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    Shizumaru Hisame by JPalanca

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            by : Joe Palanca (jgpalanca@csupomona.edu)
    "A young boy with amnesia knowing only his mother's dying scream...and a
     thirst for revenge..."
    Any replies, comments, info, questions, cool ascii pics, etc. that I can use,
    e-mail me at the above address.
    This Guide is available through me and at the sites below :
    Updates posted on NeoGeo Mailing List (neogeo@dhp.com)
    This guide is strictly PUBLIC DOMAIN - it's FREE and no one should profit
    from selling any part of this guide to anyone.  If anyone uses part of this
    guide in another publication, please acknowledge your source of information.
    Well, Samurai Shodown ]I[ is here, and the main character is Shizumaru
    Hisame.  After trying out all the characters, I found that Hisame was one of
    the easiest to learn.  The following guide is how I play Hisame and what I
    think about him.  This guide is far from official, and expresses the opinions
    of the writers.  If you have other opinions or strategies, fine.  Some of the
    background for Hisame I've pieced together from playing the game, reading
    posts in the NeoGeo mailing list, and other FAQs.  I've added a little bit of
    fictional stuff that a couple of my friends and I thought of to make his
    story a little more complete.  I hope you like the contents of this guide and
    that it enlightens you in the world of Shizumaru Hisame!
    Version History
    Character Information
    Slash (Chivalry) vs. Bust (Treachery)
    Game Options and Controls
    Normal Attacks
    Special Attacks
    General Strategies
    Specific Strategies
    Hisame's Ending
    Info Lacking/Needed
    0.5 - Initial release version; basic stuff (moves, quote, poses, stage, etc.)
    0.7 - Unreleased version; more info added; stuff revised for writers'
    1.0 - Lots of stuff fixed and refined; errors corrected; more information on
          moves and more combos added; Specific strategies updated; another
          unreleased version
    1.2 - More revisions; strategies updated; moves updated with better tips on
          how to use them
    1.5 - A lot of revisions thanks to some very useful feedback; more strategies
          and differences between Slash and Bust versions
    1.7 - Minor revisions; technical corrections
    2.0 - More info on normal and special attacks; revised strategies; more
    2.3 - Couple more combos added; a few more strategies; some strategies
          slightly revised
    2.5 - Minor revisions and corrections on strategies, combos, etc.
    2.7 - More strategies/combos, etc.
    3.0 - Possibly the final update
            For making this cool game (although I had doubts about it at first)
    Shawn Holmes (shawnh@csn.net)
            Lots of info taken from his TapFaq
    Red Fox (redfox08@aol.com)
            Some info taken from his movelist
    Greg Kasavin (shrike@slip.net)
            His NewType page had some info I used
    Damone (damone@ios.com)
            Web site where this guide can be found
    Kelya Saddrick (kisaddrick@csufullerton.edu)
            Contributing writer; spelling/grammar corrections; editing
    Jason Saddrick (jsaddrick@csufullerton.edu)
            Move tester; combo tester; all-around nice guy who helped out ;D
    Mike Pureka (mpureka@mail.wesleyan.edu)
            More info on special moves
    Daewook Kim (dqk5498@is2.nyu.edu)
            More info on special moves and strategies for Hanzo and Galford
    Eddie Ju (edju@scf.usc.edu)
            Web site where this guide can be found
    Dave Quest (dquest@cris.com)
            More info on special moves and some differences b/w Slash & Bust
    Zhongtao Dai (zzttdai@engin.umich.edu)
            Uppercut/POW Special Combo
    Guke (OmegaGuke@aol.com)
            Another POW Special Combo
    Kenneth Hsu (e3321942@student.uq.edu.au)
            Quite a bit of info
    Stuart A. Kushon (sakst38+@pitt.edu)
            Lots of info, combos, air strategies
    FAQS :
    1) Who is Hisame?
            Hisame's story is the story of the game.  Zankurou the Demon, a
    brutal killing machine has been seen and heard travelling amongst the
    villages of ancient Japan, slaughtering and leaving trails of innocent blood
    in his wake.  One day, amongst the destruction and death, laid down under his
    hands, a fallen mother clutched an innocent baby crying for his lost gift of
    life.  Zankurou heard these cries, and it struck within him a fear and a
    knowledge...that he would cease that very day, to strike down the innocent.
    For the realization came to him...that it was the competent and the strong
    that would be his greatest test...and proudest defeat...
            Hisame is driven by his only memories (he has amnesia).  All he knows
    is his mother's dying scream and the image of a demon.  In his confrontation
    with Zankurou, however, he learns the truth, but is too late.  Zankurou is
    his father, having gone insane in his training to be the ultimate warrior.
    He gained power and strength beyond that of any man.  But the power over-
    whelmed him, and he lost all sanity.  His only thought was to slay any that
    stood in his path; including his own wife.  Zankurou saw the fighting spirit 
    of Hisame and it awakened within him the honor he once had.  He spared 
    Hisame's life, realizing that Hisame was his son.  He knew that his true test 
    would now begin...to find one who would defeat him...to find the one stronger
    than him...
