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    FAQ/Walkthrough by SubSane

    Version: 0.9 | Updated: 02/20/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                     BURNING FIGHT
                                 FAQ/WALKTHROUGH, v0.9
                           Written and maintained by SubSane
                            Last updated  February 20, 2005
         1.1 Game Details
         1.2 Story
    2.0 THE BASICS
         2.1 Game Start
         2.2 On-Screen Display
         2.3 Controls
         2.4 Characters
         3.1 Main Street
         3.2 Shopping Center
         3.3 Downtown
         3.4 South Bay Area
         3.5 Sea Area
    5.0 LEGAL / MISC.
         5.1 Version History
         5.2 Guide Credits
         5.3 Contact Information
         5.4 Legal Stuff
    ===== 1.0 INTRODUCTION ========================================================
                                  1.1  Game Details
    Burning Fight is a beat ‘em up style game (much like Final Fight and Streets of
    Rage) released by SNK back in 1991. I'm sure it was an attempt to make some
    cash using Capcom's Final Fight premise, but it was still a good game for the
                                      1.2  Story
    Duke and Billy, two popular and renowned New York City police detectives, are
    hot on the trail of a dangerous Japanese crime syndicate. Their investigation
    has led them to the mean streets of Japan where they meet a police officer and
    martial arts expert named Ryu. Ryu agrees to join the NYPD detectives as they
    track down the crime syndicate bosses and end their reign of terror once and
    for all.
    ===== 2.0 THE BASICS ==========================================================
                                    2.1  Game Start
    Press Start to begin the game.
                                2.2  On-Screen Display
    1UP / 2UP
    This shows whether it's player 1 or player 2.
    The numbers above the life bar represent the current score.
    Life Bar
    The yellow life bar is the player's health. It depletes as the player sustains
    Enemy Name and Life Bar
    When the player hits an enemy their name and life bar will appear under the
    Item Name
    Shows the name of an item when the player picks it up.
    The remaining time for the stage.
    P = 2
    That P at the bottom shows the number of remaining lives for the current
                                     2.3  Controls
      Command           |  Action
      Start             |  Begin the game
      Joystick          |  Move the characters
      A button          |  Punch
      B button          |  Jump
      C button          |  Kick
      B, then A or C    |  Jump attack
      A + B             |  Hyper attack
      Hold enemy + A    |  Throw enemies
                                    2.4  Characters
    Note: All hyper attacks deplete health if they strike an enemy.
    Duke is the average guy in the group. He's not the fastest and he's not the
    strongest, just average. His jump attack is the broad jump kick and his
    hyper attack is the twirling uppercut. Duke is a good choice if you want
    someone with dependable strength and speed.
    Ryu's fast fists are very good at trapping enemies in devastating combos. His
    kicks, however, do not have as good a range as Duke's. Ryu's jump kick and
    and tornado kick hyper attack are fast and quite useful. Overall, Ryu's speed
    makes him the best character to choose.
    Billy is the slow guy, although his punches inflict more damage than the other
    two guys' attacks. Billy's jump attack, the elbow drop, has a very limited
    range, and his hyper attack is the football rush. Honestly, Billy is SO slow
    that he is never a good choice for a one player game. Use him solely to assist
    another player.
    ===== 3.0 WALKTHROUGH =========================================================
                                   3.1  Main Street
    So you (and perhaps a buddy) start off on a mean street somewhere in Japan.
    You'll be immediately ambushed by some street thugs near a few barrels. Take
    this opportunity to try the almighty jump kick and knock them all on their ass.
    The jump kick will often work best with enemies that are grouped, but don't
    bust a kick just to land in front of an enemy. If they get you down they'll
    likely keep you down.
    Head to the right and trash all enemies and objects that get in the way. Also
    try to pick up any items that appear, especially the weapons and glowing
    health items. As you beat up the bad guys do not use punches. These have a
    short range and the many roving gangs will gang up on you.
