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    Mina by adurnal c adot

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    Character Guide for:
    Majikina Mina
    By: adurnal c adot (adurnal_c_adot@yahoo.com)
    Table of Contents
    1. A word from the author...
    2. Introduction
    3. Controls and Moves
    4. The way of the archer...
    5. About the author
    6. Credits
    A word from the author...
    Hello. Hi. Thanks for reading this FAQ (if you are really reading this).
    This is my first ever FAQ! Wow! And since this is my first FAQ, I may have
    some mistakes here so don't hesitate to e-mail me if you find any, OK? Ok, so,
    again, welcome, and may you have the best time of your lives choosing this
    character (because I really did).
    Lastly, this FAQ is based on the authors numerous experience in playing this
    game, so there might be some odd turn-outs. The author did not intend to make
    you readers to follow every detail in this FAQ (don't mind the word "must").
    This is only made to give you some introduction to this game in using the
    specified character.
    Majikina Mina is the new playable character of the newest arcade game to hit
    in your localities, Samurai Spirits Zero. Mina is an archer (of coarse) and
    she has pet (is that a pet?) named Champuru. I really enjoyed using her
    because... she's an archer. The downside of her is that she has that pesky,
    annoying pet following her (no offense to other fans), and most of all, that
    pet has NO use. Well anyway, in the story of the game, she seems to 'hunt' the
    'demon' who destroyed her village. (By the way, her history is not that happy,
    so I'll skip that part). And you know what, the demon who destroyed her village
    is not Gaoh (as she had thought), but her very own pet! (Not the physical
    Champuru, but the 'transformed' Champuru). Anyway, she was devastated when she
    found out, and the last thing to do is to kill her pet (that was now after
    her!). End of story.
    I hope you learned a lesson from that brief story... (hehehe)
    Controls and Moves
    Here are the list of moves and controls:
    f                 Forward
    b                 Backward
    u                 Jump
    d                 Crouch
    A                 Mina fires an arrow at about 40 degrees then gradually
                      slopes down (Ha! One-button projectile!)
                      [near opponent] Mina uses her bow to hit the opponent.
                      [when crouching] Mina fires an arrow about 45 degrees then
                      slopes down. This hits the opponent if the opponent is very
                      far from her.
                      [when in the air] Mina fires an arrow straight, then arrow
                      slowly slopes down.
    		  [when crouching and near opponent] Mina does the chop.
    B                 Mina fires an arrow at about 5 degrees but continually
                      goes up.
                      [near opponent] Mina uses her bow to hit the opponent
                      (slightly slower than the A version).
                      [when crouching] Mina fires a single shot that hits low.
                      [when in the air] Mina fires a single shot at about
                      -45 degrees. This is an overhead shot.
    		  [when crouching and near opponent] Mina rotates with her bow.
    		  The bow then knocks down the opponent.
    A+B               Mina gets three (!) arrows and fires them in one shot (!)
                      The projectile then moves vigorously up and down in one
                      straight line. This knocks an opponent (Ouch!)
                      [near opponent] Mina does a rotation and slams her bow at
                      [when crouching] Just the same with the standing version,
                      except that she fires it at exactly 45 degrees.
                      [when in the air] Mina fires only one arrow at about
                      -85 degrees. This is an overhead shot.
    B+C               Mina hops backwards as she hits her bow at the opponent.
    d,B+C             [when opponent is down] Mina fires a single shot at the
                      opponent (Haha! Serves you right!)
    u,B+C             [when opponent is down] Mina leaps and just before she lands,
                      she fires a single shot at the enemy.
    C                 Mina does her own version of a kick (weird).
    d+C               Mina does a low kick.
    D                 [When Blue Gauge is filled] Mina sits down and meditates.
                      Empties the Blue Gauge.
    d+D               Mina does a low dodge.
    f+C or b+C        [when near opponent] Guard Break.
    d+C               [when in the air] Mina slopes down at about 45 degrees with
    		  one leg portuding (while spinning). This hits multiple times.
                      a.k.a. Kajifuchi
    f+D               Mina hops forward.
    b+D               Mina hops backward.
    df+D		  Mina rolls forward.
    db+D		  Mina rolls backward.
