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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Wonderboy

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 07/05/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    Full FAQ and walkthrough
    Version 1.1
    By Luke J. Martinez, a.k.a. 1stTobalMan
    May not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal and private
    use.  May not be placed on any Web site, other than GameFAQs.com and its
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    Copyright Luke J. Martinez 2010.
    This FAQ/walkthrough is intended to show all the known features of Blue's
    Journey (known as "Raguy" in Japan), and provide a straightforward method of
    completing the game.  It serves as a guide to all versions of this game: 
    Neo-Geo, arcade and Neo-Geo CD.
    Table of Contents
    1. Controls
    2. Gameplay basics
       I. Object
      II. Power ups
     III. Damage, lives and continues
    3. Tips
    4. Walkthrough
    4.1. Endings
    5. Tricks
    6. Author's notes
    1. Controls
    Start (Left player start for arcade):  start one player game (start on second
    controller or right player start starts player two)
    A:  Attack (default weapon is leaf)/throw (if an enemy is picked up)
    B:  Jump/swim
    C:  Change size (Blue can't attack while he's small)
    D:  N/A
    Joystick:  move in respective direction of joystick movement, duck when pressed
    down, enter a store or hut by holding up in front of hut/store).
    2. Gameplay basics
    I. Object
    The story of Blue's Journey has an environmental theme; Blue's land, Raguy, has
    become polluted by the Daruma Tribe.  The tribe of Blue's love interest, the
    Raguy, is overcome by the pollution.  It is now Blue's task to save the land
    and his love, Fa, by exiling the Daruma Tribe.  Two players may play
    simultaneously.  Blue's (as well as his green companion's) special ability is
    to turn into the size of an insect.  He can jump higher and run while shrunk. 
    This ability will come in handy throughout the game.  Blue will go through four
    parts to complete the game.  There are seven parts of Raguy to explore,
    however, we can only go to four of these per game.  At the end of the first and
    second parts, we will have the option of choosing which part to play next (all
    paths lead to the Daruma Empire).  We will also meet people who put us in
    situations of choice, but no matter what answers we give, the same results are
    achieved.  Player one chooses the parts to explore and all other choices.  Each
    part is made up of multiple areas, with the last being the part's boss. 
    Additionally, there are secret places to explore, and these are discussed in
    the tricks section.  The goal of Blue's Journey is reach the end of each area
    under the time limit, and then move onto the next, until all empires are
    One may also play to earn a high score.  At the end of each normal area, Blue
    must jump onto a huge flower.  The higher he gets, the more points are earned. 
    The highest position on the flower will earn Blue 7770 pts, the lowest 100 pts.
     Time, luck (Blue must have at least 30 flowers) and enemy (Blue must be
    carrying an enemy when he climbs on the big flower) bonuses are tallied to the
    score as well.  Defeating enemies and picking up fruit earn pts. too.  There
    are two flowers in the game that are worth 10,000 pts., and their locations are
    discussed in the walkthrough.  Keep these things in mind when playing for the
    highest score.
    II. Power ups
    We will encounter numerous power ups to assist us on our journey.  Power ups
    are gained three ways:  unopened flowers, underground and through purchase. 
    Most are hidden in unopened flowers on the ground.  To reveal a power up,
    attack the unopened flower.  In the walkthrough, locations of crucial power ups
    are mentioned by name, not by the unopened flower they are in.  Thus, in the
    walkthrough it is implied that the unopened flowers are already attacked and
    revealing the power up.  When a power up is picked up, it will be added to the
    player's inventory.  Power ups may also be hidden deep in the ground.  Thus, it
    is a good idea to attack the ground at random to reveal unopened flowers. 
    Crucial underground power ups are mentioned in the tricks section.  Flowers are
    the form of money in the land, and they are everywhere for Blue to pick up. 
    The pink flower is one unit and the white one is worth ten.  Watch out for
    violet flowers though, they'll make Blue lose ten units.  Almost every area has
    a store; the money is spend here.  A clover is needed to make a store appear; a
    store's location is usually along one's way, and it appears as one approaches
    it.  Inside a store, we may purchase the power ups by moving the cursor with
    the joystick, but we only have a limited time to do so.  The same power ups are
    offered in every store.  When we want to purchase a power up, we select it by
    pressing the A button.  When we exit a store, it will disappear.  Stores are
    useful when one is in need of a specific power up:
    Leaf:  upgrades Blue's default weapon.  May be used cumulatively three times. 
