Review by Zylo the wolf

"Without a doubt the worst game of the 10 first Neo-Geo station games."

Alright lets be honest here. No one is going to download this game on the Playstation Network and expect a good game. The game is a 21 years old sport game, which usually means that it's unplayable compared to the sport games released today. Sure there are a few exceptions even if you ignore nostalgia, but most of them feels really really old. Sure SNK Playmore released this game instead of another fighting game, but I know that the sequel to this game is much better, as I've played it a lot.

The first thing you do after that you've seen the title screen is to choose if you just want to play one match or if you want to start a tournament. If you choose tournament, then you will get a password after each match (but since you can use save states in this version you might prefer that instead of writing down long passwords). A tournament is that all 16 teams will face of in an elimination 16 bracket, so if you want to beat this game you only have to win 4 matches. You can play as 2 players in both modes.

The next important thing is to pick one of the 16 different teams. You will probably pick the team which got the coolest mascot the first time, but be warned because most of these teams are just fillers to allow a 16 team tournament. Half of them are worthless (for some reason the SNK Crushers are the worst, I thought the company's team would be the best), a few of them are decent and then there are the top tier teams. Sure it's realistic that a few teams in the league are much better than others, but this is a videogame and balanced teams would give the game a much more replay value (if the game was enjoyable from the beginning that it).

Before a match begins you can chance the order that your players will hit in but you can't switch any of the players with the reserves before the match have begun. Go ahead and do that if you think it will do any difference in the game. Each player got his unique stats so maybe it's better to have quick runners at the start and then bet on that your fourth guy will make a home run.

The first couple of times you will have trouble to even be able to hit the ball, because the hitter got five slow animations, but you get used to it after a while. The problem is however to make the ball go anywhere. If you aren't playing as one of the best teams, then it will just travel to a glove that belongs to the other team, so consider it a good hit if a player makes it to the first base. When the field team really goof up, take a chance and try to run for a double.

The game turns really awful when your team are out on the field. Then you move all the players at the same time. I don't know how many times my players ran away from the ball just because the game picked the wrong player to control and all the others followed him. Also some of the players are stuck in glue once they've entered the field.

I don't think anyone should buy this game unless they are like me who want to get all the Neo-Geo station games. Just trust me when I say that the sequel is much MUCH better.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 01/18/11

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