            Hisame trained hard, learning all he could.  He took the path of his
    father, yet he did not go so far as to search for more power than he could
    attain.  Rather, at that point he set off to fulfill his destiny...to defeat
    his father and end the bloodshed.  He is sorry he must fight other opponents 
    on his way to Zankurou, and apologizes after beating them, with a polite 
    2) Is it true that he's now the main character?
            Yes, Haohmaru has stepped out the spotlight for this "kid" because
    the story now revolves around Hisame.  However, while Hisame was still a
    child, Haohmaru came across his destroyed village and swore vengeance on the
    demon that performed such an act.  Haohmaru had no knowledge that it was
    Hisame who stopped the demon.
    3) Why does he look so much like Ryouga (from Ranma 1/2)?
            Who knows?  Maybe the creators liked Ryouga.  Actually, I can think
    of three different characters whom Hisame resembles : Ryouga (from Ranma 1/2)
    with the trademark umbrella and almost similar hairstyle; Tommo (from Ranma
    1/2 the Movie 2 : Nihao My Concubine) with the sword and total look; and
    Manjimaru (from Kabuki Klash) with, once again, the sword and total look.
    4) Does he ever use that sword?
            Yes he does.  Check out the move descriptions to find out when.
    5) Why an umbrella?
            Because they took out all the people who used anything but a katana
    blade.  Actually, Hisame, Gaira, and Amakusa are the only characters without
    bladed weapons.  And it looks too cool.  (You can brag that you're beating
    the stuffing out of your opponent with an umbrella!)
    6) Is he overpowered?
            This could be said true...but then again, it depends on how well you
    can play this game.  I have a hard time beating most of the other characters
    when I reach Kuroku (he morphs into the character you're using), but using
    Hisame, I can beat Kuroku no problem.  It depends on the user.  As for
    whether or not he's cheesy (which was probably the intent of the question),
    I'd say not so.  All his moves can be countered, and the amount of his
    cheesiness goes as far as any other character...
    7) Which is his first, and which is his last name?
            Hisame is his last name, and Shizumaru his first.  I like to call him
    Hisame, because it's easier to say and faster to type ;D.
    8) How old is he?
            I'd say he's 14 or 15.  Others have different opinions, but all fall
    between the ages of 12 to 16.  I've seen a 17 once, but that's about it.
    9) Did he steal Genjuro's umbrella?
            No, Genj still has his.  And while I'm at it, it's not Mai's either.
    If anybody's, it's probably Ryouga's! :)
    10) What does his name mean?
            Scarlet Rain Silence.
    A boy in search of the demon from his past.
    Quote : "Sorry about that gash!"
    Speech : Pre-fight -> "Honki de iku yo!" = "This is for real!" (lit. I'm
                           going all out!)
             Special Moves -> "Ike!" = "Go!"
                              "Ya! Dou da!" = "Ya! How's that!" (Downpour Thrust)
                              "Kamidara giri!" = "Umbrella cut!"
                              "Kami Gaeshi!" = "Umbrella Slice!"
                              "Iku zo!" = "Here I go!"
                              "Kore de dou da!" = "Now, how's that!"
             Power Special -> "Ou...Toufuuzan!" = "Great...Wind Slash!"
             Victory -> "Gomen." = "Sorry/Excuse me."
             Defeat -> "Watashi shiranai no ni..." = "I never realized..."
    Poses : * SLASH *
            Character Select Screen - Opens umbrella, says something while
              spinning it around a few times, then closes it.
            Before Round One - Adjusts gloves, then picks up umbrella.
            1st Win - Straightens jacket, bows and says, "Gomen." (Sorry/Excuse
            2nd Win - Runs hands through hair, then nods head briefly, sighing.
            2nd Win Portrait - Stands in normal pose but with both hands on
              umbrella; shows portrait with quote.
            Unarmed 2nd Win - Pulls out sword, spins it in front, then sheathes
              it while holding sheath in front
            Loss to Time - Falls to knees on ground, holding head down.
            Stalemate - Stands up, plays with jacket for a moment while sighing,
              has a look of dissappointment on his face (directed to opponent,
              not to his own abilities).
            Dizzy - Holds stomach with the arm not weilding the umbrella while
              gasping for air; holds umbrella behind back with other arm.
            * BUST *
            Character Select Screen - Same as Slash Unarmed 2nd Win.
            Before Round One - Runs hands through hair, then picks up umbrella.
            1st Win - Plants umbrella in ground, adjusts gloves, mutters "Gomen,"
              as he looks down to his side.
            2nd Win - Same as Slash Unarmed 2nd Win.
            2nd Win Portrait - Same as Slash.
            Unarmed 2nd Win - Same as Slash.
            Loss to Time - Same as Slash.
            Stalemate - Same as Slash.
            Dizzy - Same as Slash.
    Stage : Bamboo Forest - Dense forest, with leaves blowing across the ground.
    Sunlight filters through the tops of the trees intermittently.  During the
    desperation, the forest vanishes and is replaced by a thick green aura.