    Seeing as all weapons deal the same amount of damage, upgrades, rather, extend
    the attack range of a weapon.  A leaf's range is never extended by much. 
    Briefly stuns regular enemies, hurts bosses.  Once stunned, Blue may walk over
    the enemy to pick it up.  The enemy may be thrown by again pressing A.  Points
    are earned if the thrown enemy collides with other enemies.  Thrown enemies
    cause slightly more damage than normal weapons.  Throwing is mainly useful when
    attacking bosses.  A useful addition to a useful weapon.
    Bomb:  may be used cumulatively three times.  The explosion is more powerful
    with each upgrade.  Medium range.  Thrown in an arc direction.  Slow reuse
    time.  Useful for attacking enemies from afar.
    Boomerang:  may be used cumulatively three times.  Short range, but hurts
    enemies instead of stunning them like the leaf.  Fairly fast reuse time. 
    Thrown in a straight direction.  Not really useful.
    Clover:  attaining this power up will cause a to store to materialize somewhere
    in the area.  Sometimes useful.
    Key:  where there is a key, access to a secret place can't be far off.  Not
    really worth the effort.
    Catfish:  causes an earthquake and stuns all enemies on the screen.  Somewhat
    useful because it doesn't hurt them.
    Ocarina:  having this in one's inventory will help Blue choose the 1st prize
    heart in a game of chance all the time.  In store only.  5 flowers.
    Light safe:  protects one's inventory.  Some power ups are saved after one
    dies.  In store only.  25 flowers.
    Super safe:  protects one's inventory.  More power ups are saved after one
    dies.  In store only.  In store only.  75 flowers.
    Spike:  spikes in areas of Starge Space don't harm us.  In store only.  20-75
    Swim fin:  swim faster.  Not really useful.  In store only.  15-70 flowers
    One song:  dispels curse.  In store only.  10 flowers.
    Pine cone:  momentarily invincible.  Useful.
    Stem:  speed up.  Very useful.  10 flowers in store (in Mechanical City).
    Honey pot:  recovers some life.  Useful.  10 flowers in store.
    Silver cocoon:  get five in one game for a 1-up.  Not worth the effort.
    Pink un-budded flower:  fill one's life meter to full.  Hidden underground.
    Gold cocoon:  1-up.  200 flowers in store (in Daruma Empire).
    Blue can't carry different weapons at once.  If a new weapon is picked up, the
    old one will be discarded from inventory.  We can carry eight power ups in the
    inventory.  However, power ups are lost when Blue is defeated.  Key power ups,
    mentioned in the walkthrough, and silver cocoons stay with Blue though.
    III. Damage, lives and continues
    Blue starts his journey with three lives.  The default life meter is comprised
    of two hearts.  There are games, discussed in the walkthrough, that give us a
    chance to extend our meter.  Thus, a player may have five hearts by the end of
    the game.  Every time Blue collides with an enemy or projectile, a heart will
    be taken away.  One's life meter stays the same after every area and part. 
    Power ups are used to refill the life meter.  When all are gone, Blue is
    defeated and must use a life.  Blue will lose all his power ups (exceptions
    mentioned in the previous section) and all his flowers.  However, at one point
    in the game, we will have an opportunity to gain the ability to keep we flowers
    when we die.  This is discussed in detail in the walkthrough.  Blue returns in
    the same spot he was defeated in, or close by there.  However, when in a boss
    area, the player must restart the match with the boss again.  There are rare
    1ups (gold cocoons) that give Blue more lives.  When all lives are used, the
    player has the option to continue.  The player may continue (by adding credits
    in the arcade) infinitely, and pick up where he left off.
    3. Tips
    From my experience, I found the Marsh Empire to Sarge Space route to be the
    easiest.  The bosses for those parts were a bit more difficult than the others.
     However, the difficulty doesn't vary much between the parts; Blue will be
    doing similar tasks either way he goes.  For a challenge, I recommend going the
    Lower Earth Empire/Mechanical City route.  The bosses of these parts seem
    easier though.
    Blue can also jump on enemies, a la Mario.  Except the enemies don't smash;
    they stay stunned under Blue until he jumps again.  The enemies then sent
    spinning in the direction Blue is facing, perhaps colliding with more enemies. 
    This can only be done when Blue is normal size.  Careful the spinning enemy
    doesn't ricochet back at us!
