
    FAQS :
    1) Who is Rimururu?
            Rimururu is Nakoruru's younger sister.  In Samurai Shodown 2, she was
    in Nak's background stage, in the arm of a bear.  At the end of SS2, Nak left
    the physical world to help free nature.  Thus she became a spiritual entity.
    She passed on her knowledge and weapon to Rimururu, saying that it was now
    Rimmy's duty to protect nature.  
            Rimururu immediately left home after SS2, and began her training. She 
    left word to no one, thus her parents became quite worried.  No one knows 
    where or how she learned to control the element of ice, but she appeared 
    with one thing in mind : to find Amakusa Shiro Tokisada.
            Apparently, she felt a disturbance in nature, and believed that it
    was Amakusa's doing.  Her sister however, returned from the spiritual realm
    with the knowledge of the truth.  To Nakoruru's surprise, she finds Rimmy
    fighting outside their home (this explains her shock when she appears in
    Rimmy's stage).  Her parents, too, are surprised and happy to see that their
    youngest daughter has grown a little and become quite the warrior.
            It is rumored that the ice crystal that follows her around contains
    part of Nakoruru's soul, which is where Rimmy gets some of her power.  This
    has been unconfirmed.
    2) Is it Rimururu or Rimnerel?
            No one's really sure.  Her name has been seen both ways, but it is
    more commonly seen as Rimururu, to solidify the fact that she's Nakoruru's
    3) Does she have Nakoruru's hand-me-downs?
            Isn't it obvious?  The sword is Nakoruru's old sword, and her clothes
    have been patterned more like Nakoruru's as well.  However, instead of a
    large cape, she has a cloth tied around her head.
    4) What happened to the bear?
            He's probably in hibernation, seeing as how it's winter.
    5) What's that ice crystal that follows her around?
            Like I said above, it's rumored that it is some sort of entity which
    contains part of Nak's soul.  After all, Nak did say at the end of SS2 that
    she would be with Rimmy in her battles, and at the end of SS3, Rimmy says
    that she's okay because Nak's always with her.
    6) Is she like Sub-Zero?  Cham Cham?
            No, she's not like Sub-Zero, so don't go playing her like so.  And
    she's definitely not like Cham Cham.  If you want to use someone like Cham
    Cham, try Basara.
    7) Why is she controlling ice instead of animals like her sister?
            The creators of the game needed a new idea (I mean, how many people
    are like Haohmaru as it is).  Plus, they already have a number of fire-damage
    people and Galford has lighting, so why not ice?
    8) Is she cheap?
            Possibly...she does have an infinite combo...but then again, so do a
    couple of other characters (i.e. Haohmaru)
    9) Why's she so different?
            Because of the following : a) she's the fastest character in the game
    b) she's the shortest character in the game c) she's the cutest character in
    the game d) she sings!!!
    10) How old is she?
            I'd say about 12 to 14 years old.  A lot say she's about 10, but I
    think she's too tall to be 10.  She's almost Hisame's height.  At the oldest,
    15 and youngest, 12.
    The ice-cold snow maiden who fights for her older sister...
    Quote : "You anger mighty nature!"
    Stage : Northern Country (Winter) -  This stage is very similar to Nakoruru's
    stage in SS1, although it looks more like a winter version of Nak's stage in
    SS2.  In the second round, Nakoruru and her two parents come out of the 
    cottage and watch the fight.  When Nakoruru first comes out, she is holding 
    two rabbits, but drops them in shock when she sees her sister fighting.  For 
    the rest of the match, Nakoruru is shaking her head, while her father is 
    running his hand over his beard.  If Rimmy wins, Nakoruru smiles in relief 
    and her mother begins clapping.  If Rimmy loses, Nak drops to her knees in 
    sorrow and her mother turns to comfort her as her father covers his face with 
    his hand.  During the desperation, the background vanishes and the characters 
    fight in a fierce blizzard.
    Speech : Pre-Fight -> "Saa, ikuzo!" = "Now, let's go!"
                          "Kinari!" = ???
             Special Moves -> "Kurae!" = "Take this!"
                              "Kagami da!" = ???
                              "Un shotto!" = ???
                              "Yoi shotto!" = ???
                              "Yarida!" = ???
