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    FAQ/Walkthrough by SubSane

    Version: 0.9 | Updated: 08/22/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                     CROSSED SWORDS
                                  FAQ/WALKTHROUGH v0.9
                           Written and maintained by SubSane
                             Last updated  August 22, 2005
         1.1 Game Details
         1.2 Story
    2.0 THE BASICS
         2.1 Game Start
         2.2 On-Screen Display
         2.3 Controls
         2.4 Techniques
         3.1 Disaster in the Poor Village of Dio
         3.2 The Shaken Castle in Pulista
         3.3 A Desperate Fight at the Matius Tower
         3.4 The Fish Monster of the Gauda Fortress
         3.5 The Attack of a Land Battleship
         3.6 Entrance to the Devil World
         3.7 The Devil Castle of Graisia
    4.0 ENEMIES
    7.0 LEGAL / MISC.
         5.1 Version History
         5.2 Guide Credits
         5.3 Contact Information
         5.4 Legal Stuff
    ===== 1.0 INTRODUCTION ========================================================
                                  1.1  Game Details
    The game was developed by Alpha Denshi in 1991, and released for Arcades and
    Neo Geo consoles.
                                      1.2  Story
    This story takes place in the ancient land of Belkana. It is a time when
    monsters and warlords rule the land and good people are at their mercy. One
    such warlord gathered his minions to terrorize the kingdom and capture damsels.
    Now only you, as the mighty knight of journey, can save the people of this
    land and defeat the evil warlord.
    ===== 2.0 THE BASICS ==========================================================
                                    2.1  Game Start
    Press Start to begin the game.
                                2.2  On-Screen Display
    The bar along the top will display the remaining health for the current enemy.
    The big number on the left is your current level.
    Experience Points
    You will gather experience points as you defeat enemies. Once you reach the
    designated level-up number (the bottom number) you'll move up one level.
    Gold that is collected during fights can be used to purchase items from
    merchants. It is displayed below the word GOLD.
    The red bars represent your health, and each time you take a hit some of the
    bars will deplete. Your maximum number of health bars will increase as you
    gain experience.
    The sword you currently have will be displayed in the yellow box in the right
    corner. The physical attacks are the same, but the magic attacks will vary
    based on the sword you're using.
    End of stage stats
    At the end of each stage you'll get Level points, Enemy points, and Total
    points. These points are handed out by default as enemies and stages do not
                                     2.3  Controls
     Command            |  Action
     Start              |  Begin the game, pause
     Control Up         |  Block high attacks
     Control Down       |  Block low attacks
     Control Left/Right |  Move left and right across the screen
     A button           |  Normal attacks with the sword
     B button           |  Magic attacks with the sword
     A+B                |  Use a powerful spinning attacks
     Down+A+B           |  Create a counter-attack to push back the enemy
     Up+A+B             |  Charge and fire a strong blast
     A+Down             |  Thrust your sword at the enemy
                                    2.4  Techniques
    Swordplay consists of two basic principles: block and attack. In Crossed Swords
    the enemies will usually try to pummel you with multiple attacks at a time and
    if you don't block the attacks you will simply not survive. Start by paying
    attention to the enemy's movements. An enemy will usually move from side to
    side and suddenly stop when he is about to strike. Then, watch the enemy's
    arms. If the arm raises high up then quickly hold Up to block, and if the arm
    is around the waist then block low.
    If you miss the block DO NOT attempt to switch to the opposite of the direction
    you're blocking. The enemy will usually follow through with a combo that can
    knock you on your armored ass. Stick to the direction you're blocking and when
    the enemy hits your shield he will be open for attack.
    Pounce Counter-Attack
    Some of the weaker enemies can be attacked at the point when they jump from
    the background to the foreground. By doing this you ensure a combo and can
    take away a good chunk of health before they even attack.
    A+B = Kick Ass
    The A+B attack is extremely powerful, but you should consider using it only
    for bosses or other very tough enemies. It is more effective with humanoid
    enemies than it is with something like the giant caterpillar.
    C-C-C-C-Combo Breaker!
    Some enemies like the winged knights and blue knights have insane combos that
    seem to never end. To stop these you can hold Down and press A. This will
    thrust your sword forward and disrupt the combo, giving you a chance to attack.
