Review by johnnysparkster

Reviewed: 12/06/04

A+ Frustration for the masochistic audience

Last Resort was one of the earlier released R-Type inspired games for the Neo Geo. Before this, there was really only one truly excellent blast fest in the form of View Point, but even that's game quirky view perspective and difficult controls were a little too much for hardened shooter vets to handle. At the time, Last Resort was an excellent game (for the Neo Geo) with stunning graphics, cool bosses, hard as nails game play and tight controls. Unfortunately all this really didn't make for a game that held up too well over time, as the graphics now look dated (though still very colorful) and the hard as nails game play has become an endeavor of frustration to the highest degree.

Yes the graphics are very colorful, and some of the city-scapes early on are quite nice to look at. As you move further into the game, it seemed as though the developers lost interest in the project as the quality of detail gradually diminishes to the final boss. Because there are no in game cinemas or opening demos or even an ending, Last Resort has a very bare bones look that probably won't hold anyone's attention today (unless they NEVER played a video game before).

It's exactly what you would expect; synth heavy compositions humming through the speakers with no real relevance to the action. Music is considerably low and docile for this type of game; nothing here caught my ear.

Think R-Type in spirit. You gain the same type of frontal orb that ups your ship's defensive and gives some added fire power. There isn't much in terms of weapons and the super attack impeded by your orb onto enemies is very unimpressive. The game has excellent controls. This though, is undermined by the ridiculously difficult level designs and gratuitous amounts of slowdown. Ah the slowdown; Last Resort is plagued by more slowdown than any game I have ever played. Some times it works to your favor later on in the game when there is a ridiculous number of bullets filling every inch of the screen that would probably be impossible to finagle your way through if the game was running at full speed. Last Resort isn't particularly exciting as it's mind numbingly frustrating. The game is beatable, and though there are only four levels it will take a great deal of time to complete because of the massive difficulty. Unfortunately your accomplishments will be met only with an end credits followed by a "press start" screen.

There are much better Neo Geo shooters out there, but Last Resort can offer a few hours of fun if you have the patience. Last Resort's successor, Pulstar, is recommended over this game. If your collecting, you'll be pleased, but for those looking for absolute quality, pick up View Point if you want old school pro gear spec shooting. Be warned of the two major flaws that really will effect your enjoyment of this game: the HARD HARD HARD difficulty and almost constant annoyance of major slowdown.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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