                              "Hai, kome!" = ???
                              "Nan nano...hondunanna!" = ???
                              "Iku yo!" = "Let's go!"
             Victory -> "Yoshi!" = "All right!"
                        "Daishizen no oshihoki da yo!" = "This is nature's
    Poses : * SLASH *
            Character Select Screen - She does a quick flip backwards, goes into
              a defensive guarding position with her arm raised near her face and
              shouts something.
            Before Round One - Has her ice crystal floating above her out-
              stretched hand, quickly she raises her arm to a defensive position
              and the crystal goes behind her while she shouts something.
            1st Round Win - Tightens the knot in her head band, then quickly
              moves her hands down to her side and says "Yosh!" (Good!)
            2nd Round Win - Removes her headband, turns around swinging the head-
              band real fast then holds it over her shoulders while saying,
            2nd Round Portrait - Stays in normal pose, then shows portrait with
              quote above.
            Loss to Time - Lowers head in frustration, then with one arm she
              wipes a tear from her eye and then shakes her clenched fist.
            Stalemate - Lowers her head in anger and shakes her clenched fist out
              in front of her.
            Dizzy - Presses one arm against herself and cradles it with her other
            * BUST *
            Character Select Screen - Shouts something while in her defensive
              position, then swings sword upwards real quick, finishes by
              pointing at opponent across the screen.
            Before Round One - Same as Slash.
            1st Round Win - Raises hand to the side of her head, palm upwards.
              Her ice crystal moves from behind her to just above her palm as she
              moves her head to one side and giggles.
            2nd Round Win - Pauses then begins to look back and forth as her ice
              crystal plays "hide-and-seek" by always staying behind her.
              Finally, it stops moving and when she finds it she giggles.
            2nd Round Portrait - Same as Slash.
            Loss to Time - Same as Slash.
            Stalemate - Same as Slash.
            Dizzy - Same as Slash.
    The game play has changed a lot with Samurai Shodown 3, so as a suggestion
    (and a cheap plug), check out Shawn's TapFAQ, Red Fox's FAQ, or my MiniFAQ 
    for more info on the game play and regular moves for all characters.
    Here are all the normal attacks for Rimururu, presented just for you.  Under
    the short description of what each move is, there will be two square 
    brackets.  Inside the brackets are three numbers/letters.  They are as 
    1st slot:  How the move must be blocked...
      --> HL = can be blocked High OR Low
      --> H  = must be blocked High
      --> L  = must be blocked Low
      --> UB = cannot be blocked High OR Low
    2nd slot:  Can the move be air blocked (Y or N)
    3rd slot:  How many times does the single move hit for
    V. Jumping indicates a straight jump up
    H. Jumping indicates a forward or backwards jump
    If just jumping is listed, then the H. Jumping and V. Jumping are
               Far                        Close
    A-         leans forward into slash   sideways slash
               [HL,N,1]                   [HL,N,1]
    B-         steps into downwards slash sideways slash
               [HL,N,1]                   [HL,N,1]
    C-         steps into upwards slash   upwards slash
               [HL,N,1]                   [HL,N,2]
    A-         sideways slash
    B-         sideways slash
    C-         low sword sweep
    A-         long reaching quick forward slash
    B-         exactly the same as normal standing B slash
    C-         ducks then does a hopping rising slash
    A-         slash at forward and downward angle
    B-         slash straight in front of herself
    C-         rising slash from low to above her head
    Hopping Guard Crush:
    Armed-     hopping low kick
    Punches (all punches are the same move at different speeds):
    Standing-  straight forward chop
    Ducking-   straight forward chop
    Dashing-   sliding normal straight forward chop
    Jumping-   chopping downwards chop in front of herself
    D-         turn around kick
    Fwd+D-     slide kick and then a flip backwards
    Dwn+D-     low leg extension
    Dwn/Fwd+D- an upwards thrust kick with both legs
    Dashing+D- slide kick
    Jumping+D- a kick at a downwards angle
    Slashes : Be careful with her standing close C because if they are too far 
    away, you'll hit with the first strike and miss with the second, leaving them 
    time to recover and counter.  Much like Nakoruru, her air slashes are all 
    directed to the side or above her (which is stupid since she's one of the 
    higher jumpers), so if your opponent is directly below you, either use the 
    Konril Shira or a kick.  Her slashes are somewhat like Nak's old and new 
    ones.  Her Standing Far A has some reach and is a good counter.  Her Standing 
    B is good for counter's as well and comes out fairly fast.  Her crouching C
    slash is much like Galford and Hanzo's.  You can use it effectively on an
    opponent on his/her way down from a jump, slashing their feet out from under
    them.  Dodging then standing B seems to be an effective counter attack, which
    seems to annoy many players.  Actually, Rimmy is one of the best dodgers in
    the game because she is so fast.
