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    FAQ/Walkthrough by notafanofice

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    Ninja Combat Arcade Walkthrough
    For Arcade(and various other systems)
    Hello. I'm a sucker for old school classic games, and not even the
    popular one. They tend to be hard, though. This walkthrough will hopefully
    make things a little easier.
    Stage 1[1]
    Stage 2[2]
    Stage 3[3]
    Stage 4[4]
    Stage 5[5]
    Stage 6[6]
    Stage 7[7]
    STAGE 1[1]
    Move right, and there'll be no shortage of enemies right from the get go. Smash
    into the barrel to cause it to explode and deal damage to the enemies nearby.
    Move through, tossing shirukens or ninja stars at the enemies. When they bunch
    up, attack them to take out more than one enemy at a time. Keep your distance
    if they're too far apart. You can grab items like swords on the ground, so make
    sure to do so. Some ninjas in black will start to attack you. They jump a lot,
    but you should stay down and attack them.
    You'll move on to another section once you've taken care of those guys. Throw
    stars at the enemies that try to barrage you at the right and left, and when
    they're done, the guys who are standing on the steps will come and join the
    party. If you stay the other direction from them, all you have to do is unleash
    an unending stream of ninja stars at them, and the enemy won't even be able to
    get a hit in. You'll move up the stairs to another section afterwards.
    In the section, smash through the barrels for some goodies, and possibly
    weapons that you can pick up and use. For the enemies that come from the right,
    you can jump attack them, and then follow this up by stars thrown  at the ones
    behind. Move right and continue to attack them relentlessly. Move right through
    the train tracks, and you'll move to another section. Break the barrels, and
    move right. Enemies will come out through the doors, and are best taken out
    with projectiles.
    The large enemy in yellow will come at you, but he's also best taken out with
    projectiles. Move through taking out the enemies, and eventually the wall will
    start to break in front of you. You'll have a boss enemy to take out. Don't
    give him the opportunity to attack you with his hands, quickly use your
    projectile attacks and aim them at his arms. There will be a scene.
    STAGE 2[2]
    Take out the oncoming enemies, and don't get surprised by their jump attacks.
    Don't miss the barrels, and focus on your projectile attacks. There will be
    some damsels in distress nearby that you'll have to save. You'll soon realize
    that it's actually a trap. Take the female enemies out quickly, and you'll move
    to another section. Alternate your jump attacks with your projectiles and
    slowly make your way forward. Avoid the ball and chains (you can destroy them
    also) and if you keep up in this fashion, you'll be able to take out some
    enemies without them actually even coming off the screen yet.
    Eventually you'll come across another on of those large enemies, but he has a
    different colored shirt. Since there are other enemies in the area now, he's a
    little tougher to take out. Jump attack him when he gets close, but you'll want
    to try and keep your distance from him and use your projectiles on both him and
    the other enemies as well. Some more enemies will make a grand appearance. What
    you want to do here is jump from one side of the screen to the other, leading
    the enemies to your shurikens. When the guy with the sword is left, you should
    be able to move around and take him out.
    You'll move to another section. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me
    twice...yeah you know the rest. The damsels are actually enemies that need to
    be taken out. Move right when they've been taken care of and take out the
    barrels. You'll soon be up against a ninja enemies with wings that can do some
    serious damage. Keep your distance and use your projectiles. When the enemy
    heads up high, watch the shadow, and avoid taking damage.
    Give her time to jump before attacking here with our projectiles. Taking the
    least damage is your main priority, as she can hit hard. Land enough stars on
    here, and you'll soon be done. There'll be another scene.
    STAGE 3[3]
    Select either the character you chose before, or a character with a sword. The
    main problem on this stage is avoiding the arrows that will come down on you
    from the enemies. If you can do that well, you'll just have to land a lot of
    hits on the enemies to proceed. Watch for the fire, and keep attacking the
    enemies. Note that they can creep up from behind, so don't stick too far
    towards the edges.
    Take the arrow enemies out at all costs first, everything else can wait. Move
    through, and take out the tougher enemies with slashes and jump slashes. You'll
    move to another section with a train. Now on the moving train, more enemies
    will come, and this includes arrow enemies. Since they're really keen on their
    projectiles, you should be too; use your projectiles on the enemies and
    constantly watch your back for the archers. Take them out when they come, and
    the other enemies as well.
    Don't give the muscular enemy an opportunity to land combos on you. There'll be
    a scene when everyone's been taken out. For the metallic behemoth, you'll want
    to get close enough to attack him with physical attacks, and be sure to avoid
    both his rolling attacks (symbolized by him curling) and his fire breath when
    he opens his mouth. Corner him and attack him and you'll be done with the level
    STAGE 4[4]
    I love the voice acting. Anyway, any character really should do, though I
    recommend one with good projectiles, or a sword. Attack the oncoming enemies
    first before they attack you, and move on. There will be a barrel nearby that
    you can break up, and some enemies to accompany it. You'll move to another
    section once the enemies have been taken out.
