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    Win Quote FAQ by Fat Cat Lim

    Version: 2.3 | Updated: 02/13/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    KOF2003 Win Quotes FAQ v2.3
    For King of Fighters 2003 (English)
    By Fat Cat Lim (Lim Kuan Keat)
    This FAQ is copyright 2004 Fat Cat Lim
    "Now, The Portal To A New Punchfest Opens..."
    1. Disclaimer
    2. General Information and Legend
    3. Team/Character Win Quotes
    4. Thanks/Credits
    5. Revision History
    1. Disclaimer
    This FAQ is protected by US Copyright Law and is for individual, non-
    profit use only.  You can post it on a webpage as long as you don't edit 
    the FAQ in any way. Please do not distribute, sell, or incorporate part 
    or all this FAQ into any magazine article, strategy guide, website, etc. 
    without getting prior permission from the author, myself, Fat Cat Lim. 
    All King Of Fighters (KOF) characters and the KOF game series are copyright
    of SNK Playmore of Japan.
    2. General Info and Legend
    --==~ General Info ~==--
    Basically, this FAQ is a collection of character win quotes for the English
    version of KOF2003 (KOF2K3) produced by SNKPlaymore. After completing every
    round, your character's win quote, which consist of a snappy line or two,
    will apppear onscreen. Most of the time, however, players tend skip them in
    the arcade, so this FAQ is for those curious or interested in what their
    favourite character have to say at the end of each round.
    Unlike in KOF2K2 where you were able to select your character's generic
    win quote to appear onscreen depending on which button you pressed, it seems to
    circulate randomly this year, i.e. you can't specifically choose your
    character's win quote. :( Hence the difficulty of locating all available
    characters' win quotes.
    I've broken down the Win Quotes for each character to two sections:
    a) "Generic Win Quotes", and
    b) "Special Win Quotes"
    "Generic Win Quotes" refers to any one of the 4 generic Win Quotes for
    your winning character that will appear onscreen after beating any character.
    "Special Win Quotes" refers to a particular win quote that will appear
    onscreen for your winning character when he/she defeats a certain character.
    For example, Terry has a special win quote that will appear onscreen if the
    last person he defeat is Blue Mary.
    This KOF2K3 win quotes FAQ is far from complete, and I would greatly
    appreciate any contribution in terms of improvement, or additional win quotes
    that I am not aware of. I will try to be accurate as possible in reproducing
    all win quotes here, in terms of spelling and accuracy. 
    My email addy is printed above for reach and contact.
    --==~ Legend ~==--
    [sic]      - Printed exactly as the original, spelling errors and all
    (X)        - Incomplete
    (?)        - Needs double-checking
    (*)        - Unsure for which teams/character
    (Ed.)      - See following note for more information
    VS (Team)  - This winquote applies to all members of that particular team
    VS mirror  - Against mirror character (e.g. Terry VS Terry)
    3. Team/Character Win Quotes
    [        HERO TEAM        ]
    --==~ Ash Crimson ~==--
    [Generic Win Quotes]
    - That's all your stuff? You guys are whack!
    - Well, that's that. The exit's that way!
    - Don't play your trump card till the end...the very end!
    - You're weak, creepy, and pesty. Consider euthanasia! Ha Ha
    [Special Win Quotes]
    - VS Chizuru: You're quite a honey. Want to play some more?
    - VS Kyo/Iori: You're quite intriguing, but I've gotta go. Later
    - VS Duo Lon/Shen: You know...you're good at giving me the heebie-jeebies
    - VS mirror: You really do a good me. An 'A' for effort! Ha Ha 
    --==~ Duo Lon ~==--
    [Generic Win Quotes]
    - You fight well...but until I meet him, I...
    - Do you hear it? The mosaic of souls in the void.
    - Do not avert your eyes. Gaze upon my true being.
    - The match is decided. Let the victor pass.
    [Special Win Quotes]
    - VS Benimaru: It seems he is not here. ...Farewell.
    - VS Ash/Shen: I salute your ability...can't believe you did that well.
    - VS Gato: Look into my eyes and know: are you too Destiny's victim?
    - VS K': Like you, I too take fate by the neck.
    --==~ Shen Woo ~==--
    [Generic Win Quotes]
    - Heh, heh, heh. You're good. You're no mere punk, huh?