    Kicks :  Her Hop Crush comes out fast, and can be a useful counter, as well 
    as her forward standing D kick.  Her dashing BC is fast, as well as her other 
    dashing attacks, so use them often to interrupt slow specials of opponents.
    Like Nak, use her kicks often because they are her most effective in stopping
    an attack.  Her jumping D has priority over all attacks if she jumps a second
    after her opponent does (usually as they're coming down).  However, if they
    have their attack already out and it's a downward attack, you may trade hits
    (i.e. Hisame's jumping C).
    Unarmed : Just keep in mind that she still has most of her special attacks
    still available to her.  She is still quite effective without her sword be-
    cause of this.  Her kicks are still very damaging and she still has some
    Note : Rimururu has a triangle jump.
    Konril Myu                             | Freezes ground to hit for
                                           | damage and stun opponent.
     O-   / | + A                          |
        O   O                              |
    This seems to catch many players off guard, and is a very good counter.  It
    can still hit even if she's hit.  This is normally what happens when someone
    tries to jump at her and lands on it.  This is used also for the endless
    combo below.  Just be careful when using it, because it takes a while for her
    to recover, and some characters, like Hisame, can easily cross-jump over you
    and this can result in a nasty combo.
    Lupu Quall                             | Tosses a cube of ice that hits
                                           | freezing damage.
     | \   -O + Slash                      |
     O   O                                 |
    This is a good air counter and her main projectile.  The distance and level
    at which it is thrown depends on the slash button pressed.  A will be thrown
    far and low, B will be medium on both counts, and C will be short and high.
    Using the A is hard to hit opponents with because it basically throws it on
    the ground.  Another problem is players sometimes perform the Konril Myu on
    accident instead.
    Konril Shira                           | Leaps, and creates a platform of
                                           | ice that crashes down into
     (jump) -O \   | + A                   | opponent for damage.
                 O O                       |
    It can sometimes confuse people who try an air counter, but she stays up 
    there so long, they usually recover.  It can also be used as a delay tactic 
    for running out the last few seconds on the timer.  One use that works fairly 
    well is if your opponent is directly below you when you jump, you can hit 
    them with this as you create the platform since she doesn't have any attacks 
    that strike below her.  This works best if you're up in the air first, and
    your opponent is a slow jumper.
    Rupu Tu Nu Tiu                         | Grabs opponent, freezes, and
                                           | smashes against edge of screen
     (close) -O \   |   / O- + B           | for damage.
                  O O O                    |
    This is a good throw which does a fair amount of damage.  It's a very good
    close-in attack and can be used in a combo.  This is also great to use to get
    revenge on those Galford and Hanzo Strike Head users.  Against the CPU, jump
    in and perform the move quickly to easily put them on ice.
    Kamui Shtokke                          | Casts a wall of ice two-three
                                           | character lengths away, to hit
     |   / O- -O + C                       | for ice damage.
     O O                                   |
    This is good to use if an opponent falls short on a jump or is running from
    the other end of the screen.  It can also be used to keep opponents away.  It
    can be used to reflect some projectiles as well (Genjuro's cards, Amakusa's
    fire demon, Galford's Plasma Blade, Haohmaru's Tornado).  It also stuns the
    opponent if it hits, leading to some interesting combos.  It's also an
    effective shield against some far reaching attacks.  The trick is to get it
    out quick enough.
    Konrul Nonril                          | Creates an iceberg that rises
                                           | from the ground, catches
     -O | \   + A                          | opponent, and juggles into air
        O   O                              | for multiple hits of ice damage.
    This is basically her uppercut, but it has some major lag time.  Works good
    on jumpers with major hang time (stay in air long).
