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    FAQ/Move List by IceQueenZer0

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    ------------------- [ Art of Fighting 2 /Ryuuko no Ken 2 ] --------------------
    ----------------------------[by Ice Queen Zero]--------------------------------
    ------------------------------ [Neo Geo CD] -----------------------------------
    Table of Contents
     -Ryo Sakazaki
     -Robert Garcia
     -Jack Turner
     -Lee Pai Long
     -Mickey Rogers
     -John Crawley
     -Mr. Big
     -Takuma Sakazaki
     -Eiji Kisargi
    -Bonus Games
    -Contact Me
    This is the second installment of the Art of Fighting/Ryuuko no Ken series. You
    get to play as the man who was originally behind the Mask as Mr. Karate in the
    first AOF named Takuma Sakazaki (Ryo and Yuri's father). You also get to play
    as Yuri and everbody from AOF 1 except for Ryuhaku Todoh whom did not appear in
    the game. There are also two brand new characters: Eiji Kisargi and Temjin.
    Trivia: This series takes place over 10 years before the Fatal Fury series as
    evidence by the young appearance of Geese Howard and Jeff Bogard was also still
    alive at the time.
    Art of Fighting 2 and its characters are trademarks of SNK n' all copyrights 
    belong to them.
    This FAQ/Movelist is the sole copyright of Andrea "Azul Fria" Castillo aka
    Ice Queen Zero and cannot be put on other sites or posted without my given 
    permission nor can it be reproduced w/o proper consent.
    After the defeat of Mr. Karate, he unmasks himself and is revealed to be the
    father of Ryo and Yuri, Takuma Sakazaki. He reveals that he was forced by Geese
    Howard to fight Ryo and Robert to ensure no harm would come to Yuri who was
    kidnapped the year before. Now the Sakazakis along with Kyokugenryu student,
    Robert Garcia seek revenge against Geese Howard (final boss of Fatal Fury/Garou
    Densetsu 1).
    A button = Punch
    Tap A button = Jab
    B button = Hard Kick
    Tap B button = Kick
    C button = Throw
    C button in air = Air Throw
    C button on wall = Wall Jump
    D button = Taunt
    A + C = Uppercut
    B + C = Low Kick
    Hold A, B or C to charge up spirit meter.
    Dash = f,f
    Backdash = b,b
    Dash Jump, f,f, uf
    Jump = up, u, or uf
    Crouch=db,d,or df
    Block= b while being attacked high or standing, or db while being attacked low.
    You fight 8 opponents in total. If you defeat three opponents then a new move
    is available in total. If you manage to fight well enough then you get to face
    a younger version of Geese Howard.
    Each special move used will use up spiritual energy. The more spiritual energy
    you have then the move effective and powerful the move will be. As the spirit
    energy winds down, projectiles will be smaller and physical specials have less
    range. You need to hold an attack button to regain spiritual energy. You can
    also lower an opponent's spiritual energy by taunting them with the D button.
    Each character has a set of special moves in addition to the normal attacks
    given to them. They are executed by moving the joystick in a certain sequence
    and pressing the appropiate attack button. 
    * moves gained after defeating 3 opponents
    ^ low on energy
         Ryo Sakazaki
    Son of the Kyokugenryu master, Takuma Sakazaki. He reunited with his father in
    the first Art of Fighting after defeating him. 
    Tomoe Nage: b or f + C
    Upper: A + C
    Low Kick: B + C
    Kou Oh Ken: d, df, f + A  
    Kuuchuu Kou Oh Ken (Tatame Shita): d, df, f + A in air
    Kuuchuu Kou Oh Ken (Suihei): d, df, f + B in air
    Kohou: f, d, df + A
    Hien Shippu Kyaku: db, f + K
    Zanretsuken: f, b, f + A
    Ryuu Renbuken: d, db, b + A
    * Haoh Shoukoken: f, b, db, d, df, f + A
    ^ Ryuuko Ranbu: d, df, f, df, d, db, b + C
        Robert Garcia
    Son of the multimillionaire Albert Garcia. Sent to the world-famous Imperial
    Academy to study the mysteries of Kyokugenryu karate under the tutelage of
    Albert's lifelong friend, Takuma Sakazaki. Robert remains however, Ryo's 
    ultimate rival.
