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"Ignore all of the other sugar-coated reviews."

Take Mega Man for the NES. Now, water down the music, graphics, and the gameplay. Next, add the fact that it is Nintendo (which already attracts a fanbase of fanatics), and you have Metroid. Samus' first game is NOT a hit by any means, in fact, I would rather forget about this monstrosity and move right to Super Metroid. Unfortunately, this game will always be a black mark on Ms. Aran's record. What makes this game bad, you ask? Please read on.

Graphics: 4 - it came out after Mega Man...and it had the Nintendo crew to support it...yet it just... so blurry no matter what you encounter. Samus herself is a blurred mass of orange and blue, who fires short red bursts of who knows what. The objects one picks up in this game are simple and bland, such as the first item you find, which is just a shining globe of nothing. The stage layout is way too simple for a game like this, in my opinion, for it is just a metal floor, a metal ceiling, and a black background. Other terrain (such as lava) also looks like a rush job. And the doors? They disappear more than they open. A below average job overall, if you ask me.

Of course, graphics do not really mean anything when it comes to judging a game. However, Metroid's other aspects tarnish its reputation even more.

Sound: 4 - Same background music...same repetitive background music...

...and the music is not even composed well. During the game, one will encounter one of two main themes, both of which lack flavor, catchiness, and quality. Though one can tell that the themes were meant to blend with Samus' situations, that alone is just not enough to please a casual gamer, IMO. The sound effects are equally bland, for the blaster shots sound uncharacteristic, and the other effects are equally unappealing. And just because Metroid is an NES game does not excuse it from a harsh sound criticism.

Mute the speakers before playing this game, please :P.

Control: 10 - At least you can actually control Samus...

...while the tireless (or, in this case, tiresome) exploits of this title unfold about you. Samus will fire, walk, jump, or even roll info a little ball at the touch of a button without unresponsive controls. Good thing, too, since at least the game is playable (even though I doubt anyone actually wants to play it).

Gameplay: 4 - ''I am stuck...maybe I will find a creative way to solve this puzzle...''

Of course, you probably will not say the above statement. Instead, you will probably turn the game off and wonder why you decided to play it in the first place. Seriously, there are many dead-ends in this game that finding your way around them begins to become tiresome after doing it about three times. In other words, the game turns from a moderately engaging title into a tiresome twist of negligence. I found myself being bored with this game after spending a half an hour playing it.

I know, sure, Nintendo made it, and the game was the first in the series. However, other aspects of the gameplay are also lacking, which is unacceptable for any gaming company, in my honest opinion. For one, your blaster has a very short firing range, which requires you to get into an enemy's face in order to do anything to it. Why even have a projectile if its firing range is a mere 3 feet?

Also, the stage layout, in my opinion, is very drab, since it is just one long stage divided into several sections. The bosses are really hard, or they at least seem to be, for I have only fought one.

The concept of this game had potential, the potential that made this game series into the shining gem that it is today. However, this game has no reflection upon this series' current glory.

Replay Value: 2 - Once you conquer the baffling ordeal once...

...I seriously doubt that anyone would want to voluntarily do it again. This game is so tedious and generic that it is almost sickening. If you like this game, then you must be less critical than I am, for I could not see this game to be good in any way possible.

Overall: 4 - Overall, nothing it this game has enough quality... warrant a good rating by any means. Truly, if you want quality, play Mega Man 2, 3, or Super Metroid, since these games are done much better than this monsterpiece. I am not biased against Nintendo in any way, but I am very critical of games that are from series' usually known for greatness.

Even if Metroid was not a Nintendo game, I would still give it a low score, for its gameplay is lacking in every way possible.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 09/12/03

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