    ===== 3.0 WALKTHROUGH =========================================================
                       3.1  Disaster in the Poor Village of Dio
    Road to Dio
    Watch the poor guy get stabbed in the back by a dirty rat and then get to work.
    The rat, much like most starting enemies, will be quite easy to defeat. Use
    your normal slash attacks to kill the rat and move on to the green ogres.
    Green ogres are faster than the rats so you will need to block an attack and
    use that to counter-attack with your normal sword or some magic attacks.
    Open Field
    Here you'll be ambushed by more ogres. They are no different from the last
    ones so simply dodge and strike or block and strike. Considering the relative
    ease of these enemies you should save magic attacks and use your sword to kill
    them off.
    Back on the Road
    Ah, more than one ogre this time. Now's a good time to utilize the pounce
    counter-attack. As soon as the enemy jumps forward slash and attack with a
    combo to take away a good chunk of health. Defeat the group of ogres to
    continue up the road.
    Village of Dio
    Kill the one red ogre to fight the caterpillar creature that emerges from the
    cocoon. The caterpillar uses a powerful flame thrower that can kill you in a
    matter of seconds. To get away from this you will need to block high or low,
    depending on where the flame stream is. If you blocked in the wrong direction
    you can also move from side to side to avoid getting hit.
    If you saved any magic attacks now would be the time to use them. You all your
    magic to attack and then wait for it to come to the foreground. A good combo
    of sword slashes can really cause damage if not kill the caterpillar
    altogether. Once you defeat the giant caterpillar it'll be the end of chapter
                           3.2  The Shaken Castle in Pulista
    The Forest
    First you have to choose to visit a merchant or go faster. The merchant has
    some good stuff, so I'd stop by his place. Check out the Merchants section of
    the FAQ for details on each item.
    If you go faster you will be given a slight speed boost, but nothing too
    Beat up the first few ogres and then move on to defeat an evil knight.
    evil knights are much like ogres except they have much higher defense and
    they will block your attacks more often than ogres. The same block and strike
    applies here, so fight your way through to clear the stage.
    Road to the Castle
    Oy, more ogres and knights. The same exact block and attack technique will
    get you through the fight. Also use magic attacks or the A+B attack when the
    knights come up.
    Castle Gates
    Beat up some more ogres and some more knights. Use magic attacks and A+B attack
    to defeat the knights and enter the castle.
    Inside the Castle
    Just as you enter the castle some real evil guys will leap in from a window
    and kidnap the king's daughter. Defeat the ogres and knights and get ready for
    a tough fight with an evil goat.
    The evil goat will constantly attack, giving you very few opportunities to
    counter-attack. Start by using up all your magic attacks then switch to the
    A+B attack. That should cause massive damage, but after the attack ends it
    will be wise to block as many of the attacks as possible. The evil goat also
    packs a high defense and three times as much health as a normal enemy.
                      3.3  A Desperate Fight at the Matius Tower
    The Road to the Tower
    Sweet, another merchant! This one has the same stuff as the last one, so it's
    up to you if you want to buy something. Fill up your health if you can afford
    More ogres, so that's no big deal. However, between the waves of ogres some
    small blue bugs will appear and hit you once for a lot of health. Use magic if
    you see one coming to hopefully fight it off before it reaches you. Block low
    to escape the sting and move left and right as well.
    Once that's over the good ol' giant caterpillar will appear. Block the flames
    just like before and use A+B when it comes into the foreground.
    Cliff Road
    Defeat the ogres and then use only one A+B attack to kill the winged knight.
    They gotta be kiddin'.
    Dark Forest
    Man, they'll really pummel you in this one. The ogres are much as always, and
    the winged knights will be just like the last one. Some A+B will take of them
    easily. There will also be one round of those annoying blue wasps, so once you
    see the first one try your best to block the lot of them.
    The new guy here will be a red evil knight. The attacks are just like a
    normal knight's attacks but the health is one and a half times longer. Defeat
    him and the remaining enemies (including a rarely seen rat) to move on.
    Back on the Road
    More merchant action, baby! If you've saved your gold you can now buy the
    shield axe which creates a shield around you when you use magic. This is great
    for defense-minded players, but offense-minded players would do better with
    one of the swords.
    Once that's settled it's back on the road time. The red wasps here are less
    attacky and more evady as they move around, but they're definitely easier to
    kill. Kill off all ogres and wasps to move on to a red version of the giant
    caterpillar. Much like other red enemies the only difference is higher HP.