    Now you'll have to climb through, avoiding the obstacles. Move through the
    area, and attack the chains and the mechanical enemies. Take as little damage
    as possible before you'll move right and be on dry ground again. Take the
    enemies out and the elevator will move up. Take the enemies out on the edges,
    and watch for their jump attacks. If they don't jump, you should get the
    opportunity to attack them good. A boss enemy with a nuclear warhead will want
    to battle.
    Use your special abilities on him and attack him from the sides. He can take
    you out fairly quickly, so be sure to jump and dodge. When he's taken out,
    there'll be a scene.
    STAGE 5[5]
    Joe, or Hyabusa should do here. Jump body slam the enemies moving forward, and
    use your shurikens for the rest. Move right, and axe enemies will barrage you.
    If you're quick with your fingers, you should be able to continuously spam
    projectiles and move through the cave on the right in minimal time. Move right
    and take out the enemies. Move up and down the screen to avoid their attacks,
    and keep moving. The huge guy variation will be here again when you reach the
    elevator section. Keep your distance to take him out.
    The guy with the arms will want to attack you again, but you shouldn't give him
    the opportunity. Though now there are other enemies around him, so taking hits
    will be basically inevitable. He won't always be attacking, though, so you
    should head back and take out the other enemies before focusing on him. You'll
    have another enemy to take out. They'll come from the top, and when they're
    done you'll have to move right to the axe enemies. The jump body slam attack
    works well, but avoid the fat guy who slams the ground and attacks you.
    Move through the next cave and you should be fighting another boss enemy. Keep
    your distance and use a hell of a lot of projectiles. He'll split into
    multiples of himself, but you should be able to fin the one that's him after
    mere seconds. Just keep jumping when the multiple enemies come. Keep it up, and
    you'll be done with the stage.
    STAGE 6[6]
    You can keep your choice, or select another character. I recommend a character
    with projectiles. Masses of enemies will come to face your right from when the
    level starts off. Keep right till you get to the door, and keep using
    projectiles. When the enemies are done, head right and crash through the door.
    Move right, and avoid the spikes. A projectile wielding character is the best
    choice in this section. Keep heading right and across, even if all the enemies
    haven't been taken out. YOU need a place with more space to easily take them
    When you do get there, use your jump body slams and projectiles on the huge
    lugs. When they've been taken out, take out the barrels to the right along with
    the jumping enemies. Watch for the dropping dragons, and when you move on some
    more, the chain ball large enemies will come. There will be more enemies still,
    but they shouldn't be a problem if you use any items picked up or your
    projectiles. Keep shooting the right of the screen, because tougher enemies
    from before will come to face you. Namely the metallic enemy.
    You should be able to avoid all of his attacks, if not most of the, and then
    you should attack the wall to the right to proceed. Move right and watch out
    for the slamming doors. Head right and through them. The enemies around can
    suffer from the doors too, so use this to your advantage. Don't let the
    oncoming enemies get a chance to strike you back and keep using projectiles on
    them. A boss enemy will come towards you when they've been told their bedtime
    stories. He shoots a lot of projectiles. If you can avoid them, you shouldn't
    have a problem striking him back. Focus on defense this battle. Use the special
    attacks you have in your arsenal as well, but for the most part, jump dodge,
    and shoot projectiles at this guy to take him out.
    STAGE 7[7]
    Head right and through. You can select who you want, but archers are in this
    level, so Joe and his buddy are the two choices I'd lead towards. Head right
    after taking out the enemies and you'll be in an elevator going up, and will
    face familiar baddies. Don't give them a chance to attack; keep firing at them.
    Head right and take out the archer enemies. The metallic guy will make another
    appearance, and I'd actually recommend using special attacks here, just because
    of the number of tough enemies on screen at the same time.
    Keep attacking and focusing on the metallic guy (dodging more than anything)
    but also attack the other enemies that come. Head right, and for the numerous
    enemies, jump body slams and specials are the way to go. Keep jumping through
    the up heading elevator, and be sure to watch out for the attacks of the guy
    with the warhead. When he isn't running, head to the sides of him and attack
    with projectiles. He takes a lot of hits to go down, but you can take him. When
    he's finally done, head right at the top. The guy who multiplies will have a
    kind of similar looking cousin. He's much tougher, though.
    Keep using projectiles, and avoid his dopplegangers. After a while he'll be
    done, but will come back in a different for to take you on. Use projectiles on
    his hand to the right of the screen, and the top left, and also attack his
    head. Watch, as his hand attack, and his head spits fire. Keep this up, all
    while watching for his right hand's jab, his fire breath, and his top hand
    slamming into you. There may be other enemies coming to fight you as well.
    Focusing on one of the three weak points is best. He takes a loooong time to
    beat, (as it's the final boss) but don't be disheartened, as you will be making
    progress, even if it doesn't seem like it. When you finally take him out, watch
    the ending.
    Copyright 2010 notafanofice (Gamefaqs.com user name)
    Not to be hosted on any other site without permission other than gamefaqs.com,
    not to be sold. For reference, printing, reading, following use.
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