    D, then b	  Mina hops (for avoiding low projectiles).
    Hold b, then f+A  Mina succesively fires three 'blue' arrows.
                      a.k.a. Jikyuu Shin
    *Note* When a blue arrow is fired to a blocking enemy, there will be a minute
    decrease to the life of the enemy. A yellow arrow will not.
    *Note* Hold means holding the direction for about 1.5 seconds.
    Hold b, then f+B  Mina succesively fires four 'blue' arrows.
                      a.k.a. Jikyuu Shin
    Hold b, then f+AB Mina succesively fires five 'blue' arrows.
                      a.k.a. Jikyuu Shin
    Hold b, then f+C  Mina jumps and while falling backward, she then succesively
    		  fires five 'blue' arrows, at an angle about -45 degrees.
                      a.k.a. Tenkyuu Shin
    f,d,df+A	  Mina jump-twists (I have no idea what word will best
    	  	  decscribe what she will do) for a short range and before she
    		  lands, she fires a 'blue' arrow. Best for counter-attacks.
                      a.k.a. Shinimabui no Nageki
    f,d,df+B	  Same as the A version but for a long range.
                      a.k.a. Shinimabui no Nageki
    f,d,df+AB	  Same as the B version but fires the 'blue arrow' while still
    		  in the air.
                      a.k.a. Shinimabui no Nageki
    b,d,db+A	  Mina fires a shot above. Can be done three times only.
    		  Anymore shots will just fall down broken.
                      a.k.a. Sungan no Sasoi
    b,d,db+B	  Mina bluffs to shot an arrow. But the result will be a 'blue'
    		  arrow falling straight to the enemy. This can only be done
    		  if you have 'saved' some arrows while doing the d,b,db+A.
    		  Just like the d,b,db+A, this can only be done three times.
                      a.k.a. Sungan no Mukae
    d,db,b+B	  Mina says "Oide" to Champuru. Champuru then slides towards
    		  Mina and hides beneath her dress. (Lame) Repeating the
    		  command, Champuru will emerge.
                      a.k.a. Champuru, kocchioide
    d,db,b+C	  Mina says something to Champuru (in Japanese) that makes him
    		  sleep. (Still lame) Repeating the command, Champuru will wake
                      a.k.a. Champuru, oyasuminasai
    uf		  [when in air and near the wall] Mina hops away from the wall.
                      a.k.a. Triangle Hop
    d,df,f+CD         [when rage bar is at max] Mina does the Weapon Flipping
    		  Technique. She uses her bow to catapult herself directly up
    		  and comes down with a stomping action. (Lame) The distance
    		  between where she catapulted and where she landed is about
    		  2/3 of the distance of the screen (when the 2 characters are
    		  far apart). At the time she landed, she is left weaponless
    		  for about a second.
                      a.k.a. Umichimun no Ikari
    The way of the archer...
    The way of the archer is perilous and you must (note the word must) follow
    these hints and tips so that the way of the archer will no longer be perilous.
    The archer will face these pathetic opponents:
    Gaira is the most easiest to beat (if you use Mina of course). Immediately
    after the round starts, use B at him. If he blocks, jump back and do the same
    thing until it hits. But if you run out of space, don't hesitate to use
    f,d,df+B. Gaira always blocks but there is that AI instinct that makes him jump
    at you, so now is the perfect time to use B at him. Of course he will fall down
    but anticipate his rise because when you see him rise, use B again at him. If
    he blocks, don't worry, because he immediately jumps after he blocked your
    you could fire him a B, or an AB. Repeat if necessary. Sometimes he always jumps
    its has been easier for you to nail him. Hahaha...