    POWER SPECIAL:                         | Casts a huge iceberg around the
    Rupu Kamui Emyu                        | opponent that explodes and hits
                                           | for massive damage.
     -O \   |   / O- -O \   |   / O- + CD  |
          O O O           O O O            |
    This can be seen coming a mile away, but she recovers right away.  The only
    way to counter is to hit her on her way up or down.  A sure way to hit is if
    an opponent performs a move that has major lag time after or they leap high
    and are coming down (i.e. Haohmaru's POW special, Ukyo's POW special)
    Konril Myu                             | Freezes ground to hit for damage
                                           | and stun opponent.
     O-   / | + A                          |
        O   O                              |
    See Slash version.
    Lupu Quall                             | Tosses ice that will freeze
                                           | opponent for damage.
     | \   -O + Slash                      |
     O   O                                 |
    See Slash version.
    Konril Shia                            | Leaps, and creates a platform of
                                           | ice that crashes down into
     (jump) -O \   | + A                   | opponent for damage.
                 O O                       |
    See Slash version.
    Rupu Tu Nu Yaku                        | Grabs opponent, freezes, and
                                           | kicks twice, slamming into edge
     (close) -O \   |   / O- + D           | of screen for damage.
                  O O O                    |
    See Rupu Tu Nu Tiu.
    Lupu Thomumu                           | Hurls a giant blade of ice at
                                           | opponent (either high or low)
     -O or  \   + AB                       | that knocks down for ice damage.
              O                            |
    This attack comes out immediately, and does a significant amount of damage.
    It seems to surprise many novice players.  It can also be used in some combos
    (see below).
    Upon Wo                                | Casts out multiple icicles that
                                           | shower opponent with hits, to
     Repeatedly press Slash buttons        | end with one final strike.
    This is good for ticking off damage and in combos.  Unlike most attacks of
    this sort, the recovery isn't bad.  It does some great blocking damage esp.
    against unarmed opponents.
    POWER SPECIAL:                         | Casts a gigantic iceberg over
    Rupu Kamui Emyu                        | opponent that erupts and hits
                                           | for massive damage.
     -O \   |   / O- -O \   |   / O- + CD  |
          O O O           O O O            |
    See Slash version.
    COMBOS :
    * Endless Combo -> (Slash/Bust) Back Standing B, Konril Myu *
      Basically, all you do is slash with B which will stun them enough to throw
      the Konril Myu, which stuns them long enough to do the standing B, then you
      do the Konril Myu, then...etc. etc. etc.
    * Jumping C, Crouching B *
      I don't think this is too complicated to try.  Basic combo that I use when
      I've got nothing better to try.
    * Jumping D, Crouching D x2, BC *
      This is a good combo to use especially when unarmed.  You must be close or
      even cross jump when you hit with the jumping D to get both crouching D's
      to hit.  You can use the forward crouching D instead of the hop crush as
    * Deep Jumping D, Standing B, Rupu Tu Nu Tiu or Rupu Tu Nu Yaku *
      This is another great combo that can work if unarmed.  This does some good
      damage and works fairly well.  It can be considered cheap, cuz you can
      still finish the combo even if the opponent blocks the first two hits.
    * Jumping D, Crouching B, Hop Crush (BC) *
      This is just like one of the above combos, except you don't have to be as
      close.  You can add the Rupu Tu Nu Tiu or Yaku at the end if you're close
      enough to grab after the hop crush.
    * Jumping C, Standing/Crouching B, Konril Myu, Lupu Quall (with B) *
      This is a great stun combo which looks pretty cool.  You basically stun
      them with a massive damage jumping C, then do a standing or crouching B,
      and hit them with a Konril Myu (endless combo), and finally use the Lupu
      Quall to freeze them.  Use the B version because the A or C won't hit.
    * Jumping Deep C/Cross Jumping C, Crouching C *
      The basic killer combo.  This is fairly self-explanatory.  You just have to
      make sure you're close enough when you land to hit with the Crouching C, or
      else you're mince meat.
    * (Slash) Standing B, Konril Nonril, Jumping C *
      This is an air juggle combo that looks pretty cool (no puns intended when I
      use "cool").  Basically, you hit with the B which stuns them long enough
      to do the Konril Nonril, which will throw them into the air.  They'll be
      frozen long enough for you to jump up with C.  You must hit C as soon as
      you leave the ground to hit, otherwise you'll miss them on your way up.