    The best overall strategy is to be aggressive as possible.  We can use as many
    continues as needed to complete the game, so we can afford to make mistakes. 
    The default weapon is the suggested weapons of choice because in the hands of
    an experience player, it can take out nearly any enemy with ease.  The way to
    use it properly is by jumping at an enemy, whether the enemy flies or is
    grounded, and attack it mid-air.  The air from the leaf will come down and
    overcome the ground enemy, and the leaf itself will hit flying enemies.  The
    leaf also has the fastest reuse time.
    Practice, practice, practice!  The more one plays this game, the more familiar
    one will become with certain locations, obstacles and patterns of enemies.
    It is recommended to go into stores as often as possible, if just to buy the
    ocarna.  The game doesn't tell what it does, but it will allow Blue to win 1st
    prize in the game of chance after each boss fight.  The more one plays Blue's
    Adventure, the easier it will become to hold onto one's power ups for long
    Most huts aren't worth entering.  The only one worth doing is the quizzer's. 
    And the reason for that is to get the flower keeping ability.  Stores will
    eventually be of less use when one becomes good enough to hold onto one's power
    ups for long periods (therefore, flowers will be of little importance).
    Note, either player can piggy back on the other.  Thus, one can carry the
    other, or, they can use their jumping abilities together to reach high up
    Perhaps the best tip is taking advantage of player two joining in a boss fight.
     Joining player two in a boss fight, even if there is no one to control player
    two, will allow both players to keep the fight going even a player dies.  Thus,
    Blue can keep continuing during gameplay until the boss is defeated!  This will
    come in handy, especially for the Marsh Empire and Starge Space bosses.
    4. Walkthrough
    Jungle Zone
    Area 1
    Not far from the beginning is a leaf upgrade.  Use it to pick up enemies and
    throw them at other enemies.  Eventually, a hut will be reached; inside it, an
    elder will offer 5 and 10 flower boats to ride across the river ahead.  Use the
    joystick and A button to advance the dialog.  The five  will eventually sink. 
    The ten flower one will take Blue all the way across and a silver cocoon will
    be waiting on the other side.  Alternatively, one may swing across using the
    vine.  Immediately after the river is a small passage Blue can access by
    shrinking.  Get the key and go a little right; the floor should give way to a
    secret place.  Anyway, from the river, keep going straight, and there will be
    another river to swing across.  Shrink to make the jump.  On the other side is
    a bomb, and an incline.  Atop the incline is a clover, store location and
    another bomb.  Hurry past the store, across the ravine and get the pine cone. 
    Quickly move across the platforms ahead, and watch out for the ball and chains.
     Time Blue's jumping to get past them.  Further, are some steps and a dinosaur
    guarding the end.  Attack it until is kaput.  This area is a decent sample of
    what's to come in the rest of the game.
    Boss area
    Head straight until we can pick up either the bomb or leaf.  From there is a
    steep incline with quite a few enemies on it.  Attack them head on, and keep
    moving upward because there will be wind pushing Blue back.  Atop it is the
    boss entrance.  The entrance is sealed by a giant statue a la Eastern island. 
    To enter a boss' turf, jump to the pull cord next to the statue.  This boss
    takes five hits to defeat.  He will throw small cavemen at Blue, then charge at
    Blue.  We must move to avoid the falling cavemen and jump over the boss. 
    Better yet, attack him before or while he is throwing cavemen, then attack once
    more when the boss charges.  This will cause the boss to jump over Blue. 
    Alternatively, Blue can pick up the cavemen and throw them back at the boss. 
    Four of them will put this bone head in his place.  After defeating a boss, we
    are given the opportunity to play a game of chance; it costs ten units.  We
    will jump to one of the pull cords presented, and can win:  1st prize, an extra
    heart, 2nd, a silver cocoon (gold with the later bosses), 3rd, a honey jug,
    4th, five flowers (back),  or 5th, nothing!  It is worth playing for the chance
    to add another heart to one's life meter.  Next we have the choice of playing
    through the Lower Earth Empire or the Empire Marsh.
    Lower Earth Empire
    Area 1
    We start by making our way up some steps and across a falling bridge.  A leaf,
    bomb and clover (in unopened flowers) wait on the other side.  Right after
    these is a hut.  A magician will eventually give Blue a honey jug if we humor
    him and pay five units.  Adjacent to the hut is a flower containing a stem. 