    Leafy bamboo branches hang down in the background and leaves flutter down
    from them.
            I've played both versions for quite some time now, and I can see some 
    very significant differences in both versions.  The moves differ in a couple
    of ways.  They look different, and in some cases do more or less damage.
    Some versions also come out faster than the other.
            A good example of this is his Downpour Thrust is different in the way 
    it comes out and the damage it does.  Some of his other moves, like the Mist 
    Blast and Crosscurrent Slicer have some subtle differences.  For detailed 
    information about these, see the section below on his moves.
            In a way, these differences in moves can change the way you would
    play Hisame.  In my opinion, it would seem that beginners who first use him
    should use Slash until they get comfortable.  This is because the two moves
    that are different are more useful than Bust's.  There is also a different
    Strategy for Bust, because for some reason, I find that most people that I've
    seen who use both versions play Bust at a slightly faster, more offensive
    manner than with Slash.  Slash seems to be more defensive because of the
    projectile deflector and Windshear Slice.
            As you read this guide, you'll see more differences as I bring them
    up.  Depending on how you play, either version can be considered better than
    the other.  I think that Hisame has the best balance between his Bust and
    Slash versions compared to the other characters.
    There have been a lot of changes as compared to SS1 and SS2.  It'd be best to
    check out Shawn's SS3 TapFAQ, Red Fox's FAQ or my MiniFAQ for more info on 
    the additions and other changes to game play for SS3.  (I intended to 
    originally put that stuff here, but then this guide would be too large...
    therefore I'm inserting this cheap plug for Shawn's TapFAQ, Red Fox's FAQ and 
    my MiniFAQ...)
    Here are all the normal attacks for Shizumaru Hisame.  Under is a short 
    description of what each move is, there will be two square brackets.  Inside 
    the brackets are three numbers/letters.  They are as follows:
    1st slot:  How the move must be blocked...
      --> HL = can be blocked High OR Low
      --> H  = must be blocked High
      --> L  = must be blocked Low
      --> UB = cannot be blocked High OR Low
    2nd slot:  Can the move be air blocked (Y or N)
    3rd slot:  How many times does the single move hit for
    V. Jumping indicates a straight jump up
    H. Jumping indicates a forward or backwards jump
    If just jumping is listed, then the H. Jumping and V. Jumping are
               Far                        Close
    A-         straight umbrella thrust   blow with handle
               [HL,N,1]                   [HL,Y,1]
    B-         forward swing              bash with its side
               [HL,?,1]                   [HL,N,1]
    C-         two handed overhead bash   thrust,opens umbrella
               [HL,?,1]                   [HL,N,2]
    A-         thrust with umbrella handle
    B-         thrust with handle then bashes the side into them
    C-         swings umbrella along the ground
    A-         dashing attack with the handle forward
    B-         sliding while swinging umbrella in front
    C-         pauses and then swings umbrella forward and up
    A-         swing straight in front
    B-         swings umbrella to the side below and in front
    C-         two handed overhead smash
    A-         swing straight in front
    B-         swings umbrella to the side below and in front
    C-         opens umbrella beneath him making a shield
    Hopping Guard Crush:
    Armed-     hopping two handed overhead smash
    Unarmed-   hopping jump kick
    Punches (all punches are the same move at different speeds):
    Standing-  quick chop to the side
    Ducking-   quick chop to the side
    Dashing-   dashing two handed palm thrust
    Jumping-   quick chop to the side
    D-         upwards kick
    Fwd+D-     low shin kick
    Dwn+D-     leg extension
    Dwn/Fwd+D- kicks upwards
    Dashing+D- slidng version of dwn/fwd+D
    Jumping+D- kick straight forward
    Slashes :  Hisame's jumping C is a downward thrust, thus it isn't wise to 
    attempt this move if your opponent is above you.  His jumping B would be much 
    more efficient, although it would be wiser to block.  Hisame's crouching C 
    when close can hit three times.  You can buffer any of these.  His standing 
    far C has some major lag time in getting out, which can either hinder or 
    help.  It's bad if your opponent sees it, then attacks, but if your opponent 
    pulls a A or B slash and you see it coming, do the move and you'll end up 
    dodging it because of his pull back to slam his umbrella down.  The same goes 
    for his dashing C, except it takes almost 2 seconds before he actually 
    swings.  Hisame's dashing A and B attacks are fairly fast, as well as his 
    dashing BC, and usually players will try to counter you if you dash at them, 
    so use these.
    Kicks :  His kicks are pretty fast, and have some priority.  But don't get
    into a kicking match with Rimmy or another Hisame.  You'll lose!  His dashing
    slide is pretty effective as well.  He also has a kick combo listed below.
    Unarmed :  Use the dashing punch to get those annoying "prevent-you-from-
    getting-you're-sword-back-cuz-I've-got-the-advantage" players away from 
    guarding your umbrella.  In the air, use his kick or air block.  His punch
    has no range.  Don't forget about that awesome sword catch too.
    Note : Hisame has a triangle jump.