    * (Bust) Jumping A, Crouching A, Upon Wo *
      This is a basic combo of pressing buttons really fast...
    * (Bust) Standing Close B, Standing Lupu Thomumu (no knock down) *
      This is a rare no knock down combo which does some good damage.  Be careful
      if the Lupu Thomumu is blocked though, because you may get a nasty counter
    * (Bust) Konril Myu, Standing B/C, Lupu Thomumu (no knock down) *
      Stun them with the Konril Myu and then hit with either a standing B or C
      (if close, the C will be two hits), then freeze them with the Lupu Tomumu
      (either standing or crouching).  There's no knock down.
            Rimururu is the fastest character in the game.  You must rely on her
    speed rather than strength.  She is one of the best at counter attacks.
    There are a few ways she can be played : 1) Aerial attacks 2) Counter-attacks
    or 3) Dashing attacks.
            Aerial : She is one of the best jumpers in the game.  Much like Nak
    in SS1 and SS2, she controls air battles with ease.  However, she has one
    draw back.  Most of her slashes are either directed above or beside her.
    Thus, she cannot effectively attack anyone below her.  However, she does have
    the Konril Shira which isn't too great, but can be used on occasion.  The
    best strategy is to let the opponent jump first, because he can get into the
    air fast and use her C slash to quickly hit before the opponent can get his/
    her slash out.
            Counter : She has some of the fastest slashes and kicks in the game.
    She can easily pull out her attack before most opponents can.  Use her stand-
    ing far A a lot to interrupt or counter other attacks and specials.  Her 
    forward standing D is a very effective counter as well, because most players
    don't expect it.  Her hop crush is also a fast and effective move to annoy
    players performing specials or C slashes.  An annoying tactic that many
    players hate (esp. slower characters like Gaira) is dodging then attacking.
    If you've ever played the CPU Kuroku, you know why I say this.  She is one of
    the best at dodging, then countering with a quick A or B slash or even a kick
    afterwards.  Just learn how to time your counters.
            Dashing : She can dash in and quickly strike her opponent before they
    can react.  This annoys most players, because she is so quick.  This method
    is also effective in setting up quick combos, because you can get one quick
    hit in, then continue with a barrage of attacks.
    * Shizumaru Hisame - Okay, this is one of her tougher opponents.  Mostly be-
            cause he can be just as fast in getting attacks out.  He can also
            counter most attacks of hers.  Be careful with fireball attacks, as
            he can easily jump over them and set up a killer combo.  Watch out
            for kamikaze jumpers, because they can do some major damage with the
            jumping C attack.  Best counter is to dodge the attack and using the
            standing A or B, forward standing D, or hop crush.  Slash version can
            block/negate his umbrella throw with the Kamui Shtokke.  It will look
            like it misses, because the umbrella keeps going, but it will not hit
            you (which surprises many beginners).
    * Haohmaru - Don't over do the jumping.  His uppercut may not be as fast, but
            it can still do its damage.  His slashes are slower than hers, so
            use the standing A or B a lot to interrupt and counter his attacks.
            Combos do work on him, as long as you can get in close enough to set
            them up.  Her Deep Jumping C can usually connect long before he can
            counter (unless of course he saw you coming).
    * Nakoruru - She can be a pain when it comes to air battles, so try to keep
            it on the ground.  The best method against her is the dashing one,
            because Rimmy's a bit faster than her sister.  Watch out for Nak's
            POW special though, because the CPU especially likes to use it when
            faced with players who dash in a lot.
    * Galford - He rivals her in aerial attacks, much like Nak.  Use the counter
            method against him, as it is the most effective.  Set him up for 
            combos, and use the Konril Myu a lot to make sure you hit him if he
            tries to jump attack you.  Most often human opponents like to dash
            in and perform the strike head, so counter with the standing A, hop
            crush, or forward standing D.  If anything, use your own throw to get
            revenge and see how they like it.