    Next is a long rope bridge.  Watch out for the flying enemy in the middle;
    attack it before it does Blue.  The bridge pieces will sink slightly when stood
    on, making it harder to cross, so be quick.  On the other side is a platform
    leading to a store location.  Below the platform is a way leading to another
    rope bridge.  At the end of this bridge is a reptile with a flame thrower.  The
    best way to beat it is to attack it head on.  A long, falling bridge shortly
    awaits, and it takes us to the big flower.
    Area 2
    This time we will make our way down some steps.  A leaf is along the way. 
    Beneith the steps is a hut; it can be accessed by pressing against the side
    wall while falling.  With the right amount of flowers, we may access other
    areas of the game, even the last empire.  Normally, though, we want to go right
    from the steps.  Fall on one of the narrow platforms, but be quick because they
    sink.  When Blue gets across, there will be a dinosaur that tries to knock us
    into the lava; jump over it, but not before getting the nearby clover. 
    Continue right.  A shop location will appear shortly.  We will also come across
    all the weapon power ups here.  Next, we take a dip.  Approach the walrus,
    attack it, and pick it up.  Then, throw the walrus straight to clear a path
    ahead.  Continue right until another walrus appears.  Attack it and any
    surrounding enemies, and use them to clear a path like before.  The rest of the
    way should be hassle free, as long as Blue stays afloat.  On dry land is a
    lizard with a flame thrower.  Attack it like before.  Behind it is the big
    Area 3
    Head right until a lift that goes down is reached.  Take it and continue
    downwards.  We will come across a boomerang and stem along the way.  After the
    third lift is passed, there will be a hut.  Jump to it from the platform above,
    otherwise it will be unreachable from below.  Inside will be another Ret who
    challenges Blue to a match.  If it is won, Blue gains the torch, a key element
    later in the game.  This power up can't be lost.  The best way to win him is by
    attacking head on.  Try jumping at him while throwing a leaf in midair;
    sometimes he'll jump into it.  After the hut are sinking, narrow platforms. 
    Quickly jump across them onto more solid ground.  Continue right, past a witch
    and up an incline.  Throw one of the lingering enemies at the reptile at the
    top.  This next area can be tough:  shrink, then jump to the highest moving
    platform.  From there, make a leap of faith right, as far as possible.  Blue
    should land on another moving platform.  Do this once or twice more to get to
    he other side.  A little further right is the big flower, but Blue must jump on
    another moving platform to access it.
    Boss area
    There will be a series of webs to cross.  Just be patient and wait for them to
    contract before crossing.  Otherwise, we will have to do some button mashing to
    get free from the webbing.  There is a boomerang and leaf along the way.  Right
    before the boss entrance, objects from the ceiling begin falling.  Move forward
    without stopping to avoid them and enter.  This boss will give Blue the chance
    to give up.  If the player selects yes, we will see an ending.  However, in
    another reality, the fight continues!  He shields himself with fire, then
    pushes it outwards, towards Blue.  Jump the fire and get close enough to
    attack.  Once hit, he will throw a chain of fire toward Blue.  It bounces, so
    get a feel for the pattern to be able to avoid it.  Repeat this five times and
    the hot head is toast.  We now go to either the Starge Space or Mechanical City
    from here.
    Empire Marsh
    Area 1
    Start by crossing some moving platforms.  Blue may want to shrink to make the
    jumps.  On the other side is a leaf and a hut.  The specialist inside will tell
    Blue the name of the quizzer in the swamp; the quizzer's name changes each
    game.  Near the outside of the hut is a green flower underground.  As an added
    perk, it will eliminate all enemies on the screen.  Further right from there is
    a stem atop some high platforms.  Next are two ferris wheels that submerge
    underwater.  Cross them quickly to face a bunch of enemies once on the dry
    land.  Pick up the clover along the way.  Jump a ravin to a store location. 
    The next obstacles are tricky.  Shrink, then jump to the narrow platform and
    wait for the fountain to spurt out three tiny platforms.  Jump to the first one
    as soon as it is reachable.  Allow time to jump to the second and third
    platforms.  From the third jump to a narrow platform on the other side of the
    fountain.  Jump another ravin and go up some steps to the end. 