    - That's it! That's the pepper! That was the fight I wanted!
    - It's no fun fighting wimps like you! Get lost!
    - Hey, get up...! I'm not happy yet!
    [Special Win Quotes]
    - VS Terry/Kyo/Iori/Ryo: You're the man! It's been a while since I had fun!
    - VS Duo Lon/Ash: Who's truly tough? Now you know, huh?
    - VS Yamazaki/Chang: Hmph. Punks like you...I guess that's all you got.
    - VS Shingo: Ashamed? Then get more ability before you face me again.
    [     FATAL FURY TEAM     ]
    --==~ Terry Bogard ~==--
    [Generic Win Quotes]
    - A little short on stamina? Spent it all at once, eh?
    - You've got the muscles, but you don't have heart!
    - I'll take you on again, anytime, anywhere!
    - A true fighter! I even had to pay attention!
    [Special Win Quotes]
    - VS Ryo: Tightly strung as ever! That last punch...rattled my bones!
    - VS Billy: Tell your boss: after KOF, I'm coming after him!
    - VS Mary: What gives? What're you all huffy about, Mary?
    - VS mirror: Just changed my image and already I got impersonators.
    --==~ Joe Higashi ~==--
    [Generic Win Quotes]
    - Yeah! I'm in my groove! Bring on the next corpse!
    - OK! Aim the cameras here! It's time for my monolog! [sic]
    - Look at me! I'm Mr. KOF! Dig this fab physique!
    - Ora! Ora! Next! Bring on the next victim!
    [Special Win Quotes]
    - VS Duo Lon: You look a little green. Have [sic] raw oysters for dinner?
    - VS Ash/Shen/Malin: You rookies ain't just got it. I'm what you ought to be!
    - VS Whip: Ouch! You shouldn't use a whip on a half-naked opponent!
    - VS Chizuru/Maki: This KOF's totally turbulent, too, [sic] 'coz I'm the
    --==~ Tizoc ~==--
    [Generic Win Quotes]
    - I swear on my mask: I'll never lose!
    - Get up! Not for yourself, but for your cheering fans!
    - As long as kids cheer me on I will not be beaten!
    - Thank you, kids of the world! Your cheers are my power!
    [Special Win Quotes]
    - VS Ryo: As a figher, you're hopeless. But I'll proudly take the win!
    - VS Billy/Chang/Maxima/Whip/Yamazaki: Dirty tricks can't stop Tizoc!
    - VS Ash/Benimaru: You're too scrawny! Are you a finicky eater?
    - VS Hinako: Your looks belie your power. You're great, girlie!
    --==~ Ryo Sakazaki ~==--
    [Generic Win Quotes]
    - Hold on! No show of gratitude after a match?
    - I'm still ready for more! I won't be stopping here!
    - Do not ignore defeat. You must face it to overcome it.
    - Tricks can't beat Kyokugen! If you fight, fight fair.
    [Special Win Quotes]
    - VS Terry: I win this one! I can't wait for the next match!
    - VS Ash: What a weenie! Come to my dojo and I'll pump you up!
    - VS Robert: You got the style, but not the substance!
    - VS Ralf/Clark: Why so blue, soldier? Considering your discharge?
    --==~ Robert Garcia ~==--
    [Generic Win Quotes]
    - Talk about petering out! Fight to the end, fool!
    - Yes! Once more I pull victory from the ashes of defeat!
    - So I'm just hardworking, am I? You should be so lucky!
    - Lighten up. Looks like we got a sore loser here.
    [Special Win Quotes]
    - VS Chang/Tizoc: I hate these big guys...that was a toughie!
    - VS Yuri: I can't hold back, not even against you!
    - VS Ryo: That's what I expect, Ryo! I love a real Kyokugen clash!
    - VS mirror: Impersonate me to hit on Yuri, did you? You're dead!
    --==~ Yuri Sakazaki ~==--
    [Generic Win Quotes]
    - Don't let my looks fool you! I'm a Kyokugen master, I am!
    - That's the Kyokugen way! One big "Ah-Cho!", that is!
    - If you can't do a "Haou Sho Koh Ken", you can't beat me.
    - Yuri, you are perfection. Nobody can stop me now!