    Tower Gate
    One of those bad-ass winged knights will stand in the background while he
    sends out evil knights to fight you. They're the garden variety knights which
    means you can whoop 'em fairly quickly. Kill that winged knight when he finally
    comes forward and move on.
    Room 1
    Bah, kill of all of the knights. They're insanely simple now that you're at
    what, level 5?
    Room 2
    It's a winged knight ambush! Fight off the normal winged knights and then the
    red knight by blocking and using some well-timed A+B attacks. Remember not to
    attack until after you block a slash.
    Now you'll be faced with a choice between the Ammunition Warehouse or the
    Food Warehouse. The Food Warehouse has less tough enemies and will boost your
    health, and the Ammunition Warehouse has stronger enemies but you'll get a
    powerful sword at the end. If you bought the shield axe I'd say go the Food
    route, otherwise choose the Ammunition and get your new sword.
    Ammunition Hallway
    Annihilate the few ogres and use an A+B attack to really beat up the evil goat.
    It'll take just two A+B attacks to kill it.
    Ammunition Warehouse
    The winged knights and occasional evil knight are much as always, but the red
    winged knight will pack more of a punch. Use some A+B attacks to slice him up
    and kill him. You'll then get the option to get a new sword or go faster. If
    you have the Shield Axe stay with it, otherwise get the Puppet Sword.
    Food Hallway
    Kill the simple ogres. Easy stuff!
    Food Warehouse
    Kill the simple rats and ogres. Easy stuff!
    Room 3
    Kill the few winged knights, which should go down with two or three slash
    combos. An A+B attack or two will help.
    Lion Crest Room
    More winged knights! Block their low thrusts, bust out your slash combos, and
    use A+B attacks to kill them. It's more of the usual.
    Top of the Tower
    Now you must face the Death Masquerader. Frankly it's nice to have a challenge
    after the repetitive easiness of the previous rooms. If you have the Puppet
    Sword the first part will be easy as cheese, while if you have anything else
    (Shield Axe!) the first part will be tough but the boss will be easy.
    Fight your way through the hordes of knights by blocking and immediately
    following up with a counter-attack. A+B attacks will probably be your strongest
    attack and the easiest way to mow down the knights.
    Once they're defeated you fight the Death Masquerader himself. Must I say it...
    Okay, I will. Use the A+B attack! One attack with the Shield Axe can kill him,
    and two or three with the swords should smack him down. Use your magic as
    back-up, but don't bother with normal sword attacks.
                      3.4  The Fish Monster of the Gauda Fortress
    Road to Gauda Fortress
    Oh joy, a merchant! He's selling a more powerful axe and other weapons that
    are priced much higher than they were before. If you have any weapon BUT the
    Puppet Sword then go for the Shield Axe Dx, otherwise stay with the Puppet
    Fight through the ogres and usual enemies, then prepare for a giant red
    caterpillar. This one seems more skittish than the last ones and he won't
    spend much time in the foreground. Use whatever projectile attacks you have
    available (either magic or Up and A+B attack) and use the spinning A+B attack
    when it gets close.
    Forest by the Sea
    Kill the simple ogres then use the spinning A+B attack on the winged knight.
    It's no big whoop.
    The Beach 1
    Now you'll meet a new buddy I called armored frog. They're about as simple to
    kill as an ogre but they have an orange blast similar to the caterpillar
    flame. Block those attacks and use combos and your own projectiles to defeat
    The Beach 2
    It will just be a few more armored frogs and one red frog. You know what to
    expect with the red versions of anything by now, so bust out the spinning
    A+B attack to kill him off.
    Bridge Entrance
    Fight off the few frogs then use A+B attacks to destroy the giant eyeball.
    Your reward for your progress thus far will be the Scale Shield.
    Bridge Crossing
    More frogs, big whoop right? The star of this stage is the mace-toting fish
    man that breathes evil bubbles. Block the bubbles and attack with combos or
    A+B attacks when he comes to the foreground. It's like a stronger version of
    the frogs.
    Ahead of the bridge you will have the option of taking the Front Gate or the
    Back Gate. The Back Gate is easier.
    Front Gate
    Destroy the many knights including the powerful black knight, but even then
    it's more of the usual. Kill them all and then block the fish man's attacks.
    Once you've blocked the bubbles and he comes forward use some A+B attacks to
    finish it off.