    Kubikiri Nage: b or f + C
    Upper: A + C
    Low Kick: B + C
    Ryu Geki Ken: d, df, f + A
    Ryuuga: f, d, df + A
    Hien Ryuujin Kyaku: db, f + B
    Genei kyaku: f, b, f + B
    Hien Ryuujin Kyaku: d, db, b + B in air
    Ryuu Renbuken: d, db, b + A
    * Haoh Shoukoken: f, b, db, d, df, f + A
    ^ Ryuuko Ranbu: d, df, f, df, d, db, b + C
         Jack Turner
    Known as the Terrible Typhoon and leader of the Southtown gang, the Black Cats.
    An agent of Mr. Big, with his body of steel and bubblegum-blowing taunts, he
    devastates anyone who crosses his path.
    Body Slam: b or f + C
    Kuuchuu Nage: C in air
    Upper: A + C
    Fumi Tsuke Kick: close, B + C
    Taiotari Kick: afar, B + C
    Super Drop Kick: db, uf + B
    Kyou Knuckle Part: d, df, f + A
    Bomber Dance: d, db, b + A
    Dynamite Lariat: f, b, f + A
    Brain Shocker Butt: f, b, f + B
    * Super Hip Attack: b, f, df, d, db, b + B
    ^ Hell Diving: close, f, df, d, db, b + A
        Lee Pai Long 
    Master of Chinese martial arts and noted expert of Chinese medicine, he now
    works as the director of the SOuthtown prison. A former adversary of Ryo's
    father, he now faces the son.
    Zori Kaeru: b or f + C
    Kuuchuu Head Scissors: C in air
    Uppercut: A + C
    Fumi Tsuke Kyaku: close, B + C
    Torao Ashi Geki: afar, B + C
    Tetsu no Tsume: d, df, f + A
    Hyakuretsuken: f, b, f + A
    Kachuu Mouwan Kyaku: d, db, b + A
    Kachuu Taka Tsume Geki: d, u + A
    * Shinkuu Kuuten Tsume: f, b, db, d, df, f + A
    ^ Kachuu Hiensou: d, df, f, df, d, db, b + A
    Employee of the mysterious Mr. Big. From a childhood spent in Thailand, King
    mastered the fighting art, Muetai. King is the bouncer at Mr. Big's resturant,
    where he (actually she) often is seen reading the works of Gertrude Stein.
    Hook Buster: b or f + C
    Body Blow: A + C
    Low Kick: B + C
    Venom Strike: d, df, f + B
    Moshuu Kyaku: d, db, b + B
    Tornado Kick: f, b, f + B
    Trap Shot: d, u + B
    * Double Strike: f, b, f, df, d + B
    ^ Surprise Rose: b, f, df, d, db + B + C
         Mickey Rogers
    The tragic pugilist whose hopes for a professional career were dashed after he
    accidentally killed a man. Currently he too stalks Southtown searching for
    victims-on which to vent his frustration and the ghost of Bob Marley.
    Tsukami Body Blow: b or f + C
    Hidari Upper: A + C
    Low Straight: B + C
    Burning Upper: d, df, f + A
    Rolling Upper: d, df, f + B
    Chopping Right: d, db, b + B
    Crazy Upper: d, u + A
    Combination 1: d, db, b + A
    Combination 2: d, db, b + A + C
    * Comet Gale: f, b, db, d, df, f + A
    ^ Rush Bomber: d, db, b, db, d + A
         John Crawley
    The mad-dog Martial Arts Instructor. Referred to by his friends as the Killing
    Machine. No one knows what his enemies call him, nor do they dare to ask.
    Bear Killa: b or f + C
    Body Blow: A + C
    Low Kick: B + C
    Mega Smash: d, df, f + A
    Flying Attack: d, db, b + A
    Overdrive Kick: d, db, b + B
    Spiral Leg Bomber: d, u + B
    * Mega Smasher: f, b, db, d, df, f + A
    ^ Atomic Smash: f, b, db, d, df, f + B + C
           Mr. Big
    The man who controls Southtown from behind the scenes. He calls himself Mr. Big
    but his real name begins with the letter J.