    [Special Win Quotes]
    - VS Robert: You look good in that outfit! ...Sorry I ruined it for you.
    - VS Ryo: What's wrong, big bro? ...Weak from hunger, are you?
    - VS High School Girls Team: I love your groovy clothes. Maybe I should change
                                 my look?
    - VS Women Fighters Team: It's high time I make the most of my adult allure,
    [       KOREA TEAM        ]
    --==~ Kim Kaphwan ~==--
    [Generic Win Quotes]
    - Strength without justice is just violence. Got that?
    - What a tough fight...but oh how I've matured!
    - Violence is not the answer. Belief soothes a lost soul.
    - Immature! So immature! Tae Kwan Do is just what you need!
    [Special Win Quotes]
    - VS Shen: You're just a brute. All the more reason to repent!
    - VS Ash: Your might is not right. Repent...no, I shall make you!
    - VS Malin: Concealed weapons! Blasphemy! Repent while you still can!
    - VS mirror: You again? When will you stop impersonating me?
    --==~ Chang Koehan ~==--
    [Generic Win Quotes]
    - I can't get my ball up. If only Choi were here.
    - I'm just a brute, you say? It takes skill to bash like me!
    - Phew! I'm knackered...I'm not up for bashing.
    - No matter how quick you move, my steel ball will squash you.
    [Special Win Quotes]
    - VS Athena: M-Master Jhun...I just got carried away...
    - VS Malin: As I thought: You got claws, but you're no Choi.
    - VS Maxima: Call my steel ball unfair? It's nothing compared to you!
    - VS Tizoc: Who are you calling villain? I've gone straight, I have!
    --==~ Jhun Hoon ~==--
    [Generic Win Quotes]
    - You're good, but at your level you can only hope to beat Kim.
    - How weak! Kim's even stronger than you. Whoops! It got out!
    - Boy! What a lousy work-out! [sic] Guess I better find Kim...
    - Selfish foe. I'd better look for Kim for a real match.
    [Special Win Quotes]
    - VS Kim: Kim! I'm looking forward to our next battle!
    - VS Athena: Oh, no! What have I done?! Athena! Honey-pie!
    - VS Malin: I-it's good to be spunky, but weapons are a no-no!
    - VS Shen: Oh, man! You're like... No, you are a real wimp.
    [       IKARI TEAM        ]
    --==~ Leona Heidern ~==--
    [Generic Win Quotes]
    - It's just a scratch. My mission continues!
    - Now just stand still. Move, and the wound will be deeper.
    - Stop your cowering. I'm through with you...
    - You need more training. That's all I got to say.
    [Special Win Quotes]
    - VS Ralf/Clark: That's it: Mission over. Back to base. End of story.
    - VS Jhun: Consider a ponytail. Your locks are a liability.
    - VS Yamazaki/Iori: Can you escape it? Escape Fortune's wheel...?
    - VS K'/Maxima: Raging against your fate...you're tough, aren't you?
    --==~ Ralf Jones ~==--
    [Generic Win Quotes]
    - Hit the road, amateur. It's the pros turn now!
    - O-ow! That last punch was right on the money!
    - You lack spirit! I got a good drill sergeant in mind!
    - I'm the squad leader here! Why do I get the dirty work?
    [Special Win Quotes]
    - VS King/Mary: Turn those pea-shooter punches into bazooka blasts!
    - VS Malin: Sorry toots. But I'm a pro at combat like this.
    - VS Whip: Yeee-ikes, Whippy! You're good! Heh, heh.
    - VS Terry: You may be good at street fighting, but this is war!
    --==~ Clark Steele ~==--
    [Generic Win Quotes]
    - Boy oh boy. Just how many battles left?
    - My intel on you was right on. I won because I should have.
    - Sorry, but I got experience. I can't lose in combat.
    - Why don't I lose the shades? Because I don't need to.
    [Special Win Quotes]
    - VS Malin: You'd be a fine mercenary. Ever consider Special Ops?
    - VS Ralf: Every once in a while, eh Ralf? But is age slowing you down?
    - VS Whip: You, Leona...you both could use a personality transplant!
    - VS Tizoc: Muscles aren't everything, you gotta have "guts!"
    [       OUTLAW TEAM       ]
    --==~ Gato ~==--
    [Generic Win Quotes]
    - More than skill you lack guts! You're nothing but scum!
