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    Vice by Rugal_Br

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       By Rugal_Br
       Email: Rugal_br@yahoo.com.br
       And I am in: irc.americhat.org:6668 almost all days, #DCFelas, #MS or
    #Brasil, my nicks: GodRugal and Rugal.
       Hi, here we go again, Kof2002 ...very good game"! :D
    Table of contents:
    1- Why a Vice FAQ?
    2- Abbreviatures
    3- Bio
    4- Move list
    5- Move analysis
    6- Strategy
    7- Combos
    8- Author's note
    9- Credits
    1. Why a Vice FAQ?
       Humm... I started use Vice in Kof98, I love her hcf+punch because it has big
    invincibility and  is fast and has a damaging follow up. Well, almost all
    attacks from Vice hurt much, her normal moves are fast and have good range
    (I'll say "good range" many times in this faq x_X). There are few grapplers
    women in KOF...hummm Shermie...Hinako Shijou...
       She's better this year too, one more point to encourage me a do a Vice faq.
    2. Abbreviatures:
       P: a punch
       K: a kick
       A: light punch
       B: light kick
       C: strong punch
       D: strong kick
       qcf:   quarter circle forward (d,df,f)
       qcb:   quarter circle backward (d,db,b)
       hcf:   half circle forward (b,db,d,df,f)
       hcb:   half circle backward (f,df,d,db,b)
       dp: dragon punch motion
       rdp: reverse dragon punch motion
    3. Bio:
     Fighting Style:    Mainly strength-based attacks
     Birthday:          November 28
     Age:               27
     Birthplace:        Unknown
     Blood Type:        A
     Height:            1.78m
     Weight:            59kg
     Three Sizes:       Bust 90, Waist 58, Hips 88
     Hobby:             Collecting American comics
     Favorite Food:     Plums
     Best Sport:        Bench press
     Prized Things:     Comic book signed by Dan Brereton
     Dislikes:          Saisyu Kusanagi
    4. Move list:
     Death Blow                When close, b/f + C
     Back Rush                 When close, b/f + D
     Monstrosity               f + A
     Mayhem                    qcb + A/C
     . Mithan's Robe           During Mayhem, qcf + A/C
     Black End                 When close, hcf + A/C
     . Mithan's Robe           During Blackend, qcf + A/C
     Gore Fest                 When close, hcb,f + A/C
     Outrage                   qcb + B/D
     Ravenous                  In the air, qcb + B/D
     Decide                    hcf + B/D
     Withering Surface         qcf,qcf + A/C
     Negative Gain             When close, hcb,hcb + B/D
     Withering Surface         qcf,qcf + AC
     Negative Gain             When close, hcb,hcb + BD
     Withering Atlas           In the air, when close, db,qcf,uf,u,d + AC
    5. Move analysis:
    The comments are to the important moves.
    The rating in the moves will be * to the worst and ***** to the best :D
    Command Moves:
    Forward + A: A overhead punch, can be comboable in Decide (B version, not D)
    A (Far): A normal punch but is comboable in Mayhem. :D ***--
    A (Close): Fast move, comboable in any grab. **---
    B (Far): A long range poke move, it's better than Yashiro's B, it's more fast
    and excellent to keep the enemy away if you want, but I prefer close combat
    because Vice is a grappler :P ***--
    B (Close): A move with the knee, comboable in any grab. **---
    C (Far): A interesting punch, one of the best far punches in Kof, did you see
    the range and the speed? :D ****-
    C (Close): A normal punch, not so good priority like Clark C. ***--
    D (Far): A slow upwards kick, sometimes can be used as anti-air, but it's not
    so useful. ***--
    D (Close): A 2 hits comboable kick, you can do anything you want after this,
    the best combo starter.
    CD: A long range and fast punch, I think it is a "nervous" version of far C :P
    A: A good range and fast punch AND comboable from close or far. ***--
    B: Other good range momove that is comboable from close or far. ***--
    C: Her best anti-air attack, comes fast and has very good priority, comboable
    too. *****
    D: A mid height sweep, good range. ***--
    A: A punch... not useful. *----
    B: Downwards kick, not useful. *----
    C: A normal punch, not so useful. **---
    D: Your unique and good option when jumping, ya...Vice sux in air combat except
    for one move: Ravenous that is a annoying cheap move heh"!. ***--
    CD: A good move to use sometimes as a anti-air. ***--
    Special moves:
    Mayhem                    qcb + A/C   ****-
    . Mithan's Robe           During Mayhem, qcf + A/C
    Very fast and high priority, always do the follow up, very useful when comboing
    from A or B moves. If you do a Mayhem and it hits in counter you can follow up
    other Mayhem and do Mithan's Robe, I recommend use the A version to try this
    (comes more fast). A anti-air move ? :D
    Black End                 When close, hcf + A/C   ****-
    . Mithan's Robe           During Blackend, qcf + A/C
    High invencibility, the range is good and it's fast, always do the follow up
    for aditional damage.
