Review by Zylo the wolf

Reviewed: 01/20/11

They could've picked a better space shooter to release for the Neo-Geo station.

I'm going to start this review with being honest, I suck at these kind of space shooter games. I just don't really have the patience to memorize every screen on a stage and in order for me to get focused enough I have to hear an announcer scream: Round 1!. But since SNK Playmore wanted to release more than fighting games on Neo-Geo Station we got one of the first space shooters released on the system.

Just like in most of the other space shooters, you control a small spaceship that only needs to get one hit by one bullet in order to explode, while most of the enemies needs more than just one. But you might have one advantage over all the enemies, but then you have to be a really good pilot. There are however a few things that Alpha Mission II does different from most other space shooters.

In most of these kind of games you can collect bombs that will destroy almost everything on the screen when you use it, and it will do a lot of damage to the boss if you have encountered one. In this game you can instead different "super" spaceship parts. Once you have collected 3 of the same kind of ship you will be able to transform your ship to that model until your energybar runs out. During this time you can actually get hit by bullets, but your energybar will then decrease a lot. Personally I would rather have a couple of strong bombs.

You can also upgrade your regular ship. Every time your ship fires it's laser cannon it also drops bombs on the enemies that are on the ground and not in the air. When you see an upgrade capsule you have to destroy it and it will turn into a S (speed) upgrade capsule, if you shoot it once it will turn into a L (laser) capsule and if you shoot it one more time it will turn into a G (ground) capsule. Unlike most other shooters you actually keep your power ups once if you get hit sometimes, but I have no idea what the condition is for that.

Just like you would expect from a space shooter, this game is difficult as hell. Enemies will appear from everywhere, even behind you. Many enemies got homing bullets, which are really tricky to avoid when you can't move that much. But as long as you don't die and lose your power ups you will be able to defend yourself, however when that happens your weapons are way to weak to be able to destroy the enemies before they kill you.

If you still don't think that the game tough enough, then try to beat it with a second player. What seems like a fun idea now that there's another ship on your side will actually make you even more confused because now you will also have to trouble to see the difference between your partner's bullets and the enemy's.

There are those who loves these games more than any other type of games, but I really ain't one of them. However despite that the game is impossible for someone like me, I still think it's fun to see how far I can get on 3 credits. I'm sure there are better options on the PSN, but if you really want another space shooter then you might actually want to download Alpha Mission II.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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