    Back Gate
    It's just a bunch of rats. Slice 'em up!
    Man, you know the drill. Defeat the knights as they come with magic and A+B 
    attacks then destroy the fish man with some hardcore A+B action. Yup, more of
    the same ol'!
    Dim Hallway
    Kill the usual knights and a few fish men as your knight walks to the right,
    then face off against the mighty red fish man! Unlike other fish men, this
    one can block A+B attacks and magic. You'll have to block his attacks and 
    counter-attack with a maximum combo to really do any damage. This will be a
    lengthy fight but not too long.
    Crab Lord
    The giant crab I call Crab Lord will actually be easy as hell to beat. Wait
    for him to hop into the foreground then unleash your magic, A+B attacks, and
    even simple slash combos. He'll get some big hits but the battle is over
                          3.5  The Attack of a Land Battleship
    Sunset Road
    Bah, always with the road stages. Use magic and A+B to kill the caterpillar
    then handily defeat the ogres. They'll a new enemy called an undead warrior,
    but the only difference from other enemies is the magic attack. Block the
    simple attack and use A+B attacks to destroy it and move on.
    Forest Crab
    Now big deal. Block the high and low strikes and use your magic attacks to
    defeat it. A+B attacks will get blocked most of the time so don't bother to
    use them.
    Ship Entrance
    Block the attacks and use any magic attacks you have to kill the knights as
    they come forward, but A button combos will also work well. Save your A+B
    attacks for the red winged knight and the undead warrior when it comes forward.
    Ship Deck
    Kill the knights and then carefully block the flaming skull attacks and counter
    with some magic of your own. Don't waste your A+B attacks on any of these
    chumpy losers since they tend to jump away when you use them. Keep on offense
    with the humanoids and block all the skull fire until you defeat them all.
    Now choose to go to port or starboard. Luckily you're reading this guide so
    I can tell you to take the port route for an easier time and more extra
    Starboard 1
    Block the undead warriors' attacks and counter with slash combos, but when the
    blue undead warrior comes forward stay on offense. His magic attacks are
    harder to block and take more damage than the normal red orbs.
    Starboard 2
    Fight off the undead warriors like before by blocking attacks and using slash
    combos, then easily kill the fish man with an A+B attack.
    Port 1
    Fight off the useless rats and then block and use slash combos to counter-
    attack the blue undead warrior. It's only one guy so shouldn't be a problem.
    Port 2
    Fish man be damned! Use an A+B attack on his scaly butt then block and counter-
    attack the undead warrior with slash combos. Sweet lord, man, it can't get
    no easier.
    Captain's Quarters
    If you have the Shield Axe this will be a very easy fight, otherwise get ready
    to block and use the Down+A+B attack a lot. Start with the two variations of
    undead warriors and use the usual block / counter-attack method. Keep killing
    them and save your A+B attacks.
    When the captain comes forward he'll immediately start attacking with massive
    combos, leaving you little time to block. If he manages to hit you use the
    Down+A+B attack to push him away, then wait for the next chance to get him
    with a slash combo. Don't use the other A+B attacks as he will phase through
    them without a scratch. Keep using Down+A+B to get out of his combos and block
    his attacks to catch him off guard with a combo. The Shield Axe's defensive
    magic will be extremely helpful but use any magic attacks you have to hurt
    him as well.
                           3.6  Entrance to the Devil World
    Road to Devil World
    Dude, now they're really stepping up. First refill your health and purchase
    a weapon if you haven't done so in a while. The Fire Sword is pretty strong,
    but if you already have a Shield Axe Dx then definitely stay with that.
    Kill the knights with the usual block-counter dance then block the wasp stings
    or acid as they appear. The first bunch of enemies will be typical fare until
    the armored caterpillar appears. This thing is like a caterpillar but faster
    and much uglier. Block the streams of blue flame until it gets close then
    use an A+B attack to slice its face up. Keep blocking and using A+B attacks
    to defeat it.
    Forest Near Devil World
    Kill the rats and use an A+B attack or two to kill the eyeball. Whoop dee doo.
    Your reward for your progress will be Tule's Shield.
    Cave Entrance
    Kill the few frogs with simple blocks and combos, then kill the evil goat with
    a well-timed A+B attack. The weapon you should have at this point can turn
    these ol' school enemies into mush.
