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"Godzilla or just plain ol'Kaiju fans will get a kick outta this one....anyone else might not wanna waste their time.."

Ok I know some people think I'm insane for writing a positive reveiw for this game, but I am intitled to my opinion.....right? And I'm sorry I am a huge fan not only of horror, but of Kaiju (Giant monsters) mainly Godzilla most of all, which is the reason I get a kick outta KM. The graphics are decent for the time the game was released and its one of the ONLY games were you can play out what its like to be a 400ft monster fighting another monster in a city trampling people to death as you go. Well by far Godzilla: Greatest battles for the SNES, which is surprisingly not on this site, is a much better way to get your taste for Kaiju blood out onto the battle feild. That still doesn't mean this game doesn't have some meat on its bones, even though its more like a wrestling game than a fighter.

Graphics:7 For there time pretty impressive and also to my surprise and much to my disliking more detail was put into the backgrounds and levels that your monsters destroy during combat than that of the actually 400ft terrors. They're design isn't bad at all but more frames would have easilly made the game look and feel alot better. The upside is pretty much every thing seen on the screen can be destroyed, and the fighting is pretty much non-stop despite how many buildings you get thrown into. The monsters look just like they came right out of a old Godzilla movie, there is one Godzilla wannabe named Geon, who is by far the best monster in the game. A King kong look alike named Woo, who is sadly absent in all versions of the game besides the Neo-geo and arcade versions. A giant Beetle like monster, a huge monster made of stones and rock. A very funny looking Ultra man wannabe who in my opinion is a disgrace to Kaiju everywhere, and last but not least a huge walking pile of slime.

Sound:8 All of the sounds seem to be taken right from your favorite Godzilla movies everything from buildings exploding to the massive thunder like sound of one of the monsters getting slamming against a near by building or on coming row of cars. Only problem is that some sounds seem louder than others.

Control:8 Simple and effective thats all you really need to know, although moving your monster around the battle field is a bit of a pain, everything else seems to fall right into the place and none of the moves are hard to do at all.

Story:9 Its the not to distance future...mankind has had his time ti rule the its time for the monsters to fight to see who well be the only....King of the Monsters. Thats the basic story, humans being replaced as the dominate rulers of the earth, not much to it. The only reason I gave it such a high rating is all the diffrent endings, even though all the endings are is a few seconds of FMV of your monster destroying the city and the news anchor broadcasting getting crushed as your monster destroys the news building. Every monster has one, and there are even endings for tag-teams, if you beat the game in two player tag-team BOTH monsters are shown destroying buildings and so fourth..and there names or given..its a small thing....but it helps.

Gameplay:8 Well some like to argue on rather KM is a fighter or a wrestling game, well from my expirecne its diffently a wrestling game, there are three basic attacks, punch, kick, rushing attack. Around 5-6 grappling moves for each monster, and each monster has a Super power-up atack that can be done by holding A+B for a few seconds and letting go. You can move in any direction up, down, left, right, and there are even power lines that act as ropes around a ring that send your enemy running back at you if thrown into one! If that didn't tell you I don't know what will! The only real beef with the game is that the fights begin to get old having to fight the same monsters twice, and the fights can get long and painful at times. It doesn't take much for a enemy monster to make a come back, and you will have to pin them at least 3 times to finally get the 3 count.

Replay vaule:5 Once you beat the game with all the monsters once there really IS no reason to play this game again unless you feel the need to stomp cities while beating in the head of a giant monster one day :=)

Pretty much all Kaiju Fans will fall in love with this game at first play, but anyone else..its questionible....wrestling fans may pick up....fighting fans won't.....but if you just happen to be a Godzilla fan its BEST you give it a try.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/25/00, Updated 07/25/00

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