    Tam Tam:
    Tam Tam is another guy whom you could beat easily. All you have to do is to
    always crouch. When crouching, use B at him that should hit low. If it hits,
    good thing, but if he blocked, don't worry because he jumps afterwards. And
    what do you do if you saw a bird flying and you're an archer? Shoot it, of
    course. If he jumps, use AB at him while still crouching. Repeat until the bird
    is dead. Its that easy!
    Unbelievably, Galford may have no match against Mina! Just use B in air (of
    course aim first) and his history. But don't be too cocky. Using
    Hold b, then f+A/B/AB can be a trap for you. He can do a replica attack
    (wherein Galford disappears and falls weapon first at the enemy). Extreme
    caution is adviced when facing this opponent.
    Yunfei can 'fly' so you can 'fire' at him, pretty dumb actually. When he flies,
    use anything that has a high projectile, like A. But because he flies too much,
    any projectile will do. Then again, don't be too cocky. Yunfei can use the
    tenmou konji (wherein he dives diagonally at you weapon first), and that could
    be very painful. Don't worry about this. If you feel like hes going to do it
    (the tenmou konji), just use a crouching AB.
    He's very big so use any projectile at him. He blocks heavy-damaging attacks
    so be gentle with him. His attacks are long-ranged so be cautious. When you are
    cornered, use the Shinimabui no Nageki.
    Basara can be tricky at times but he's no match to you. Use standing AB and
    he'll be history.
    But then again, the archer will face some formidable opponents:
    Kazuki can be very stubborn at times. He always blocks the Jikyuu Shin, Tenkyuu
    Shin, Shinimabui no Nageki and sometimes the Sungan no Mukae. He also dodges
    the standing AB and the crouching B. By saying he sometimes blocks the Sungan
    no Mukae, I mean he also not blocks it. So if you are near him, hit him with
    it and finish him off with a standing AB.
    Use the same strategy as Kazuki. But be careful when you use the Shinimabui
    no Nageki, because after he blocks your attack, he can counter-attack you with
    his standing AB. Its only ok if you landed away from his long-ranged attacks.
    Still the same as Kazuki and Haohmaru, use the above strategy. Again when you
    are cornered, DO NOT USE a jumping AB at her because after she blocked it, she
    counter-attacks you with her jumping AB, which is very damaging. Sometimes
    when she dashes towards you, and you fired a standing AB, the shot completely
    misses! And that leads you vulnerable to her attacks. Again, be careful.
    Still the same as Kazuki, Haohmaru and Nakoruru, though the standing AB has
    no problem. Sometimes he doesn't block it.
    Still the same as Kazuki, Haohmaru, Nakoruru and Jubei. He is VERY stubborn
    and blocks almost any attack but his attacks can be avoided at times. His
    standing AB can be counter-attacked with the Shinimabui no Nageki.
    Very much like Yoshitora, VERY stubborn. But when you're cornered, use the
    triangle hop and shoot him with an AB. Sometimes he jumps after you, doing his
    own AB, but can he can't catch you. Instead, he gets a shot directly from his
    head! But if he blocked it, don't worry. After you landed, he will jump towards
    you and immediately after he landed, use the Guard break, then smash him with
    your bow.
    Lastly, the archer will face these bosses:
    Sankuro is the most cheapest boss I have ever dealt with. Mostly, use jumping
    B. Watch out for his henchpeople. If he blocked your jumping B, he will call
    a henchperson (I can't say henchman because there is a henchwoman). If he calls
    "Ippachi", just jump. If he calls "Goshichi", just block, or if you have enough
    time, hop backwards. And if he calls "Fuyo", just block low, or jump backwards.
    If all went well, do another jumping B. If the same thing happen, do it again.
    But he sometimes do a standing B, so hit him immediately with a standing B. If
    you were caught by Ippachi, keep pressing AB so that immediately after he lets
    you go, you can fire Sankuro with a standing AB. During Ippachi holds you, he
    will eat either a red sushi (is that a sushi???) or a yellow sushi. The red
    sushi is 'hard' for him to swallow so after Ippachi lets you go, you can hit
    him with a standing AB. If he ate a yellow sushi (and he eats it faster than
    red one), just use a jumping B.