                                    SLASH (CHIVALRY)
    Scarlet Sword Mist Blast               | Hurls umbrella at opponent to
                                           | strike for damage.
     | \   - O + Slash                     |
     O   O                                 |
    This is Hisame's projectile weapon.  It has a very high priority, in that it
    cancels other projectiles.  It is sometimes difficult to dodge due to it's
    size and the fact that it can hit on it's way back.  The umbrella will only
    hit on the way back, if it does not hit on the way out.  Hisame can also move
    after throwing the umbrella, thus changing the path on it's way back.  A
    common tactic is if you throw the umbrella, and someone jumps over it and
    hits you, most likely they'll be hit by the umbrella on its way back.
    Scarlet Sword Downpour Thrust          | Hurls umbrella into air, rushes
                                           | opponent with sword, and catches
     O- |   / + Slash                      | umbrella to hit for final strike
        O O                                | of damage.
    This is good for use in combos (see below), and countering a blocked attack.
    For example, if another Hisame uses this on you or uses his uppercut type
    move, block and counter with this attack.  One drawback, is that he has the
    worst recovery time if this move is blocked.  Make sure you do the motions
    correctly, because in his Slash version, many people (including myself)
    accidentally do the Windshear Slice instead.
    Scarlet Sword Windshear Slice          | Opens umbrella and spins to hit
                                           | for multiple strikes of damage.
     -O \   |   / O- + Slash               |
          O O O                            |
    This is a very good air counter which does quite a bit of damage.  But be
    careful, because he has poor recovery time and it doesn't come out very
    quickly.  Another bad side to this move is the priority isn't very high.
    Depending upon your opponent, some attacks may go through the move (i.e.
    Hisame's own jumping C).  It can also catch those who try to dodge a lot.
    Scarlet Sword Crosscurrent Slicer      | Twirls with umbrella, then with
                                           | sword in air to strike for 
     -O   / | \   + Slash                  | damage.
        O   O   O                          |
    This is a variation of an uppercut move.  It has excellent priority and does
    very good damage.  However, it isn't like most uppercuts.  You have to
    realize that he moves forward before going up.  Thus, the opponent cannot be
    dropping directly down upon you, but rather a little more in front of you in
    order for you to use this as a counter effectively.  I'm also told that the
    C version of this move makes it look like Hisame is going to launch himself
    in the air after the first upwards swing, but he goes around for another,
    surprising a lot of novice players.
    Scarlet Sword Hailfire                 | Pushes umbrella forward, and
                                           | opens, to drop opponent
     O-   / | \   -O + A                   | instantly.
        O   O   O                          |
    Not only can this move hit your opponent, knocking them down, but it can also
    reflect projectiles.  I'm not absolutely positive that it reflects all, but
    from what I can tell, it should.  It all depends upon your timing.  For
    example, Haohmaru's tornado or Galford's plasma blade are fairly easy to see
    coming and reflect, however, it takes a bit more practice to learn to reflect
    Hanzo's fire slinky.  But after a while, you begin to get a feel for this
    move, and eventually can learn when and when not to attempt a reflection.
    POWER SPECIAL:                         | Strikes opponent, and lifts into
    Scarlet Sword Hurricane Shredder Slash | air, repeatedly striking with
                                           | open umbrella, to hit for
     -O \   |   / O- -O \   |   /  O- + CD | damage.
          O O O           O O O            |
    This is a good air counter, and can be used for an uppercut (that is if you
    can do the motions fast enough...).  For some reason, Zankurou doesn't block
    this 75% of the time in the first two rounds.  However be careful, because 
    it's priority is limited by it's range (plus it is a bit slow on recovery).
    Also, if they do an A slash while you're beginning the attack, it'll
    interrupt your POW special.
                                    BUST (TREACHERY)
    Scarlet Sword Mist Blast               | Hurls umbrella at opponent to
                                           | hit for damage.
     | \   -O + Slash                      |
     O   O                                 |
    The difference between this and the Slash version, is that it does not hit on
    the way back.  The umbrella closes on it's way back.
    Scarlet Sword Downpour Thrust          | Hurls umbrella into air, rushes
                                           | opponent with sword, and twirls
     O- |   / + Slash                      | to strike for final hit of
        O O                                | damage.
    This version looks slightly different, in that before the final strike, he
    jumps up, then comes down with a massive slash resulting in more damage being
    done than in Slash's version.  Another difference in this version is that he
    throws the umbrella higher, thus it takes longer for you to get it back.
    The biggest problem with this is, with Slash, I usually jump with C right
    away after connecting, surprising an opponent who is just recovering.  How-
    ever, with Bust, when I try this, they're already able to counter since I 
    have to wait for my umbrella.
    Scarlet Sword Crosscurrent Slicer      | Twirls with umbrella, then with
                                           | sword in air to hit for damage.
     -O   / | \   + Slash                  |
        O   O   O                          |
    I can see a minor difference in that this version comes out slightly faster
    than Slash's.
    Scarlet Sword Rains of Time            | Uses umbrella like pogo-stick,
                                           | and hops on opponent's head for
     (jump) | + C                          | damage (can be repeated).