    * Hanzo Hattori - Almost the same strategies as with Galford, except for the
            teleports.  Watch out for his low teleport.  The best tactic is to
            jump and air block.  That way, you'll either block an attack from
            above or jump over an attack from below.  Remember that his fire
            slinky now comes back if dodged or missed.  Don't perform any moves
            with major lag time, because he'll run up and perform his throw.
    * Basara Kubikiri - He's great at counter attacking, so make sure you know
            which attacks to use and when.  Be careful with his image fakes, be-
            cause they can easily confuse the novice player.  Use the Konril Myu
            to counter his air attacks, that way he lands on them.  Use the dash
            method or counter method.  He's a slow jumper, and has some hang time
            so you should easily win air battles against him.
    * Gaira Caffeine - He's SLOW!!!  Use speed to your advantage.  But try to
            keep distance between the two of you.  He's got some major league
            damaging throws and moves.  Don't over do the jumping, because he's
            got some good air counters.  You can interrupt almost all of his
            moves with the standing far A.
    * Amakusa Shiro Tokisada - Any strategy works for this guy.  I haven't seen
            him used effectively yet.  My personal opinion is that he's the weak-
            est character in the game.  You can easily see his specials coming.
            But he does have very good recovery, so don't go rushing in after his
            attacks.  Don't get into a fireball fight, because you'll lose, since
            his fireball comes out faster.
    * Genjuro Kibagami - He loves to counter, so don't do any slow recovery moves
            or you'll be eating his blade the whole round.  His uppercut has very
            much improved, so don't over do the jumping.  His slashes are still
            slow (C especially), so using the standing far A a lot.  Human users
            still like to move under and counter against jumpers, so be careful
            against that.
    * Ukyo Tachibana - He himself is slow, but his slashes are quick.  He can
            counter very well.  His drawback are his slow recoveries after
            special attacks.  Quickly counter any special he throws at you.  Be
            careful when he's got full POW, because that special is a very good
            counter.  Don't use your standing far B too much, because that's the
            easiest slash for Bust Ukyo to catch with his sword catch move.
    * Rimururu - She's not too hard, but she likes to use the counter method.  I
            guess dashing is one of the better methods to use.  Aerial battles
            can turn ugly, because no one will win, except by luck.  Most Rimmy
            players play the same, and CPU likes to play defensively.
    * Kyoshiro Senryo - He's a major league pain in the ass.  He dodges most
            aerial attacks, then counters.  He plays very defensively, and can
            easily poke you do death with that long range spear of his.  Some-
            times using fireballs can work, but eventually, he'll start to jump
            over and attack with his range.  Block low against his fireball
            attacks, but be careful if he's close, because he'll use his hop
    * Kuroku - He's the hardest character for Rimmy, because he knows how to use
            her speed.  I have a hard time beating him (although he's kinda fun
            to play against).  Watch out for the sidestepping manuever, because 
            he'll do it and quickly get you into a nice combo.  He counters 
            often, and is constantly on the offensive.  I actually enjoy playing 
            against him because it goes so fast.  The funnest is dodging or 
            countering with the same attacks.  Good Luck!
    * Zankuro Minazuki - You can basically do the normal strategy of block and
            counter, which works with any character against him.  But the one
            strategy I use that always works (at least on lower levels of game
            play) is jump in close and perform her Rupu Tu Nu Tiu or Yaku.
    Each ending in SS3, albeit disappointing, works in this format: Zankuro makes 
    a short speech, and then, each particular character makes a short speech, 
    depending on who you play.  Here's Rimururu's, with exact spelling and 
    grammar from the game:
                                      ____   _   _    _   _    _   _   _
    "Forgive me for leaving          |    | | | | \  / | | \  / | \ \ / /
     without a word.                 |  __| | | |  \/  | |  \/  |  \ - /
     For I have found my             |   \  | | | |--| | | |--| |   | |
     own way of life, sister.        |_|\_| |_| |_|  |_| |_|  |_|   |_|
     The sun and moon show me.      ======================================
     How many moons has it                     RIMURURU/RIMNEREL
     been since my exit?
     Yes, I was lonely, but
     no place knows not the wind!
     With you by my side,
     I have no worries.
     Don't worry for me!
     I'm okay, you're okay!"
    Note : In the CD version of the game, Rimururu sings a song during the
    credits rather than the normal music.
    - More combos/strategies...
    - Anything you think is lacking.
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