    Lava River
    Easily kill the first few frogs then prepare to block and counter-attack the
    red fish man. Magic works best with these enemies that can block A+B attacks,
    as well as the Shield Axe's magic shield. Just keep blocking and following up
    with combos to defeat it.
    Lava Bridge
    These giant knights are slow but very strong, so don't allow them to hit you
    when they get near. Their magic attacks will alternate from top to bottom
    which makes them easy to block. Once they finish that the giant knights are
    open for magic attacks or some good slash combos.
    The blue crab... same ol' thing. It just has higher health. Block the pincer
    strikes much like before and then slash the head, much like before. Keep
    blocking and slashing at the head to defeat it.
    Lava Cave
    A few frogs and an eyeball. What is this a witch's brew? Do your usual song
    and dance to kill the frogs and an A+B attack to destroy the eyeball.
    Devil World Entrance
    Kill the first few flame skulls and undead warrior to get to the true guard
    of the entrance: Satan Goat!
    This goat will block A+B attacks so don't even try. You'll have to block all
    of his stabs and attack after each hit you block. Magic attacks will also
    work and the Shield Axe defense shield is a great way to block all of the
    strikes. Use normal slash combos to defeat him.
                            3.7  The Devil Castle of Graisia
    Castle Pathway
    Two winged knights... that's it? Block their attack and use magic and slash
    combos to easily kill these two guys.
    Foggy Path
    More simple knights and winged knights. Block their attacks and even use your
    A+B attacks to get through these guys as quickly as possible. The spinning
    one should handle them all in one attack.
    Castle Gate
    Block the cheap knee shots of the first two giant knights then prepare for
    the golden winged knight (a somewhat new face I suppose). This one can block
    A+B attacks which means you're stuck blocking his strikes and using magic
    against him. If you have the Shield Axe it's easy to block attacks and perform
    combos, but other weapons may have a tough time. Just block and counter-attack
    like you've done so many times before.
    Ogre Hall
    Hey, it's the ol' merchant guy. Pick up some health and a good weapon if you
    STILL haven't purchased a good one.
    After that just kill the many ogres and move on.
    Knights' Hall
    One ogre and a lot of knights. The usual knights are a cinch to kill but the
    blue knight at the end won't be as easy. Block his many attacks and hold Down
    + A button to thrust and stop his combos. Keep doing that and using magic
    attacks to defeat him, just like last time.
    Fish Man Hall
    Attack of the funny looking fish men! Kill the simple blue fish men with a
    couple of sword slashes then use magic and the Down+A thrust to kill the red
    fish man. Easy stuff.
    Winged Knights' Hall
    Block and thrust the winged knights, and use some magic if you need to.
    However the tough fight is the golden winged knight who can block A+B attacks.
    Block his strikes and thrust to get a few hits, but if you have the Shield
    Axe it'll be much easier. Block and counter as well as use magic to kill this
    guy (it seems like we've already killed him a few hundred times, no?) and
    move on.
    Undead Warrior Hall
    Kill the easy undead warriors without a hitch, then block and counter the red
    warrior with thrusts. Per the stage boss pattern this guy will block A+B
    attacks which forces you to only block and counter.
    Final Battle
    Here we are, atop the tallest tower on the tallest mountain in Devil World.
    This evil warlord must now pay for his actions... but first you have to fight
    through his minions. 
    - Death Masquerader will go down with one or two A+B attacks like before.
    - Red fish man will be a bit tougher, but your block and thrust will make
      quick work of him and his smelly hide.
    - Blue knight is a real bastard, as always. Just block his attacks and move
      left and right to land a thrust on him. Follow that up with a combo.
    - Winged golden knight is slightly easier than blue knight and will fall to
      the same block and thrust technique.
    - Red undead warrior is on par with winged golden knight, so use some magic
      and block/thrust action to kill him off.
    - Purple/red Death Masquerader is like the last one except he's faster and
      has a higher health meter. The same A+B spinning attack can kill him off in
      two to three turns.
    Then, it was time for the dark warlord himself. His only attacks are to jump
    forward and punch the hell out of you, though he will create a shield to block
    A+B spinning attacks and other slashes. Much like many other tough bosses the
    best thing to do is hold Down+A to thrust and disrupt his combos, then follow
    up with a combo of your own. If you have the Shield Axe or Shield Axe Dx you
    can easily block most of the attacks, but if you don't just use all of your
    magic attacks and block what you can. It really is quite a repetitive fight
    and will just be a matter of wearing down his health.
