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The Ugly Duckling04/04/04Mariner
An okay game that doesn't hold up today and would be forgettable if not for the successful franchise it spawned10/05/15bachewychomp
Bumm.... Bummm....... Bummmm....08/11/05Black_Crusher
Atmospheric and innovative...but poor gameplay ruins it08/22/05Celtic Forest
A pirates life for me! (Sinse Samus isn't likely to defeat them).02/14/06Dark empathy
One of the greatest games of all time. Period.01/07/04Doc Lathrop Brown
Going on a space journey with Nintendo!04/21/14Donald Love 87
TG Review: Metroid06/04/13JackyBoyJaneyGi
The best Action/RPG ever05/12/01Leetdude
In the beginning...07/06/05MSuskie
I'm So Lonesome (and frustrated) I Could Cry02/03/17nastynate3118
Metroid: Heavily flawed, irritating as Hell... and one of the best games in all of videogame history!03/19/10Ofisil
Some games stand the test of time. Some games were never great to begin with.09/13/03Psycho Penguin
The game that started it all deserves more credit. A LOT more.08/17/09ShadowACS
Now I know what a Screw Attack feels like...01/13/10SilverMelee
The early adventure game that sets the bar awfully high!04/23/03the ultimate68
Solid first entry in what would end up a very good series.12/09/13UltimaterializerX
This game would sparkle with more! It is the truth in sense, yes!!!01/17/01Vegita
DIE! DIE! Glowing onion rings of death!!!10/24/01Vyse the Legend
Revolutionary for its time, slightly primitive today.10/26/15WhatTheDeuce92
Gave this game another try, and I was really surprised.03/21/08Zylo the wolf

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