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    Character Background FAQ by Basel

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    Fatal Fury:
    A Word Before We Get Down To The Real Talk:
      This F.A.Q. is only for the character backgrounds and so. So if anybody have
    anything to add, please do so. Otherwise... do not bother.
            Fatal Fury: Prologue
      A decade ago, Jeff Bogard, the No 1 fighter of that period, was brutally
    attacked and killed by a ruthless man named Geese.
      Murders were not uncommon and it semed to be no big deal. Once a year the
    fighters, from all over the world came to this town to compete in the "King of
    Fighters" Tournament. On the outside, it is a fighting festival but in reality,
    it is a show which Geese Howard creates notorious gambling capital, is so
    powerful that not even Congress and the police could intervene. The murder of
    Bogard could not be investigated.
      After 10 years, two young fighters, Terry and Andy Bogard, appear on the
    scene. Years training and the pain of their father's death was enough for them
    to show Geese their Fatal Fury...
    Name: Terry Bogard (Master of Martial Arts)
      After the death of his father, Jeff Bogard, a talented martial arts, Terry
    left his home in Southtown. Angered and alone, he trained vigrously and
    improved on his street fighting style. On the streets, Terry fought with
    talented fighters from all areas and developed his own domination fighting
    style. Years of training, fighting on the streets, and the hatred that burned
    within him strengthened his will to come back and defeat his sworn enemy,
    Name: Andy Bogard (Master of the Punch)
      Andy was the brother of Terry and was also brought up by Jeff. He was smaller
    of the two and because of this, he felt that he needed to train harder to beat
    his brother. He felt home to train and was confronted by a small Japanese
    martial arts. Defeated, Andy learns that size need not matter. The little
    Japanese man teaches Andy the unique art of Koppou. Now, he is ready to destroy
    Geese and avenge the death of his father. He is looking forward to the battle
    with his brother Terry. This is the battle of Champions and the victor will be
    the King of Fighters!
    Name: Joe Higashi (A Young Champion of Kick-Boxing)
      Originally from Japan, Joe was taught Muethai, Thai-boxing, in his childhood
    and traveled to Thailand. His gifted speed and accurate kicking, gave him a
    ferocious advantage, even in his hometown. The high status and fame of being a
    young champion was not enough to satisfy him. He decided to compete in a street
    fighting tournament to become the best of the best!
    Name: Geese Howard (The Kingpin of Southtown)
      He is a former champion of the National Martial Arts of America. Before he
    became a champion, people in the in the underground were afraid of him and he
    was nicknamed "Lone Wolf Killer Geese." Underhandedly, he achieved fame and
    authority in Southtown. Geese killed Jeff Bogard who was the only person who
    could threaten his plans. Then he trained under every martial arts master
    around. He became a brutal killer and it is rumored that he is as strong as a
                 Enemy Character Introduction
    Name: Duck King (The Brutal Break Dancer)
      Duck has a rhythmical punches all his own.
    Name: Michael Max The Iron Boxer)
      A former professional boxer with a tornado upper cut.
    Name: Richard Myer (The Genius of Capoella Combat)
      A player of Kapoeral with powerful foot techniques.
    Name: Hwa Jai (The Powerful Kick-Boxer Guy)
      Expelled from kick boxing school, his powerful kicks will keep you on your
    Name: Tung Fu Rue (The Schizoid Martial Arts Old Guy)
      An expert of Chinese boxing with a kick "Whirlwind".
    Name: Raiden (The Bone-Crushing Beast)
      A villainous wrestler with poisened vapor breath.
    Name: Billy Kane (The Vengeful Pole Pounder)
      A master of club learned skills. His hexagonal stick is tough to beat.
    Unknown By Many:
                    Fatal Fury
                      BIG BOSS
                     E. Kawasaki
                     Deru Deri
                  Character Design
                     Deru Deri
                      Soe Soe!
                    Lucky Okkiy
                     Boko Pyon
                 Character Back Up
                  Sakita Kakaree
                     Kama Kama
                    Tabui Chang
                   Ochiai Shunin
                     Prg Back Up
                    Finish Hiroshi
                    Michael Beard
                    Goooam Kakaree
                    Game Assistant
                    Miyagami T.100
                    Popyu Natho 3
                     Special Thanks
                   1st.Operation Staff
                       All SNK Staff
    Last Words:
      There you have it. If anything is wrong, just send me an E-Mail. Hope there
    will be some respect for the hard work. This is one of the old games that you
    always want to play to remember the very very very good times. Damn right...
    the very good old times. Sniff sniff!
    Special Thanks:
    1)To SNK.
    2)To Gamefaqs.
    3)To all my friends for the encouragement.
    Fatal Fury: The King of Fighters is Copyright SNK Crop. This document Copyright
    2003 Basel <Mr_Basel@yahoo.com>
    If you need to contact me to add or ask me about anything, E-Mail me at
    Mr_Basel@yahoo.com or Mr_Geese@hotmail.com
    Credits for GameFAQs and SNK Crop.

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