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"The Modern Classical Fighter"

Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the clash of the kings of fighters! First up is SNK, who brought the world an unforgettable cast of characters that have evolved over the course of the past decade! Next up is Capcom, who practically pioneered the world of 2D fighting which we all have known and loved!

And now... SNK takes its turn at the crossover with SVC Chaos:SNK v.s Capcom, the modern classical fighter!

Gameplay - The gameplay is quick and very focused, allowing any smart tactical player to dominate. There is no room for the random button mashing fiend here like in Marvel v.s Capcom my friend! The fighting system is no different than The King of Fighters, but the controls have been greatly loosened for smoother combinations.

Any SNK fan will quickly pick up on this game with the 4 button layout, however some the Capcom fans will have to take a little time getting used to it. It just takes a little time, and before you know it, you'll be pulling off your favorite techniques whether it's a Hadouken or a Psycho Crusher!

You have 24 fighters to choose from, 12 from SNK, 12 from Capcom, plus an additional 6 hidden characters from both sides. The lineup is rather unusual, yet quite pleasing. SNK fanatics will be right at home with Kyo, Iori, Terry, Kim, and Ryo, while Capcom vets have Ryu (along with his clones), Chun-Li, Guile, and everyone’s favorite 4-some troop of bosses, Barlog(M.Bison),Vega(Barlog),Sagat, and M.Bison(Vega).

The rest of the cast are fan favorites, underrated characters and surprises! Capcom fans should be thrilled to see Demetri, along with Hugo! I'm sure even the biggest Capcom nut will freak out when they get a load of Zero. On SNK's side, Samurai Showdown addicts will be glad to see Genjourou, the legendary Earthquake, along with rarely seen (but highly worshiped!) Shiki!

This game has plenty of new and old to offer to lovers of 2D fighters and followers of SNK and Capcom. However, I got the feeling that those who have followed the King of Fighters series since the start will appreciate this game the most. The gameplay is definitely old-school indeed, but its polished up just enough for the modern fighter fan to dig into.

A lot of people complain about a lot of characters being very unbalanced, but the truth is, its because they just suck and cant come up with a good strategy for fighting certain opponent and many dirty tricks. The key here is knowing how each character fights and what they are capable of. Characters like Goenitz will give you a run for your money with his nasty whirlwind attacks, but if you play it smart and change your fighting patterns, you can easily beat him and overcome any fighter!

While though there are various levels of difficulty you can challenge the CPU at has in all fighting games, I must recommend playing against a friend/rival, because the CPU will quickly bore you, like most CPU opponents normally do in any kind of fighting game. Your bound to see a lot of dirty tricks that the CPU will use against you, so you may as well practice a bit before going against another. This game was definitely made for two people to play against each other, this isn’t like Soul Caliber II or Virtua Fighter 4 that will keep you busy with single player modes!

Story - There really isn’t too much of a story here, except the worlds of SNK and Capcom clashing together. Those that have played through Capcom v.s SNK will find nothing new in terms of story here, except fight it out! But... if it’s a story your looking for, then you may as well look forward for Comic One's release of the SVC Chaos graphic novel(a manwha a.k.a. Korean comic book) this spring/summer. Otherwise, kick back and enjoy the fight!

Graphics - Okay I can admit it... the graphics in this game aren’t nearly has good as recent SNK games like Garou:MOTW, Art of Fighting 3, Samurai Showdown IV or Last Blade 2, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t bad either. The graphics in this game are of King of Fighters quality, 1997 I'd say at the most. The sprites however are well animated, Capcom's characters all look fine, with the exception of Guile and his super broom hairdo, that is just mad ghetto.

Dhalsim is perhaps the most impressive of them all, with his rubber-like body, it looks awesome. Some may be a little displeased with Sagat though, he's lost a lot of his bulk, but then again Muay-Thai fighters never were super bulky to begin with. All of SNK's sprites you'll see look pretty much the same with a few newer animations, but other than that, not a whole lot of new, although I must add Shiki's sprite is downright sexy in every way imaginable.

If you’re a lover of The King of Fighters series, namely from its earlier days, you'll have no problems with the graphics at all.

Sound - The sound effects in this game are crisp and clear, you'll hear every ''ARE YOU OKAY!? BUSTAH WURFUU'' Terry lets out. All the booming and hitting/knocking sound effects are pretty average and typical for your fighting game otherwise. The music is pretty decent, its not bad, but you most likely wont remember it. I kinda wished SNK brought it a remix or two from the classic SF themes, I would of liked to hear Ken's old theme again. Overall, the sound is just fine, your more likely to be focused on beating your opponent to a pulp than listen to the sounds.

Replayability - Average to say, the CPU wont keep you entertained for very long, I can tell you that. A run through single player mode could take you anywhere for 8-15 minutes depending how good you are. However, if you got some friends, bring'em over and play this game with them, its bound to entertain! With a mixed cast of characters, a not too complex, not too simple fighting system, mastering this game will bring out the true fighter in you.

Recommendation - If you’re an hardcore SNK fan, or a mixed SNK and Capcom fan, I would highly recommend picking up this game! If you’re a pure Capcom fan though, I'd try to avoid it, unless your interested in getting into SNK's games, then it might be a good game to introduce you to it. Overall its an fairly exceptional fighting game with classic gameplay, and I would love to see a sequel someday! Until then, I look forward to a rematch! OKAY!!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 04/24/04

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