            O                              |
    This is much like Chun Li's (Street Fighter) step kick.  It overrides upper-
    cuts 80% of the time (unless they've begun the motion as your beginning to
    jump).  You can also control where you're going (left or right) as you come
    down.  The most I've been able to do is 10 hits, but I've seen someone kill
    an opponent with this move alone, because they couldn't figure out how to get
    out from underneath.
    Scarlet Sword Deadly Drizzle           | Uses umbrella like parachute to
                                           | slow fall (pressing a button
     (jump) O + C                          | will cancel).
            |                              |
    The only useful thing I found this for is if you jump and the opponent 
    uppercuts, perform the move, then slash as they come down. (Slashing will 
    perform the appropriate air slash as you drop.)  You can also move left or
    right while performing the move.
    POWER SPECIAL:                         | Lifts opponent into air, and
    Scarlet Sword Deadly Downpour Slice    | strikes repeatedly with open
                                           | umbrella to hit for massive
     -O O-   / | \   -O + AB               | damage.
           O   O   O                       |
    This is much like the Slash version, only it has limited range.  The Slash
    version can go the full length of the screen, while this only works if your 
    opponent is one character length away or less.  So use with caution.
    COMBOS :
    Note on combos : Not all combos work the same way with all characters.  The
    damage, # of times you hit, as well as whether or not the combo will work all
    change depending upon who your opponent is.  For example : The Close/Cross
    Jump B, Crouching B, Scarlet Sword Crosscurrent Slicer combo is most effec-
    tive against Nakoruru and Rimururu, but against Haohmaru, Genjuro, Hanzo,
    Zankurou, and Gaira, it doesn't work because the Crouching B pushes them too
    far away.  This is not the only combo either which has this problem.  Try
    the combos out on other characters yourself to learn which ones work and
    which don't.
    * Cross Jump C, Crouching C, Scarlet Sword Downpour Thrust *
      This works very well and takes off quite a bit of damage.  If you're really
      close when you perform the Crouching C, you'll have to buffer the third hit
      in order to still connect with the Scarlet Sword Downpour Thrust.  You can
      also substitute the Downpour Thrust with the Crosscurrent Slicer or POW
    * Jumping C, Crouching B, Forward Crouching D *
      You have to be pretty close when you land to do the Crouching B (which
      should hit twice).  Depending on your opponent, you may or may not connect
      with the Forward Crouching D.
    * Close Crouching A, Crouching A, Crouching or Standing B *
      This is good if you catch your opponent in a corner, although for some
      characters, you don't always connect with the second Crouching A.  If you
      are still close enough when you hit with the Crouching or Standing B to hit
      twice, then you can continue into a Downpour Thrust or Crosscurrent Slicer,
      or POW Special.
    * Jumping C, Crouching C, Scarlet Sword Downpour Thrust (sometimes works) *
      This only works depending on how badly you stun your opponent with the
      Jumping C, then the Crouching C.  Usually, they can recover from one of the
      two in time.  If they recover from the Crouching C, watch out, because most
      likely they'll counter your Scarlet Sword Downpour Thrust.
    * Cross Jump C, Standing B, Scarlet Sword Downpour Thrust *
      This is basically the same as the previous combo.  However, you must be
      close if you want to hit twice with the standing B.  I don't know if it'll
      still work with the far standing B.  Once again, you can also use the POW
      Special or Crosscurrent Slicer instead of the Downpour Thrust.
    * Close Crouching B, Scarlet Sword Downpour Thrust *
      This is basically much like the Crouching AB, Uppercut combo that Haohmaru
      had in SS2.  If you ever hit with the Close Crouching B (it hits twice),
      immediately after the second hit, perform the Scarlet Sword Downpour Thrust
      and hack your opponent to bits!  Again, you can substitute the Downpour
      Thrust with the Crosscurrent Slicer or POW Special.
    * Pulling Guard Crush, Scarlet Sword Crosscurrent Slicer (with C) *
      Warning : This is considered a cheesy move by some.  Basically, it's self-
      explanatory, but I've been told it works every time.
    * Crouching D, Crouching D, Crouching Forward D *
      This is Hisame's kick combo, and the only combo I know of right now that he
      can perform without his umbrella.
    * Jumping D, Crouching B, POW Special *
      One of the awesomest looking combos of Hisame's.  It's a little harder to
      get off with Bust, but it still works if done right.  I don't know if you
      can do this with a Far Crouching B, cuz I've never tried.  Usually, I use
      the close B to get the two hits in and do more damage.
    * Cross Jump B or Close Jump B, Crouching B, Scarlet Sword Crosscurrent
      Slicer *
      You must be close enough to hit twice with the Crouching B.  The Cross-
      current Slicer must be done right away, after the second hit of the Crouch-
      ing B hits.  This is a good 6 hit combo which the Bust version can turn
      into a 7 hit by using the Scarlet Sword Rains of Time move first, then into
      the combo.