    - You won't die. You'll live long with your shame.
    - Crush your collarbone...and your silly pride, I hope!
    - That's it...? What a waste of time.
    [Special Win Quotes]
    - VS High School Girls team: ...Hmph!....Get along, little girlie!
    - VS Shen: You slavish city scum! Scram. Before I stomp you!
    - VS Shingo: Unskilled half wit! Begone with you!
    - VS Ash: Lose the pancy face, fool, or I'll smash your nose!
    --==~ Billy Kane ~==--
    [Generic Win Quotes]
    - You'll live. But if it were my town, you'd be history.
    - I'm used to dealing with freaks like you!
    - Give up? Don't blame me...gyah ha ha.
    - You bled on me! My new leather jacket's ruined!
    [Special Win Quotes]
    - VS Gato: What creepy eyes...nose, mouth and ears!
    - VS Yamazaki: A perfect time...to get rid of you!
    - VS Terry: Hyah, ha, ha! Nice outfit, blondie!
    - VS Iori: I haven't forgotten you...it's payback time! Big time!
    --== Ryuji Yamazaki ==--
    [Generic Win Quotes]
    - You need to snivel more. Now, give me a big kow-tow!
    - Gyah, ha, ha! Just look! Quaking with shame! Gya! Ha!
    - Feel it with your soul! That's the ultimate pain!
    - That's all you got, eh? Give me a little resistance!
    [Special Win Quotes]
    - VS Terry: You? Has your new look turned you into a sissy?!
    - VS Billy: That cudgel of yours is really annoying!
    - VS Kim: What? Can't you forgive villains like me? Gyah, ha!
    - VS Whip: Who's going to feel the sting now, toots? Gyah ha!
    --==~ King ~==--
    [Generic Win Quotes]
    - Fighting's a test of intellect. Prove it? Who won, fool?
    - Speed isn't the [sic] everything. Make the contact count!
    - Look, game over. Beat it, or I'll boot you into space!
    - Oh, you're bleeding. Wipe it off with this.
    [Special Win Quotes]
    - VS K': You're quite a gallant kid. But you need more practice.
    - VS Ash/Duo Lon: Quite a learning experience. Let's do it again next year!
    - VS Ryo: I held back, if I didn't you wouldn't be whimpering now!
    - VS Shingo/Leona/High School Girls Team: When you turn 21, come see me. I'll
                                              fix you a drink!
    --==~ Mai Shiranui ~==--
    [Generic Win Quotes]
    - Your desperate tactics can't defeat the Shiranui!
    - Oh, my. What's wrong? You gotta try harder!
    - Now do you understand? I've both beauty and ability!
    - Elusive, protean! My moves dazzled you silly, right? 
    [Special Win Quotes]
    - VS Terry: Andy isn't here because you're losing it, blondie!!!
    - VS Joe: I'd rethink your outfit. Huh? Is that new underwear?
    - VS Tizoc: Andy, are you in that mask? ...No, it can't be. 'sigh.'
    - VS Leona: You're [sic] moves have improved. I just squeaked by!
    --==~ Blue Mary ~==--
    [Generic Win Quotes]
    - Did you try to fake me out? ...Not very good at it, huh?
    - Phew! What a work-out! [sic] We'll do it again! See you
    - You can't escape my polished articular moves with force!
    - Try using your brain. I can read you like a book.
    [Special Win Quotes]
    - VS Benimaru: Is it true you try to hit on all the girls?
    - VS Shen: You tried to knock me out with every blow. Lighten up, pal!
    - VS Terry: I've had it with you! Don't make promises you can't keep!
    - VS K'/Gato/Leona/Iori: Try opening up a little, huh? I used to be like you.
                             It sucks.
    [      BENIMARU TEAM      ]
    --==~ Benimaru Nikaido ~==--
    [Generic Win Quotes]
    - They'll remember my victory! Your loss will be forgotten!
    - Beauty and ability...I'm such a bad boy!
    - Don't hate me for my power. It's hard to be so talented.
    - What a perfect turn of events! My fans are sure to grow!
    [Special Win Quotes]
    - VS K': Now who said, 'Leave everything to me!'? (Ed.)
    - VS Ash: Don't forget to come over to my place tonight, darling..!