    Area 2
    A clover and some weapons will be present at the start.  Head down the hill
    into some water.  There will be two webs here.  Time them so Blue can swim
    across while they're contracted.  After the webs is an underwater platform with
    a store location.  Watch out for the snake though.  Now, swim straight, past a
    waterfall.  Emerge and head up the steps to the quizzer's hut.  He'll ask two
    questions:  the first answer is one.  The second is his name.  If answered
    correctly, we have the choice of raising our money limit to 255 flowers
    (doubled) or gain the ability to keep our money after we die (but not after we
    continue).  A ways right from the hut is the big flower.
    Area 3
    Before us will be our choice of weapons.  Proceed on, up some tiny platforms. 
    The direction we are going is in the shape of an "S."  When we see some solid
    ground, jump to it.  If we want to gamble, go all the way up the platform to a
    hut above.  The dealer will play a game that we have a third of a chance of
    winning flowers at.  Otherwise, from the solid ground, pick up the clover
    there; the store is right next to it.   Proceed right, past a witch and up an
    incline, to the end.
    Boss area
    Blue will make his way over some very tiny platforms.  A dinosaur awaits on the
    other side.  Take it out and sludge across the mud pit.  The boss entrance is
    past it.  This boss always flies around and throws down fire and small enemies.
     Avoid the small enemies, then attack them.  It will throw down even more fire
    and small enemies when hit.  The screen can get pretty crowded, but do one's
    best to jump when there is an opening to deal the boss damage.  Seven hits will
    disenchanted it.  We must now choose between playing the Starge Space or
    Mechanical City.
    Starge Space
    Area 1
    Pick up the clover right at the start.  Jump across the ice water.  There, we
    will have the opporunity to pick up a boomerang, a stem and leaf.  Not far from
    these power ups is a store location.  After the store is a vine that must be
    swung across.  On the other side is a small platform with a bomb.  It can be
    reached by shrinking.  Go straight and up the incline; at the beginning, there
    is a hidden green flower.  Past the witch are three parallel platforms.  The
    middle one is the most direct.  Shrink to jump across to the two small
    platforms ahead.  Beyond them is the big flower.
    Area 2
    A pine cone is at the start, and can be accessed by shrinking and jumping on a
    ground enemy.  Shortly after the start are a series of platforms that must be
    jumped across.  Watch out for the webs.  There is a clover on the fourth
    platform.  After that are some steps leading to a lot of enemies that should be
    cleared out.  Once those enemies are cleared out, there are some moving
    platforms.  On the other side is a bomb.  We want to head down, where the arrow
    points, now.  A store location awaits us next.  Further right are some more
    vertical moving platforms that must be crossed.  In the midst of these moving
    platforms is a fixed platform that is filled with enemies like those nasty
    reptiles.  They must be cleared out to proceed and reach the end.
    Area 3
    This area starts with tiny platforms that must be jumped across.  The usual
    weapon power ups await us along this trek.  After the platforms, we must jump
    straight down, into a crevice in the wall (push left during the fall). 
    However, Blue must be shrunk to jump from where he's standing to the solid
    ground on the right.  Right above where we land is a clover.  Up some steps is
    some water Blue has to swim across.  In plain sight is a key; it can be
    accessed by defeating the snake, and then shrinking and swimming to it.  This
    key will allow us to access a path with fruit at the other end of the pool.  We
    should get through this part without too much trouble if we just stay afloat. 
    Next, we will encounter a piece of ice shaped like a paper plane.  If we get on
    it, it'll glide us to some small platforms (be sure to jump off when tiny). 
    Otherwise, jump on the paper plan, the immediately off it to the platform above
    and proceed to the small platforms.  The store location is on the platform
    jumped to from the paper plane.  Once we make out way across them, we will rope
    glide over a ravine.  Jump off the rope climb before it ends, otherwise a venus
    fly trap will get us.  An axe should be visible.  Shrink to enter the place it
    is in.  Bring it to the nearby hut.  The lumberjack inside will then allow
    access to the ground beyond the hut.  A 1-up is unground by there.  After a
    little more side scrolling and enemy bashing, the big flower will be in sight.
    Boss area
    Interestingly, there is a green flower near the start.  Also, we will have a
    chance to pick up all the weapons as we proceed.  As we continue on, there will
    be an incline with lots of enemies.  A stem is available there.  At the top of
    the incline, jump over the ravine to the other side, where the boss entrance
    is.  This boss attacks from the top of an incline.  When it sneezes, a big hand
    will come out of the incline and instantly take out Blue.  When the boss yells,
    either snowballs or snowmen will fall from the sky and try to collide with us. 