    * Cross Jump C, Scarlet Sword Mist Blast A, Standing D, Standing B *
      I need confirmation on this combo.  I remember someone telling me about
      this combo once, being the air juggle combo.  But I forgot what the exact
      moves were.
    * Close Standing A, Scarlet Sword Crosscurrent Slicer A *
      This combo is a bit dangerous and slightly difficult to pull off.  You must
      do this fairly quick.  Push forward when you do the close A, then continue
      the motion (d, df) and press A, and the Crosscureent Slicer will come out
      just in time.  I'm not sure if this works with other buttons as well.
    * (Slash) Scarlet Sword Mist Blast, Jumping C *
      This is a cool air-juggling combo that is pretty hard to connect with.  Not
      many fall for this.  First of all, you must hit them while they're in the
      air.  Usually this works best when it hits on the way back.  The Mist Blast
      will push them back into the air.  After throwing the umbrella, you have to
      jump forward right away, or you'll be too late (so whether or not the Mist
      Blast connects, you're still following up).  Press C as soon as the
      umbrella is back in your hands, and you should hit them out of the air.
    Knockdown Combos add-on : For some, this can be considered cheesy, but this
            works effectively nonetheless.  After knocking them down, run up and
            perform the unblockable (dashing C).  You must know how long it takes
            for the slash to come out, otherwise you'll mess it up.  It must hit
            as they're getting up.  If it comes out too soon, you'll miss, and if
            it's too late, they'll be able to dodge it.
            The main reason that I enjoy Hisame so much, is that he is so much
    like Charlotte from SS2 (who was my favorite character).  He can be played
    much like Charlotte, in that he has the AB, AB combo (now C, C), can be used
    in kamikaze jumping, and can use the poking method.  Unfortunately, he
    doesn't have the same range as Charlotte for the poking method, and his
    jumping C isn't as effective to counter air attacks.
            The first thing you have to realize is that Hisame is one of the
    lower jumpers in the game.  He can't jump very high, giving other characters,
    like Kyoshiro or Nakoruru the advantage in the air.  Secondly, his jumping C
    is mainly for attacking opponents below him.  It is almost impossible to hit
    someone above him with the jumping C.
            The main thing about this game is that it is all about countering
    your opponents attacks.  Hisame has one of the faster A slashes, so use that
    often.  Also, a lot of his specials can be used to counter missed or blocked
    attacks (see above for details).  But be careful, because, like the other
    characters, he has some pretty bad recovery time after performing specials
    and sometimes regular attacks.  You must keep in mind two things that are
    very helpful, but forgotten.  You can dodge (although it's very quick, so you
    must have good timing), and you can air block.  These are to your advantage
    to prevent cheap and cheesy attack methods.
            Poking Method : This method is used by people who like to test their
    opponents.  They move back and forth carefully, using a reaching slash (in
    this case it's usually the far A), to see what their opponent will do in
    return.  This is good for characters with fast poking slashes, in that it'll
    hit their opponent first, interupting the opponent's attack.  A very, very
    annoying tactic.
            Kamikaze Jumping : This is usually used by novice players and by
    people who like to play very offensively (like me).  This involves jumping a
    lot (and I mean almost all the time) with the strongest attack (usually).  It
    can be quite effective up to the point where the opponent begins using anti-
    air counterattacks (such as uppercuts).
            On the ground : The best tactic for ground fighting is the Poking
    Method.  There are only two characters that I can think of who would be able
    to match Hisame : Ukyo & Kyoshiro.  Kyoshiro is especially good against this
    because of his long reach.  The poking method is not advisable against the
    CPU especially, because the CPU likes to dodge and counter.  In these cases,
    you want to keep the fight up close and use the A slashes a lot.
            In the air : Hisame is one of the worst jumpers (as I believe I have
    mentioned before).  This helps in the Kamikaze jumping, but you can be in
    serious trouble if the match becomes an aerial one (i.e. vs. Rim or Nak).
    The problem is Hisame's slashes : C strikes downward, B strikes at a forward
    down angle, and A strikes across, but has minimal damage.  There are a few
    strategies you can use when in the air :
            1) Block on the way up.  From here, three things can happen.
                    a) They don't go up - in which case, do whatever you want
                       (usually set up for a combo).
                    b) They try to run under and get behind you as you land. This
                       is a difficult thing to attempt against Hisame, because of
                       his low jump.  But if you jump a lot, this will most often
                       be the result.  If you're using the Bust version, use the
                       Rains of Time move on them when they're under you.
                    c) They go up with you.  If this happens, proceed to 2.
            2) This is where jumping can be a problem.  There are five possible
               exchanges in the air.
                    a) They strike first, you fall.
                    b) You strike first, they fall.
                    c) They strike first, you block and counter in the air.
                    d) You strike first, they block and counter in the air.
                    e) Both block and (if they're using Galford, Hanzo, Nak, or
                       Rim) they air throw you.