    For me, Yumeji should be the last boss. Her attacks are simply out of this
    world! Anyway, you can beat her by using jumping AB. Triangle Hop, then AB
    when you're cornered can be very helpful because she attacks where you're not
    there! Simply stupid. But then again, be very, very careful. Sometimes when
    you're not finished with the jumping AB, she counter-attacks you with her own
    jumping AB. Yumeji can morph into and use the:
        Nakoruru  -  Annu Mutsube  -  block low, then AB (if near her), or,
                                      if you have enough time, counter-attack with
                                      a jumping AB
        Kyoshiro  -  Choubi Jishi  -  block high, then AB (if near her)
        Ukyo  -  Hiken Tsubame Gaeshi  -  block high, then AB
        Jubei  -  Yagyu Shingan Tou: Souha  -  attack only if you are far from her
        Haohmaru  -  Ougi Kogetsu Zan  -  block high, then AB (if near her)
        Hanzo  -  Ninpou Mozu Otoshi  -  jump! (unblockable)
        Charlotte  -  Bayonette Lunge  - block high
        Genjuro  -  Sanren Satsu  -  block the first and second attack, then before
                                     the last strike, counter attack with a jumping
        Yoshitora  -  Yon no Tachi: Tsubaki  -  block high
        Rimururu  -  Rupush Kamui Weisan Pekoru  -  blcok high, then AB
    All attacks (except Rimururu's) are lethal so be careful and do the appropriate
    block. You can't attack her if she is transforming (all attacks just pass by
    but you can attack her if she has already transformed. Also, you can
    attack her just after she transforms back to herself. Also, she has a
    one-strike-death. If the following condition are met: her rage gage is at max
    and her sword gage is nearer than the original life gage, her standing AB
    spells instant death!
    If you use Mina, Gaoh will be the most stupid boss. In the first round,
    immediately use a jumping B at him. Sometime this hits, sometimes it doesn't.
    Then start holding backwards because were going to use the Jikyuu Shin. First,
    make sure he is very far away. When Jikyuu Shin can be done, you can either
    tease him or to shoot him directly. If you want to shoot him, fire an A or B
    at him. He then immediately attacks with the Imi Kagura (in which he dashes
    towards you and if it is enough, he hits you with his cross spear). After he
    stops, thats the time when you will give him what he wants. Fire the Jikyuu
    Shin (that's right, watch what happens!), the AB version for maximum
    impalement. He didn't even bother to block! After the Jikyuu Shin, hit him
    immediately with a standing AB. If you want to hit him directly, but be sure
    that you are very far away from him. Then give him what you've got! And again,
    he completely gives in! Then same thing, hit him immediately with a standing
    AB. Do this endlessly and he will be out of your long hair! Of coarse in the
    second round, he turns into Ankioh. Any attack is useless so don't do anything.
    Just evade his every attack while his rage gage is at max. Then when it turns
    to zero, just do the same thing in the first round.
    About the Author
    The author of this FAQ is an avid fan of the Samurai Shodown / Samurai Spirits
    series, though his been playing every SS game through the big help of
    emulation. The author is living in the Philippines, can understand a bit of
    Japanese language (a bit of written and spoken Japanese, that is), is a huge
    anime fan and still a struggling electronics and communications engineer
    student. If you want to contact the author, don't hesitate to e-mail him. If
    your e-mail contains any form of human rights violation, expect that I will not
    reply back. If you want also, you could be my friend. If you have a friendster
    (www.friendster.com) account, add me, but e-mail me first. Ok?
    Credits goes to the following:
    The author:
    For writing this slightly pathetic FAQ
    The people who read this:
    For reading this slightly pathetic FAQ
    For the move list
    For the inspiration to make this slightly pathetic FAQ
    For the samsho5.zip, thank you very, very much.
    To some websites:
    For the many correcitons...
    And most importantly:
    To gamefaqs.com
    For posting this slightly pathetic FAQ

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