    But hey, that's just the start!
    His second phase is a lot like the caterpillars. Block his flames then use a
    spinning A+B or magic attacks to really do damage. Block high to avoid damage
    from the falling fire then combo him or use magic when he comes forward. He'll
    also try to slash you with the claws but if you get him with a combo it will
    stop any slash attempts.
    As some say at this point in a FAQ... this is the end. DUN DUN DUN... my only
    friend, the end... this is the end...
    And so on. Congratulations for beating Crossed Swords! It certainly wasn't an
    easy journey but you came out on top to defeat the warlord and save the kingdom.
    Check out Crossed Swords 2 for more first-person sword action on the Neo Geo.
    ===== 4.0 ENEMIES =============================================================
    Armored Rat
    A rat with a lance, shield, and armor. Easy to defeat. Red rats have slightly
    higher HP.
    Ogres use a club and are fairly fast. It is best to first block an attack then
    counter-attack. Red and purple versions have higher HP.
    Giant Caterpillar
    This thing shoots a powerful flamethrower that you must block with your shield.
    Use magic to easily defeat it. The red versions have higher HP.
    Evil Knight
    Attacks like an ogre, but has higher defense. The red versions have higher HP
    than usual. The black versions are more aggressive than the others. The blue
    version has very high HP and can block A+B attacks.
    Evil Goat
    A goat that constantly attacks and has very high HP. Use the A+B middle attack
    to defeat him, as well as magic and blocking. Satan Goat can block A+B attacks.
    Winged Knight
    Bah, this guy's a push-over. He's just like the evil knight. The red version
    has higher HP. The golden winged knight can block A+B attacks.
    Death Masquerader
    Moves around a lot but dies quickly with a few spinning A+B attacks. The 
    purple/red version has higher HP and is much faster.
    Armored Frog
    Moves around and shoots fire from their mouths. Use projectiles and the usual
    slash combos to defeat them. Red frogs are more aggressive and have higher HP.
    Giant Eyeball
    Produces smaller eyeballs around it and fires them at you. Block the eyes and
    use magic or A+B attacks to attack. The pink version has higher HP than the
    normal version.
    Fish Man
    A stronger version of the frogs. Just block blue blasts and attack with combos
    or A+B attacks. The red fish man can block magic and A+B attacks.
    Crab Lord
    The giant crab is easy to beat. Simply attack with combos and magic attacks.
    The green versions have more HP but the same attacks, and the blue version has
    the highest HP.
    Undead Warriors
    Skeleton warriors who attack much like ogres and knights but they also have
    magic attacks. Block the simple magic attacks and use A+B or magic to defeat
    them. Blue warriors have a more powerful magic attack that is harder to block.
    Red warriors can block A+B attacks.
    Flaming Skull
    These guys shoot, guess what? Fire! Block the fire and attack with magic or
    combos. Purple flame skulls have more HP.
    Armored Caterpillar
    This guy packs a giant armored head and is faster than the other caterpillars.
    But like before block his flames and use projectiles to reach it in the
    Blue wasps fly straight at you one at a time. Red wasps sting you but
    first fly around the screen. Green wasps fly around the screen, sting you,
    and can also spit acid. Simply block all their attacks and slash when they
    get near.
    Giant Knight
    These big slow guys are strong when they get near. Avoid that attack and
    block the alternating up/down magic attacks to await a chance for a sweet
    slash combo.
    Dark Warlord
    The final boss. In his first phase he will simply punch you and block attacks,
    much like many other common enemies. His HP is very high and the best way to
    combat him is to thrust to disrupt his combos and follow up with your own
    combos. His second phase is a lot like the caterpillars. Block his flames then
    use a spinning A+B or magic attacks to really do damage. Block high to avoid
    damage from the falling fire then combo him when he comes forward.
    ===== 5.0 EQUIPMENT ===========================================================
    Normal Sword
    You start with this one. It has low attack and has red fire orbs as its magic
    Normal Shield
    The default shield. Low defense.
    Mist Sword
    Purchase from a merchant for 500G. Its magic leaves a twister that damages
    enemies for 6 seconds.
    Mist Sword Dx
    Purchase from a merchant for 1500G. Has more ammo for magic attacks.