            Most people still haven't gotten used to air blocking in SS3, so the
    best thing is exchange C.  This is what most experienced players do with any
    character (so hope that you're not playing an experienced player).  There's
    a couple of strategies that work to prevent exchange E.  If both players
    cross jump and the opponent has an air throw, be careful.  Use the A slash to
    push them far enough away to prevent an air counter.  Secondly, Hisame's air
    attacks come out very fast, so use the B or C slash as you are nearing the
    ground.  That way, if they block, you'll both hit the ground before they can
    air counter you.
    * Shizumaru Hisame - He's not too difficult to play against, but be careful
      when using specials, as he can counter his own attacks easily.  Almost any
      style of play works, but don't develop a pattern.  Both human and CPU can
      recognize and counter patterns easily.  CPU on higher levels can be one of
      the most difficult, because it has no pattern or specific style.  Usually,
      it plays defensively or offensively, but occasionally combines both styles.
      The defensive style is calculating, waiting for your attack and countering
      with quick A's or blocking then performing a move of his own.  Offensive
      style is like the way Kuroku plays (see below).
    * Basara Kubikiri - Basara is a high jumper, making it difficult to get into
      air battles.  Try to stay on the ground as much as possible.  The most
      distracting thing is his stage.  Those screens can be very annoying, as 
      Hisame cannot cut them down.  Be careful about Basara's dissappearance's
      and fakes.  These can easily confuse beginning players.  Also, he has good
      range attacks, so he can counter your moves by just using regular attacks.
      There is one drawback that I noticed about him, in that he has some major
      lag times during specials.  But his kicks and A attacks are fairly fast and
      usually used to counter attack.
    * Gaira Caffeine - One thing to note : He's SLOW.  He's the slowest character
      in the game.  But he's also the strongest.  He can kill you with three
      moves (I know, I've done it!).  So watch out for his attacks.  He has some
      pretty powerful throws, which do major damage.  Try to stay away from him.
      His drawback is he's a close-in fighter.  The Cross jumping combos work
      fairly well on him, but watch out for the Air Catch.  Also, his special
      moves that aren't throws have some bad recovery time, so counter them
      immediately after blocking.
    * Rimururu - She's the fastest character in the game.  The biggest drawback 
      is that many of her specials can be seen coming.  Watch out for the CPU, 
      because it likes to come up to you and perform one of her throws.  Human
      players like to dodge a lot, so don't use moves with long recovery times or
      you'll be wasted.  She can also be played cheaply, so remember your air
      blocks and dodging.
    * Haohmaru - He's not as difficult as he once was.  As a matter of fact, his
      tornado is still too slow to be used as a continuous fireball, and Hisame
      can override his uppercut if he's already in the air with his jumping C
      or (for Bust) his Rains of Time move.  He can counter fairly well with his
      C slash, so don't use an attack with major lag if blocked, or he'll drain
      you with his C slash.  His uppercut is slightly more damaging now that it
      can hit more than once, so do overdo it with the jumping.
    * Nakoruru - She's a high jumper, and can be the hardest person to fight if
      you get into an air battle.  The Windshear Slice move works very well as an
      air counter against her, because her air slashes are all directed either
      next to her or above, thus she cannot override the move.  She's one of the
      fastest in the game too, especially when it comes to performing her moves.
      She has some pretty wicked slashes too, as they are fast and have decent
      reach.  Watch out for her far A slash, because it is used often to counter.
      I notice that CPU likes to counter a lot.  She'll wait for your attack,
      then perform a much faster one to get that counter.
    * Galford - He can be a pain sometimes.  Watch out for his dissappearance
      acts, because he can now drop down behind or in front.  His dog attacks
      aren't as good as in SS2, but be careful with the overhead crash, because
      it looks like Galford's just jumping.  If he does his Shadow Copy, perform
      your POW special (if you have it) on top of one going towards the other and
      you'll get him every time.  Watch out for his dashing Strike Heads.  Use
      crouching A to prevent Galford from dashing in and throwing you.  But be
      careful with CPU Galford, because he likes to switch between the Hop Crush
      and crouching attacks (like his sweep kick or low slash).  Also realize
      that CPU Galford jumps a lot, so have the uppercut or Windshear Slice ready
      or even use the Mist Blast which can be a good air counter if timed right.
    * Kyoshiro Senryo - For me he's the hardest character to play against.  The
      CPU dodges a lot and jumps frequently.  He is also a high jumper, and I
      practically never can hit him in the air.  Usually he hits first.  The most
      dangerous aspect about Kyoshiro is his range.  He has the best range in the
      game.  He's a bit faster now too.  90% of the time, he can counter any
      attack you throw at him if he dodges or blocks.  Watch out for his Tsunami
      Crunch, because it must be blocked low.  Also, he has a number of air
      counters for those of you who use the Kamikaze jumping method.  He's also
      a very good staller, with his long reach, he can keep you away fairly
      easily.  Try to keep the fight close-in.
    * Ukyo Tachibana - He's fairly easy to catch in combos, because he has some
      bad recovery times in some of his specials.  Also, he doesn't have the
      great air counters he used to.  But he has some quick slashes and some good
      reach.  His Hop Crush is fast, so be careful about crouch blocking a lot.