    Mithan's Robe rules :D
    Gore Fest                 When close, hcb,f + A/C   ****-
    This move hurts...uhhhhh"! *trembling* and it has very fast recovery heh"!
    Outrage                   qcb + B/D   **---
    This move is not useful in ground, it sux in combos, I use only after a close C
    or after you knockedown the opponent for block damage.
    Ravenous                  In the air, qcb + B/D ****-
    Excellent for block damage, and this move is a manner to go cheap with Vice,
    the move has excellent recovery and priority, but in Kof98 this move doesn't
    has a long pause in the start up 
    Decide                    hcf + B/D ***--
    Good recovery, I don't know now if this move has some invencible frames in
    start up like kof98. Useful to surprise the enemy, and you can use it in
    combos, to after this...you run and do mind games.
    Desperation moves:
    Withering Surface         qcf,qcf + A/C   ****-
    I love this DM, it's excellent to surprise the opponent when he's using a
    projectile, it has invencibility when leave the ground and is more fast than
    Negative Gain             When close, hcb,hcb + B/D   ****-
    A grab DM, very useful after close D, the negative point is the recovery.
    Super Desperation moves:
    Withering Surface         qcf,qcf + AC   *****
    Heh, the best move from her arsenal, so fast, so invencible, high priority and
    the grab is more fast than 98, soon Vice touch the ground...gotcha"!!...see the
    damage. O_O
    Negative Gain             When close, hcb,hcb + BD ****-
    Again, useful after close D, the best option to follow up from close D.
    Hidden Super Desperation Move:
    Withering Atlas           In the air, when close, db,qcf,uf,u,d + AC   ****-
    Well, the secret to use this move is: do the db,qcf,uf,u motion and when you is
    near the opponent do d+AC, the grab is fast, the HSDM animation is not so good,
    only one hit but the damage is acceptable.
    Use like a anti-air if you're sure the opponent will jump in you or when he
    miss a "dragonpunch style move" :PPP
    She has a supercancel? I didn't found it neither playing or searching in the
    web x_X
    6. Strategy:
       Vice power consist many things: damage, range and speed. Her weak normal
    moves (A and B) are all comboable, so is easy surprise the enemy and pull off a
    combo. I said that Vice sux in air but when jumping if you'll don't going do a
    jump+D do Ravenous, if the opponent block this, the block damage is good. So,
    mix D and Ravenous in air.
    Weak Mayhem: Attention because the follow up can miss the grab and this
    anti-air isn't thaaat efficient.
    Crouch C: The best anti-air, always in Kof, the uppers were the best and secure
    anti-airs. and the Vice's upper is not different, fast and useful to stop
    anything from air.
       Mind games:
    -Overhead sometimes with forward+A.
    -Run and do a low combo, after sometimes run and grab, you can mix with the
    overhead too.
    -Do this: jump and ravenous, jump and ravenous, jump and ravenous, and jump
    and....grab"!!! This is very efficient because the opponent will try block the
    ravenous but will be surprised.
    7. Combos:
    Best combos to use:
    -stand B -> far A -> Mayhem -> Mithan's Robe.
    -crouch B -> crouch B -> crouch A -> Mayhem -> Mithan's Robe.
    -Jump D -> close D -> forward +A -> Decide with B button.
    -Jump D -> close D -> Outrage with B button.
                       -> Mayhem -> Mithan's Robe.
                       -> Gore Fest.
                       -> Negative Gain (S)DM.
    8. Author's Note:
    -Started: 21:40, 01, January/2003
    -Finished: 22:55, 01, January/2003
    -Vice is more beautiful and the animation has changed, well....she got new
    -Note the animation when Vice is walking back, she'll tap the ground after
    -Her pose changed, is better too.
    -Her walking has so much class :P
    -Did you notice what almost all Vice's moves do the opponent stand up back"??
    It is like you jump and sure "cross up hit" the opponent...create your cross up
    combos :P
    -What a day"!! Two faqs in same day"! (Check my Yashiro's faq heh"!)
    -SNK: KOFOREVAH"!!! :)
    -Playmore: hummm....its ok.
    -My friends kofers at irc: ScarFace, Hiryu and Oni.
    -KILLME: this boy doesn't like kof but it's a very good friend , i don't know
    if he's a good baker too hehe :D
    -Gamefaqs: the best game site ever"!!!
    -People that im not remembering now heauoheaoehao"!!!
    -Moriya: I used he movelist from his Kof2002 faq ^_^.
    -You: One more ... you read my work, very thanx u_u
    Well, im accepting e-mails if i have to correct something that I did wrong in
    the FAQ, or suggestions, anything about kof is welcome. ^_^
    Kof - Enjoy this"!!!

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