    - VS Duo Lon: Hmph. Why you...!
    - VS female fighters: The reason you're tired isn't only due to my blitz
    (Ed.): Refer to K's Special Win Quotes section below for more information.
    --==~ Shingo Yabuki ~==--
    [Generic Win Quotes]
    - What an amateur! I just get better every year! 
    - 'Feeling the burn?'...I've always wanted to say that!
    - Ooh, ya! I feel good! Winning rules! Whoo-hoo!
    - Walk in the park...!!! J-just kidding. Medic!
    [Special Win Quotes]
    - VS K': I'm used to shooting the flames...ou-ou-ouch!
    - VS Maxima: Man, I thought that Maxima would have my butt! Word...!
    - VS Kyo: How 'bout that? I've gotten stronger, don't you think?
    - VS Benimaru/Goro: I knew there'd be no flames! But I shot 'em, right?
    --==~ Goro Daimon ~==--
    [Generic Win Quotes]
    - With powers like yours, it's 'ippon' for me, bud!
    - Weakness is strength! Let not my appearance fool you!
    - Hmph! My geta strap broke...what an ill omen!
    - Do not underestimate the power of Judo!
    [Special Win Quotes]
    - VS Ash: You can't win KOF's if you underestimate your opponent.
    - VS Ryo: What polished moves...Kyokugen Karate's scary!
    - VS Benimaru: Your fists are marshmallows. You gotta shake the earth!
    - VS Kusanagi: Just like the old Kyo. But this time, I win!
    --==~ Athena Asamiya ~==--
    [Generic Win Quotes]
    - Thank you for your cheers! It's time for my encore!
    - Hee, hee. Like my new costume, do you?
    - Master, are you watching? I'm battling like a goddess!
    - They call me Athena Asamiya! Join my fan club, okay?
    [Special Win Quotes]
    - VS Chang: Huh? Where's your pal? Finished his parole, has he?
    - VS Jhun: Huh? A-an autograph? Sorry, not during matches.
    - VS Ash: Is that your stage costume? It's quite unique, isn't it?
    - VS Leona: Quite a tough mission, huh? Relax and listen to my tunes.
    --==~ Hinako Shijo ~==--
    [Generic Win Quotes]
    - If I win KOF, I'm making a commemorative loincloth!
    - Yeah! I matched you for every move, loser!
    - What a match! Let's try it in the sumo ring sometime.
    - You may not agree, but victory is mine, right?
    [Special Win Quotes]
    - VS Mai: Uh, Mai...I really think you should rethink that outfit.
    - VS Chang: Ah...! I want to share it...this special feeling...
    - VS Goro/Maxima/Tizoc: U-uh...y-you're really suited for sumo, I think...
    - VS Athena/Malin: It's okay. Even a waif like you can be a sumo wrestler.
    --==~ Malin ~==--
    [Generic Win Quotes]
    - My knife, my hammer...what should I use next?
    - I told you so. Leave everything to Marin! [sic]
    - Ouch! I'm really PO'ed! I'm bleeding! It's all your fault!
    - It's not unfair! It's just my fighting style!
    [Special Win Quotes]
    - VS Women Fighters Team: You should really hang it up. Ma'...uh, young lady
    - VS Leona/Gato: Can't you lighten up? A winner's one who enjoys life!
    - VS Shingo: Kya, ha, ha. You're funny! What's your name again?
    - VS Billy/Chang/Maxima/Whip: Hey! What if someone gets hurt with those
    [        K' TEAM          ]
    --==~ K' ~==--
    [Generic Win Quotes]
    - Why do you fight when you know you'll lose? Fool!
    - Isn't there anyone here worthy of fighting me?!
    - What a bore...
    - I told you so, didn't I? 'Leave everything to me.' (Ed.)
    [Special Win Quotes]
    - VS Duo Lon/Shen/Malin: Oh, give me a break. One fool after another...
    - VS Ash: I don't know your plans, but dreams rely on ability.
    - VS Whip: Can't follow the whip, you say? Looks like I can! 
    - VS mirror: Whose memory is yours...?
    (Ed.): This winquote is supposed to be a special win quote against Benimaru
           as K' Evans pointed out Benimaru's special win quote against K'. 