    The fastest way to take out this boss is to wait for the hand to come out, then
    climb up the incline.  Stand right in front the boss, then unload on him.  It
    is possible to position ourselves so the falling debris never hits us, thus,
    allowing us to unload on the enemy until it's gone.  Nine leaf attacks will put
    this boss into a deep freeze.
    Mechanical City
    Area 1
    Proceed forward, to the weapons.  Jump across the pistons to some conveyor
    belts.  There is a pine cone on an upper one.  Use it to dash across the rest
    of the belts.  Mind the ball and chains. Between the ball and chains are two
    parallel belts.  On the lower one are a bunch of various power ups. 
    Keep going, past more pistons and onto a long belt.  If we can manage to defeat
    the barrage of enemies on this belt, the end will not be out of sight.
    Area 2
    Follow the passage to a ferris wheel leading down.  Below it will be a clover,
    and there will be weapons up ahead.  Keep going in the downward direction. 
    After the third ferris wheel, a store location will be on a small ledge. 
    Navigate further down, past some mace, and onto some gears.  across them is a
    hut.  Inside will be a bar dweller.  Listen to him as much as possible and get
    either 30 flowers or a silver cocoon.  Above the hut are some grabbing hands
    and giant suction cups.  Don't linger around any of these obstalces too long,
    but head straight, onto some more gears.  If Blue can deal with the remaining
    enemies, a big flower awaits him.
    Area 3
    We start on conveyor belt.  Run past the hands.  A clover is on a platform
    nearby.  At the end of the belt are some pistons to dash across.  Get on
    another belt that leads up.  There will now be belts and small moving platforms
    that lead to solid ground.  The high ground leads directly to the big flower. 
    The ground below leads to a Game changing opportunity.  Both places are filled
    with enemies though.  Not far from the beginning of the lower ground is a stem.
     Send the dinosaurs here packing until we eventually reach a hut.  We'll have
    to shrink to get there and leave there.  A princess of the Raguy Tribe is
    inside; we must use the torch found in the Lower Earth Empire to free her; she
    will then cast a spell that prevents Blue from ever freezing (the witches
    freeze blue, however, their curses must still be dispelled in the store). 
    Finally, take the conveyor belt a little further right from the hut to the
    area's big flower.
    Boss area
    Start on a platform.  A bomb is on the other platform.  Go foward, on a ferris
    wheel and onto some belts.  Those lead to another ferris wheel.  Beyond it is
    another belt leading to the boss entrance.  This boss just stands still. 
    However, it has three attacks:  short range laser eyes, a laser gun on the
    ceiling and it throws small robots at us.  The best bet is to not stand in one
    spot too long; jump and move around.  When the opportunity presents itself, get
    close enough to attack it, then back away and wait for another opening.  Eight
    hits will make this boss go haywire.  Getting first prize in this game will
    yield a lucky ring, not a heart, and it can't be lost.
    Daruma Empire
    Area 1
    Refrain from standing still, as the lasers guns above will shoot down on blue. 
    Immediately after starting will be a mini boss.  He will give Blue the option
    of joining the Daruma Tribe.  Regardless, a fight will ensue.  This guy will
    form a sheild of onions around himself, then jump from one side of the screen
    to the other.  If Blue stays still while the boss is jumping, he won't get hit.
     Attack him when he lands.  After five hits, he'll be crying in defeat.  Head
    up some steps to some conveyor belts.  Jump across them quickly as there will
    be numerous obstacles along the way.  Further right are some steps leading down
    and a leaf.  Jump across the moving platforms to a series of small platforms. 
    Proceed upward to a bomb, then run past a witch.  We are close to the end when
    we see some more steps.
    Area 2
    Atop the steps at the start, Blue should shrink to navigate across the moving,
    Tetris-like platforms that move across the screen.  The distance that must be
    crossed in such a manner is not terribly far.  We will then take a lift in a
    downward direction.  Watch out for attacking enemies.  At the bottom, go right,
    then shrink to get through the passage.  The statue that sealed the past boss
    entrances will now appear on the attack.  All it does is hop around though. 
    Time its movements, and run under it to some tiny platforms.  Cross them to
    encounter some ball and chains.  Carefully go under them and across more
    platforms.  Yet again, there is a witch to pass and a laser gun to avoid.  Past
    these, though, are steps leading to the big flower.