    Thunder Sword
    Purchase from a merchant for 900G. The magic attacks can kill enemies in one
    shot. Has very limited ammo.
    Shield Axe
    Purchase from a merchant for 2000G. It is a very strong axe that uses magic to
    create a temporary shield and offensive boost.
    Shield Axe Dx
    Purchase from a merchant for 5000G. A much stronger axe that has more ammo for
    magic shields. This is the second best weapon in the game next to the Fira
    Puppet Sword
    Get it in chapter 3, in the ammunition warehouse. Its magic attack turns
    common enemies into weak puppets.
    Old Man's Shield
    Get it in chapter 3, stage 3. It provides more defense than the normal shield.
    Scale Shield
    Get it in chapter 4, stage 5. It has more defense power than the old man's
    Tule's Shield
    Get this in chapter 6, stage 2. It is the strongest shield in the game.
    Fira Sword
    Buy it from the merchant in chapter 6 for 9000G. This is the strongest
    physical weapon in the game with an okay magic wall of fire, but the magic
    ammo is very limited.
    ===== 6.0 MERCHANTS ===========================================================
    Merchants will usually appear at the start of each chapter after chapter 2.
    Chapter 2 Merchant
    Meat - 100G - Refill three health bars
    Mist Sword - 500G - Magic leaves a twister that damages enemies for 6 seconds.
    Thunder Sword - 900G - Magic that kills enemies in one shot. Limited ammo.
    Shield Axe - 2000G - Strong axe that creates a defensive shield.
    Chapter 3 Merchant
    Meat - 100G - Refill three health bars
    Mist Sword - 500G - Magic leaves a twister that damages enemies for 6 seconds.
    Thunder Sword - 900G - Magic that kills enemies in one shot. Limited ammo.
    Shield Axe - 2000G - Strong axe that creates a defensive shield.
    Chapter 4 Merchant
    Meat - 100G - Refill three health bars
    Mist Sword Dx- 500G - Magic leaves a twister that damages enemies for 6 seconds.
    Shield Axe - 2000G - Strong axe that creates a defensive shield.
    Shield Axe Dx- 5000G - Stronger axe with more magic ammo.
    Chapter 5 Merchant
    Meat - 100G - Refill three health bars
    Mist Sword Dx- 500G - Magic leaves a twister that damages enemies for 6 seconds.
    Shield Axe - 2000G - Strong axe that creates a defensive shield.
    Shield Axe Dx- 5000G - Stronger axe with more magic ammo.
    Chapter 6 Merchant
    Meat - 100G - Refill three health bars
    Shield Axe - 2000G - Strong axe that creates a defensive shield.
    Shield Axe Dx - 5000G - Stronger axe with more magic ammo.
    Fira Sword - 9000G - Strongest physical weapon, but not good for magic attacks.
    Chapter 7 Merchant
    Meat - 100G - Refill three health bars
    Shield Axe - 2000G - Strong axe that creates a defensive shield.
    Shield Axe Dx - 5000G - Stronger axe with more magic ammo.
    Fira Sword - 9000G - Strongest physical weapon, but not good for magic attacks.
    ===== 7.0 LEGAL / MISC. =======================================================
                                  5.1  Version History
    August 22: Version 0.9
    - - - - - - - - - - -
    I crossed swords for the last time... this guide is complete.
                                   5.2  Guide Credits
    Thanks to...
    1. Alpha Denshi and SNK for creating the game.
    2. Wilson Lau gets mad props for his kick ass 'Bart vs. the Space Mutants'
    guide. It is what inspired me to write guides for video games. 
    3. Thank YOU for reading. After all, I didn't write this for my own health...
                                5.3  Contact Information
    The address is: subsane@gmail.com
    The issue of too many e-mails isn't a problem, so I'll most likely respond to
    any questions (for now). But, I do delete e-mails without a subject. Put
    'Crossed Swords FAQ' or something similar in the subject line.
                                   5.4  Legal Stuff
    1. Crossed Swords is TM and © 1991 Alpha Denshi and SNK.
    2. This guide copyright © 2005 SubSane. This guide may be distributed freely as
    long as it remains in it's ORIGINAL and UNALTERED form. It is only for private
    use and may not be reproduced for commercial purposes.
    If I discover that this guide has been altered in any way and is being
    displayed publicly, I reserve the right to have the guide removed from that
    End quote:
        "I, Satan Goat, cannot be defeated!"

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