           Strangely enough, it appears randomly for other characters (e.g. Tizoc)
           as a generic win quote and it does not always appear after defeating
           Benimaru. Go figure. 
    --==~ Maxima ~==--
    [Generic Win Quotes]
    - All systems functional. I'm ready for 10 more matches!
    - Your moves lack inspiration. I read 'em all. So easy.
    - Go home. Know when to quit. You cannot be repaired!
    - By my reckoning, you'll need 3 months to heal. Godspeed.
    [Special Win Quotes]
    - VS Ash: Sorry. I'm used to fighting you flamers.
    - VS Duo Lon: Your moves and motion...fascinating. It'll be noted.
    - VS Chang: Clear and simple. A romp. I was 3 seconds ahead of you.
    - VS Ryo/Terry: You knocked me off guard. That's just like you...
    --==~ Whip ~==--
    [Generic Win Quotes]
    - You pass. You can survive the battlefield.
    - Fly to your mommy and avoid the whip? Guess again!
    - My whip's awesome. And my hands and feet aren't bad either!
    - Still think whip's [sic] are whimpy? I'll fillet you like a fish!
    [Special Win Quotes]
    - VS Ralf: Who's 'Whippy' now? ...You listening, Ralfy-boy?
    - VS Leona: Hmph...that's my Leona...two peas in a pod, we are.
    - VS Yamazaki: You didn't know? Only the whip can tame your beast!
    - VS Chang: The wait's over. I'll thin you down before you repent.
    --==~ Kyo Kusanagi ~==--
    [Generic Win Quotes]
    - Like raging flames of the sun. That is the fists of Kusanagi!
    - What miraculous stamina! Taking such a basting!
    - It's a law of history: I don't lose so easy.
    - What?! I guess KOF without me just isn't KOF, right?
    [Special Win Quotes]
    - VS Hero Team: Hmm. You got the look down. But you lack the substance.
    - VS Benimaru/Goro: You never change. That's why you always lose.
    - VS Iori: You never evolve...that's what you're all about! 
    - VS Shingo: A year sabbatical's being lazy? ...Well, ya got stamina, kid!
    --==~ Iori Yagami ~==--
    [Generic Win Quotes]
    - I'm sick of screams. Why don't you just die?!
    - Burn, baby, burn! Until your blood boils!
    - Suffer! And writhe in agony!
    - Look to eternity! Look to the moon and me!
    [Special Win Quotes]
    - VS Kyo: Not even close. This amount of suffering won't appease me...
    - VS Chizuru/Maki: You can't escape the Orochi. Both you and I are cursed!
    - VS Kusanagi: Think I pity you now?! Guess again!...Die!
    - VS Benimaru Team: You small fish! Drown in a sea of blood!
    --==~ Chizuru Kagura ~==--
    [Generic Win Quotes]
    - This is...the strength of the Watcher!
    - The mirror does not lie. It sees all strengths and faults.
    - Mirror to mirror...an endlessly false image.
    - You dance in the mirror. You destroy yourself.
    [Special Win Quotes]
    - VS Maki: Sister...
    - VS Kyo/Iori: You will fulfill the duty and mission of the 3 vessels.
    - VS Ash: ...I must defend. Against any foe.
    - VS mirror: Go back to that gorge of the mirror...
    [          EDIT          ]
    --==~ Kusanagi ~==--
    [Generic Win Quotes]
    - And there it is! Wash up and start anew!
    - A rude welcome, I fear. Did you enjoy it?!
    - You lack the flames...a dreg's always a dreg!
    - You burn like paper! I thought you were better!
    [Special Win Quotes]
    - VS Art of Fighting Team: So what about you is exactly "Kyokugen", huh?
    - VS Outlaw Team: If you want to be noticed, you need suitable ability!
    - VS Hero Team: Only your mugs are special! You're nothing but flash!
    - VS Chizuru/Maki: Well, this's convenient. I can get rid of you in one sweep!
    [       BOSSES TEAM      ]
    --==~ Maki ~==--
    [Generic Win Quotes]
    - While you injure me...you dance but in the mirror.
    - This is the power of...the Watcher!
    - Mirror to mirror. The source of all that's false. Chizuru...
    - The mirror reveals all. You rage in my palm...
    [Special Win Quotes]
    - VS Chizuru: The mirror leads light to dark. Chizuru, only you...