    High Lift Throw: b or f + C
    Yoko Osamu Age: A + C
    Cross Under Spear: B + C
    Grand Blaster: d, df, f + B
    Cross Diving: b, db, d, df, f + A
    Drum Shot: db, f + A
    Spinning Lancer: b, f, df, d, db, b  + B
    * Blaster Web: b, db, d, df, f, b + A
    ^ Rising Spear: d, df, f, df, d, db, b + A
        Takuma Sakazaki
    Originally known as Mr. Karate, he was forced by Geese Howard and Mr. Big to do
    their evil bidding after the kidnapping of his daughter Yuri. Now he is out to
    take on Geese Howard.
    Ippon Zeoi: b or f + C
    Upper: A + C
    Low Kick: B + C
    Kou Oh Ken: d, df, f + A
    Kishin Geki: d, db, b + A
    Hien Shippu Kyaku: db, f + B
    Zanretsuken: f, b, f + A
    Shouran Kyaku: f, df, d, db, b + B
    * Haoh Shoukoken: f, b, db, d, df, f + A
    ^ Ryuuko Ranbu: d, df, f, b, f + A + C
          Yuri Sakazaki
    Kidnapped in the previous game, Takuma has trained Yuri behind Ryo's back so
    she could better defend herself in the Raiou version of Kyokugenryu.
    Bi Sairento Nage: b or f + C
    Izuna Otoshi: C in air
    Upper: A + C
    Fumi Tsuke Geri: B + C
    Kou Ou Ken: d, df, f + A
    Saiha: d, db, b + A
    Raiouken: d, df, f + B
    Hyakuretsu Binta: f, b, f + A
    Enbu Kyaku: d, db, b + B
    * Haoh Shoukoken: f, b, db, d, df, f + A
    ^ Hien Hou'ou Kyaku: f, b, f, df, d, db, b + B + C
          Eiji Kisargi
    Eiji Kisargi is an assassin ninja from the feared and respected Kisaragi clan. 
    His school is the sworn enemy of both the Sakazaki clan and Kyokugenryu Karate.
    Kuuchuu Ippon Seoi: b or f + C
    Tsuki Age Uchi: A + C
    Gyaku Kyaku: B + C
    Kikoh Hou: d, df, f + A
    Kasumi Giri: d, db, b + A
    Koppa Giri: f, b, f + A
    Tenbakyaku: db, f + B
    Ryueijin: d, u + A
    Kisaragi Ryuurenken Kyaku: d, db, b + B
    * Zantetsuha: d, df, f, df, d, db, b + A
    ^ Zantetsu Tourohken: b, db, d, df, f, df, d + B
    Temjin is a Mongolian wrestler who works as a dock worker at the Southtown port
    to raise money for a school in Mongolia. 
    Mongolian Throw: b or f + C
    Ura: db or df + C
    Kubisototsuken: A + C
    Kauten Haraii Kyaku: B + C
    Raigekidan: close, f, df, d, db, b + A
    Daisharin Nage: close, f, df, d, db, b + B
    Kidan Heki: d, df, f + A
    Tatsumaki Geki: b, db, d, df, f + A
    Mouko Rengekiken Kyaku: d, db, b + A
    * Mouko Mouretsu Hasaidan: b, f, b, db, d, df + A
    ^ Mouko Temjin Ranbu: d, db, b, f, df, d + A + C
         Geese Howard
    Tomoe Nage: b or f + C
    Upper: A + C
    Kiza Kyaku: B + C
    Reppuuken: d, db, b + A
    Explosion: d, df, f + A
    Hishou Nichi Rinzan: d, df, f + B
    Deadly Rave: df, b, db, d, df, f, db + (A + C/B + C)
    Play as Geese Howard (SNES only): At the Saurus screen do the Raging Storm 
    motion and hold R and Y.
    SNK whom created the game
    GameFAQs for hosting
    My sister Renea "Roja Calor" Castillo - helping me test some of these moves out
    and for being my test dummy when a 2nd player is needed.
    You for reading this FAQ. See you again in my FAQ for Art of Fighting 3.
    Manual for the stories.
          CONTACT ME
    [at] = @ and [dot] = .
    Don't want any email bots.
    Thank you for reading
    -Ice Queen Zero

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