    A short way through you'll find a door with a large IN sign above it. Go up
    through that door to enter a bonus room. These rooms contain large objects
    that can be destroyed for extra items, but you're timed. Quickly destroy them
    and kill any thugs to move on. One guy that may be particularly troublesome
    is a dude with a fedora and suit named Robert Baun. Take him out first to
    relive him of that pistol then beat him up. After that a truck will appear
    with two guys named Jack. The Jacks can be pretty annoying with their extending
    chains so keep away and use jump kicks.
    Eventually you'll reach the first boss of the game, some guy called Yuriko.
    Ya know for a fat guy he can really move. His little rolls are meant to dodge
    your attacks, but it's easy to trap him by waiting for Yuriko at the point
    where his roll ends. Pummel him with some punches (easily accomplished with
    Ryu) to knock him out, then rinse and repeat. The other thugs may be somewhat
    annoying in a single player game, but even then just fight them while avoiding
    Yuriko. Use a few hyper attacks if you want to finish him off quickly.
                                 3.2  Shopping Center
    Proceed forward using the same keep-away tactics (jump kicks, punch and run)
    and go in the IN doors when you see them to get the sweet extras. Further ahead
    a Robert Baun will appear, so focus on him to take the gun. Keep fighting along
    until you get to the mermaid fountain where you meet a thug named Gonzales. Now
    THIS guy is annoying. He'll employ some E. Honda-style slap technique to slam
    you down, and it will quite often hit. Use jump kicks but don't linger around
    when he gets up.
    After defeating Gonzales an even bigger guy will crash through the fountain.
    His name is Tom Anderson and his love for the Hulk Hogan look isn't too
    flattering. This guy uses a clothesline similar to Gonzales' and his body slam
    is also similar to Gonzales' butt womp. Use jump kicks and punch combos, but
    NOT when he's running at you.
    Get through the moving sidewalk by avoiding the dynamite sticks and beating up
    the usual thugs, then get ready for a chick (or is it a dude?) named Azusa.
    She'll/he'll send out the brown-suited bodyguards, but they die with a few
    jump kicks. When Azusa comes out stay away from the knife dash and attack
    immediately after it misses. A few goons will appear during the fight, but they
    shouldn't be a problem.
    From there you'll be on a subway (though it's still part of the shopping center
    stage). Fight through the normal thugs and watch out for the Gonzales. The
    helicopter that appears will fire a couple of times, but if you stay on the far
    left they should all miss. Keep fighting and dodging helicopter attacks until
    you get to the boss.
    Marshall is pretty easy to fight for the first half of his health. He'll
    simply jump kick and occasionally throw an elbow, but nothing too difficult.
    When he gets down to yellow he gets really tough. The first major attack is a
    large hand thrust. Marshall will turn red when he's about to use this attack,
    and usually after you've hit him with a good combo. Quickly move up or down to
    avoid it. The other one is a long combo that goes practically across the whole
    screen. He will back up and pose just before he does this, so move up or down
    to avoid this as well. Continue pounding him with jump kicks and combos, and
    even a few hyper attacks to really cause damage, to eventually scare him off.
                                     3.3  Downtown
    This stage introduces a couple of new guys. Johnnys are much like Jacks with
    the jumping and the chains, and the fat blonde dudes are white versions of
    Gonzales. The Johnnys are easy to kill, but those Duffys are as annoying as
    Gonzales, if not more. Use the jump kick/avoid method to beat them up, and you
    always have the hyper attack.
    Fight through until you see the bridge where you'll be attacked by a group of
    motorcycle thugs. Wait in the center of the screen until they appear and
    quickly jump kick to knock one out. Sometimes they'll duck under it, but either
    way they'll only pass by three or four times. Keep going after defeating them
    (remember by Duffy tips) to get to a black version of Tom Anderson.
    Gary Powell is a lot like Misssster Anderson from the previous stage. The same
    clothesline, same knee slam, although he is slightly stronger. Avoid all dash
    attacks and hit him with combos right after he's ended a run to defeat him.
    The elevator will be full of the usual thugs, with Duffys being the hardest
    ones to kill. Just handle them all by using jump kicks when they are grouped
    together, then quick combos when they split up.
