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Reviewed: 11/10/01 | Updated: 11/10/01

Very fun, but it's not on Metal Slug's level.

Shocktroopers 2 was released for the Neo Geo console in 1996. I've been playing this game on emulators for years, but my policy is to only review games I can play on the original system. About a month ago I was able to purchase a Neo Geo and five games including Shocktroopers 2 and now I will review it. I really like this game and recommend you at least play it on an emulator if you can't own the game, either because you don't own a Neo Geo or don't want to pay ninety dollars for it (that's how much I paid).

Sound 9/10
Is there any company better at action game music then SNK? I don't think so and there work in Shocktroopers 2 proves it to me once again. Sound effects aren't as impressive, but not bad in any way.

Graphics 8/10
Everything is big and colorful. The four characters are clearly anime inspired, but that's a plus in my opinion. My favorite enemy deigns are the machines, big or small.
The animation is ok, but could have been better, but that's a problem for almost every Neo Geo game.

Control 9/10
Moving and shooting are very responsive, but there is so much action going on, it won't stop you from dying a lot. The control when you get special weapons is very nice, letting you kick butt with extreme accuracy.

Gameplay 8/10
If Metal Slug can best be described as a more updated version of Contra, Shocktroopers 2 can best be described as an updated version of Ikari Warriors. Your character is allowed to move up, down, left or right and the screen is constantly moving in all sorts of directions. The action in this game is very fast paced and once you get past the first level, there are barely any dull periods.
The boss battles are pretty sweet and enough of a challenge to put you to the test. The challenge is definitely here, but there are a lot of enemy patterns and once you get used to them, it will make playing this game a lot easier. Ofcourse you do get unlimited continues, but I don't ever let that stop me from giving it my best.

Shocktroopers 2 is worth being in your collection if you own a Neo Geo. If you don't own one, this game is obviously not worth picking one up for. But it is a great game and worth playing, even if it is only on an emulator. The only action games I like better then Shocktroopers 2 on the Neo Geo are Metal Slug 1 and 2.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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