    Area 3
    Most of this area is underwater.  The general direction we will be going is in
    the shape of a "U."  We will have a chance to pick up some weapons along the
    way.  When we reach a square platform with golden claws protruding out of it,
    we want to swim left.  Actually, there is a un-budded, pink flower on the top
    side of this square platform.  A clover is nearby there too.  We want to swim
    in the shape of an "S" to reach the store location.  Otherwise, head in a
    downward direction from the clover power up.  Watch out for the laser guns.  A
    bomb is found en route.  Eventually, we will face a mini-boss.  He will just
    stand there at first.  Get hits in then.  The boss will then swim to the other
    side and throw out some shell fish.  Attack the boss when it is still.  After
    just a couple hits it becomes fish food.  Right above here is the way to the
    Boss area
    Blue starts in a long passage with laser guns.  There will be all the weapons
    to get along the way.  Once Blue shrinks through a small passage, a mini-boss
    fight will son ensue.  At the lift, it will appear; this boss has two attacks. 
    One is to charge right at Blue.  Hit it before it hits Blue.  Once the boss is
    hit, it will throw down bombs.  Jump to avoid the explosions.  Repeat this
    eight times to throw a wrench in its plans.  Now, take the lift up to the last
    boss.   He will challenge us, but fight us even if we back down.  This boss
    throws yo yos at Blue.  First, he'll throw a big one, then a few small ones,
    over and over.  Attack the big one before it expands.  This will allow us to
    pick it up and throw it back at the boss.  Do this five times to defeat and
    exile him and the Darhma Tribe from Raguy!  We are then treated to an
    ending and staff roll.  If the player has placed a high score, he will have the
    opportunity to enter his initials in the game.  That's it!
    4.1. Endings
    Thanks to ReyVGM for pointing out there are multiple endings once the game is
    beat!  It is believed that the player must achieve a high score to see the best
    ending, where Blue simply proposes to the princess and she accepts.  If one
    doesn't achieve a high score, then our hero is refused by the princess.  If
    Blue gets cursed by Nero and remains cursed at the end of the game, he will
    freeze after proposing.  If we encountered our rival, Ret, he will appear at
    the end, whether or not we beat him prior.  He will challenge us to a dual;
    if we win, Blue marries the princess, if we lose, Ret marries her, and if there
    is a draw, neither marries the princess.  These are the five known endings that
    are possible if playing through the whole game.
    5. Tricks
    Secret places
    There are a couple secret places mentioned in the walkthrough since they
    involve keys.  Otherwise, the known ones are mentioned here.  Most secret
    places consist of a bunch of flowers to get.  They must be gotten fast, or a
    nasty enemy will appear.  Exiting these secret places will return Blue not too
    far from the entrance.
    Lower Earth Empire, area 1:  there is a small passage leading to a secret room
    under end of the very first bridge.  Jump into it.
    Empire Marsh, area 2:  past the waterfall is a small passage that shrunken Blue
    can access.  It will lead to a secret place.
    Empire Marsh, area 3:  Near the start, go to the right edge of the platform two
    stories from the ground.  This is the "S" direction mentioned in the
    walkthrough.  Now, jump far to the right, into the lower open space (below the
    platform on the right), but not as far as possible.  The distance needs to be
    just right to land on a tiny platform below.  From this platform, jump into the
    small passage in the right wall to access it.
    Starge Space, area 1:  past the witch is a narrow platform.  Stand on it to
    make it sink.  Shrink.  The platform will lead to a small opening in the left
    Mechanical City, area 2:  before the first appearance of the gears is a passage
    blending into the ground.  It looks like a step before the gears.  Enter
    through the left.  This is actually a mini-boss fight.
    Mechanical City, area 3:  the secret room is directly below the (circular)
    moving platforms between the two conveyor belts.  Blue will need to do a free
    fall straight down from the platforms.
    Easter egg:  Mr. Neo-Geo
    Daruma Empire, area 1:  at the bottom of the steps mentioned in the walkthrough
    is a platform with a stem.  On this stem, shrink and jump to the left.  Hold
    the joystick left, so Blue is pressing against the left wall.  Before he falls
    in the lava, we will go through the wall.  Further down the invisible passage
    is Mr. Neo-Geo saying, what else, but "Neo-Geo."  Return to the platform the
    way we came.
    6. Author's notes
    Special thanks to my family for their moral support.  Thanks to ScHlAuChi for
    offering his videos for reference.  Thanks to John Lynch for sharing his
    discoveries in this game.  Submit questions, comments or corrections to: 

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