    Once you reach the top you'll meet the boss. His name is Nitou and unlike
    previous bosses he packs a mean sword. His strongest attack will be a jump
    and sword strike (from the ground and railing above) which can be avoided by
    moving down as he jumps. You can bust a good combo immediately after his jump
    by waiting near the landing spot, then finish the combo with a jump kick. He
    also has some sword jabs that he'll use to start devastating combos, so never
    stand near him for long. The stage will end after he's been defeated.
                                  3.4  South Bay Area
    Beat up the first few guys and break through the door to enter that warehouse.
    Thrash all the goons and continue, but be careful when the crane starts
    dropping beams. Walk under a beam and immediately walk left to make the beam
    fall without hitting you. Continue on to reach an elevator and many thugs. Beat
    them all up (old stuff) and move on.
    Go in the IN door for some bonus stuff, then get ready for a long battle ahead.
    It'll be the same old guys but in great numbers. The only real problem will be
    the groups of Duffys that rush you. Use hyper attacks and jump kicks to take
    them out in groups, then combos to kill the individual ones. Continue along
    until you reach the yacht.
    Well hey, that chicken Marshall makes his brave return. His attacks are all the
    same with a bit of speed mixed in, so thrash him using hyper attacks and jump
    kicks. He can't possibly come back, right?
                                     3.5  Sea Area
    Beat down all the punks and head to the right side of the deck. It'll be much
    of the same stuff until you reach the end where Azusa and Yuriko (old bosses,
    remember?) appear. Focus on Azusa to take him/her out of the way, then beat
    on Yuriko. After that fight you'll meet the palette swap brother of Tom
    Anderson known as Mad Dilly. Avoid his clotheslines like before and trap him in
    combos to finish him off.
    Inside the next room you'll see another pistol-packer, and as always they're
    nothing without the pistol. Go through him to enter another hallway. OK, you
    know it's the final stage when EVERY single boss makes an appearance. Nitou,
    as every other boss thus far, is exactly the same. Beat him up and move on.
    Oh, guess who! Marshall again. You think he'd learn after getting his ass
    handed to him TWICE, but some dudes are thick-headed. He has no new tricks up
    his sleeve which means it shouldn't take long to kick his ass.
    So it turns out the head of this Japanese crime syndicate is an Italian or
    Spanish guy. I mean, Casterora... Anyway, the fat guy with a cane is the final
    boss of the game. He has a couple of cane swipes and jabs that can hit you,
    but the strongest hitter is the cane rifle. It's quite slow and should be easy
    to avoid. Use combos, jump kicks, AND hyper attacks to take out Casterora and
    simpler attacks to get rid of the cronies surrounding him.
    That's it! There's no real ending, but let's just assume that Duke and Billy
    thank Ryu for his help and return to New York to take credit for bringing
    down Casterora. It's funnier that way.
                                  THANKS FOR PLAYING!!!
    ===== 4.0 CODES & SECRETS =====================================================
    None that I know of.
    ===== 5.0 LEGAL / MISC. =======================================================
                                  5.1  Version History
    February: Version 0.9
    - - - - - - - - - - -
    All warm 'n done, just like a cinnamon bun!
                                   5.2  Guide Credits
    Thanks to...
    1. SNK and Neo Geo for creating the game.
    2. Wilson Lau gets mad props for his kick ass 'Bart vs. the Space Mutants'
    guide. It is what inspired me to write guides for video games. 
    3. Thank YOU for reading. After all, I didn't write this for my own health...
                                5.3  Contact Information
    The address is: subsane@gmail.com
    The issue of too many e-mails isn't a problem, so I'll most likely respond to
    any questions (for now). But, I do delete e-mails without a subject. Put
    'Burning Fight FAQ' or something similar in the subject line.
                                   5.4  Legal Stuff
    1. "Burning Fight" is copyright © 1991 SNK Corp. of America.
    2. This guide copyright © 2005 SubSane. This guide may be distributed freely as
    long as it remains in it's ORIGINAL and UNALTERED form. It is only for private
    use and may not be reproduced for commercial purposes.
    If I discover that this guide has been altered in any way and is being
    displayed publicly, I reserve the right to have the guide removed from that

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