    - VS Ash: The sacred mirror shows not your soul...what are you?
    - VS Iori: Impossible! Has the decline of Yasakani gone this far?!
    - VS Kyo: ...Pathetic! ...The fist of Kusanagi has lost its punch!
    --==~ Adelheid ~==--
    [Generic Win Quotes]
    - Winning's everything. How you do it doesn't matter!
    - ...Pathetic.
    - I hear you, brother! A symphony for victors!
    - You fought well. Hoo, hoo, hoo...
    [Special Win Quotes]
    - VS Ryo: You see ahead without doubt, but miss what's around you.
    - VS Gato: You've exceeded your father. But does it matter?
    - VS Iori: You must be joking? Are you really so powerful?
    - VS Kim: Justice? It's but a cloke [sic] in which violence hides.
    --==~ Mukai ~==--
    [Generic Win Quotes]
    - How does it feel, becoming a living statue?
    - Give up!! Abandon all hope!
    - Do not think you face a simple thing like death!
    - Your body is but dust! Return to your origins!
    [Special Win Quotes]
    - VS Hero Team: You are all talk and no substance!
    - VS 3 Sacred Treasures Team: Hoo, hoo, hoo...you dance to my will!
    - VS Outlaw Team: Those who seek might will die by might.
    - VS High School Girls Team: A blossom's life is brief, but has value,
                                 doesn't it?
    4. Thanks/Credits
    - for posting this FAQ up. 
    - for making another kickass KOF game in the KOF series. This year's KOF
      is especially intriguing. Hope to see more good stuff next year.
    Chris MacDonald (Kao Megura) 
    - Who doesn't know this legendary FAQ writer? Also for helping me write the
    F. Pelayo
    - Whose KOF2K2 Winquotes Legend I admittedly initially borrowed and adapted
      to my FAQ.
    Steele Sisters
    - As much as I don't like them, I'll give them credit for
      inspiring me to start this KOF2K3 winquotes FAQ when they asked for some
      KOF2K3 English winquotes.
    Video Game Museum
    - For posting all the KOF2K3 team endings screencaps, of which I was able to
      obtain a few win quotes from the screencaps.
    Orochinagi Forums
    - For being a kickass SNK forum that I dutifully waste most of my time at.
      Shout-outs go to everyone there.
    K' Evans
    - For pointing out the Benimaru, K' and Kim winquotes that I missed out, and
      sending me the link to unlock the bosses code.
    - Goro VS Ryo win quote, and correction for the Leona VS Whip win quote.
    - For pointing out Adel VS Gato win quote at the GameFAQs message board.
    Jack Lance
    - For the Joe VS Whip win quote, correction on King VS Leona win quote, and
      Joe VS Duo Lon win quote.
    Percival Brock
    - For the Mary VS Benimaru win quote
    # *******
    - For proofreading this FAQ and being just all-around cool peeps. You know who
      you are...
    Me, Myself, and I
    - For being idiotic enough to spend hours in front of the KOF2K3 cabinet
      in Playtime just to scribble down characters winquotes.
    - For taking the time to reading this FAQ.
    5. Revision History
    Version 1.0 (27th January 2004)
    - Everything!
    Version 1.5 (29th January 2004)
    - Too numerous to list. K' Evans has kindly pointed out a few Benimaru,
      K' and Kim quotes that I've missed.
    Version 2.0 (5th February 2004)
    - Bosses, Kusanagi, Chizuru, Leona...hell, almost everything.
    Version 2.1 (8th February 2004)
    - Hinako VS Mai, Goro VS Ash, Athena VS Chang, King VS K', Robert VS
      Chang/Tizoc, Ryo VS Terry, Chizuru VS Maki, Malin VS Women Fighter Team
    Version 2.2 (13th February 2004)
    - Mary VS Benimaru, Joe VS Duo Lon, Chang VS Athena, Jhun VS Shen,
      Kim VS Shen, Kusanagi VS AOF Team, Tizoc VS Ryo,
      got rid of the hyphen in "Win Quotes"
      P.S.: With this update, I believe I've found all the generic and special
            win quotes. Of course, anyone who thinks otherwise are welcome to
            correct me. :)
    Version 2.3 (14th February 2004)
    - Miscellaneous grammar and spelling corrections

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