      What Ukyo lacks in his old air counters, he makes up for in retaliation.
      If you fall short in jumping, be prepared to be slaughtered.  He's got the
      moves to hit you as you come down.  Against human players, they commonly
      use the Bust version.  You can easily reflect his fireball, and follow it
      up with an attack.  But Bust Ukyo has two moves that can be dangerous for
      some Hisame players.  His sword catch is good against kamikaze jumpers, so
      don't develop a pattern or you'll wind up getting cut.  His POW special is
      another move that comes out pretty fast and usually they do it when you
      least suspect it.  So be careful if they've got a full POW meter.  Usually
      they perform it in a combo, when you dash at them, or if you land right
      next to them.  Ukyo himself is slow, but his slashes are very fast, to try
      not to use your slow attacks, or he'll interrupt them easily.
    * Genjuro Kibagami - He's basically a counter attacker.  Most of his moves
      are used as counters (at least that's how I've seen them used).  Especially
      his sliding attack.  His uppercut has improved, so watch out Kamikaze
      people!!!  He still does massive damage, so don't make any major mistakes,
      or you'll be hacked big time.  People just learning to use Genjuro cannot
      use his slide attacks as effectively, but those that have already adjusted
      can quickly drain your life.  The slide can now hit twice with each attack,
      for a total of six hits, so be wary of it.
    * Hanzo Hattori - He's the most annoying CPU that I've fought.  Basically, he
      continually retreats and blocks.  The only time I can ever get a hit in is
      if he does his fire slinky.  Which, by the way, now comes back if dodged or
      jumped over, so watch out.  He likes to counter with his Strike Head throw
      like Galford, so if he blocks one of your specials, don't be surprised if
      he runs up and performs one.  Be careful with his dissappearance, because
      he can now come up from underneath at will.  The best defense for this is  
      to jump and air block so that way you'll either block an incoming overhead
      attack or jump over a low attack.  The CPU can also be a pain in that it 
      likes to switch off between low and high attacks (i.e. hopping guard crush 
      to sweep kick).  So learn to switch between high and low blocks quickly.
    * Amakusa Shiro Tokisada - He's not very good in my opinion.  All of his
      specials can be seen coming.  But he has some pretty decent normal attacks.
      Watch out for his B slashes, because they've got range and can counter both
      air and ground attacks.  Watch out for traps.  Some techniques that both
      CPU and human players like to use is to throw one fireball to get you to
      land in another.  Remember, you can now dodge and air block.
    * Kuroku - The only difference between him and the regular Hisame is that he
      is very offensive.  Kuroku is now a very aggressive fighter, unlike his SS2
      version.  75% of the time, he's on the offensive, and can occasionally be
      cheap.  I got into a fight one time where he continually sidestepped and
      A slashed over and over.  The best advice is to practice knowing when to
      block and when to attempt to counter.  This is one fight where I'm thankful
      that air blocking was put in the game.  One main warning however, is not
      to perform the Downpour Thrust unless you're sure you're going to connect.
      Kuroku will perform his own if he blocks yours, connecting every time.  Be
      careful about fighting close in, because you'll find yourself being back
      stabbed often.  If Kuroku gets behind you, jump away from him to get some
      breathing room, or you'll be hit by a lot of jabs.
    * Zankurou Minazuki - This strategy works for all characters it seems.  Just
      coerce him into attacking (poking method works or sometimes even Kamikaze
      jumping), block his attack and counter.  This can be repeated.  For some
      reason, I've found that 75% of the time he won't block the POW special and 
      only 10% of the time will he counter if he blocks it.  So it's not a bad 
      idea to repeatedly do it if you've got it.  Also, you'll almost always get
      him if you perform it as he's getting up from being knocked down.  However,
      it seems that that only works for Slash version.  After playing Bust more,
      Zankuro seems to block it.  But I've never gotten under the 30 second mark,
      so I'm not sure if he'll still block it then, because with Slash, it's more
      likely to connect when the time is 30 seconds or less.  On higher levels of
      game play, in the final round, Zankurou likes to use that sword catch move
      of his, so be wary of it.  If he does it twice in a row, lay off the slash
      attacks and try kicking for a while before slashing again.
    Each ending in SS3, albeit disappointing, works in this format: Zankuro makes 
    a short speech, and then, each particular character makes a short speech, 
    depending on who you play.  Here's Hisame's, with exact spelling and grammar 
    from the game:
    "Father, mother.                   _   _   _   ___    ___    _   _   ____
     You are avenged!                 | |_| | | | |  _|  /   \  | \_/ | | ___|
     I shall not return to you,       |  _  | | | |__ | |  _  | |  _  | | _|_
     nor shall I see the village!     |_| |_| |_| |___| |_| |_| |_| |_| |____|
     But worry not for me!           ==========================================               
     For I am stronger.                                                
     I shall make my own way!                                        
     With a little help from                                         
     my friends, the troubles                                 
     of life will abate.
     See Heaven, my parents!"
    - Confirmation/Correction of air juggling combo
    - More combos/strategies...
    - Anything you think is neccessary...
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