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    FAQ/Walkthrough by MToothman

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    for the Nintendo Entertainment System
    Game copyright 1987 LJN Toys, Ltd., 1987 Universal City Studios
    Licensed by Nintendo
    *Version FINAL*
    This guide copyright 2006 Matt Toothman. This guide is for individual use only,
    and only to be found at GameFAQs.com.
    If necessary, you can contact me at:
    matt dot toothman at gmail dot com. Replace the appropriate words with the 
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    all means let me know.
    Version history:
    061206           1.0: Found guide on old computer. Finished bonus stage 
                          results, gussied the whole thing up, and submitted it
                          to GameFAQs.
    2004             .95: Next version to include complete bonus stage results, 
                          otherwise complete.
    1. Story/Intro
    2. Walkthrough/Strategy
    3. Ingame lists (Enemies/Items/Points/etc.)
    4. Credits/Outro
       The NES game JAWS is based on the 1975 movie of the same name, in which a 
    great white shark terrorizes a sleepy beachfront community. Roy Scheider is 
    the out-of-his element new guy in town who must solve the dangerous shark 
    problem...AT ANY COST!!!
       Unfortunately, the only connection this game has to the movie is that
    they're both about a shark. You (the player) are a scuba diver 
    (Scheider? Who knows?) with a harpoon gun, firing at seemingly helpless sea 
    creatures until JAWS happens to appear. They don't give you any motivation, 
    though...there is no mention of the countless beachgoers and young coeds that 
    JAWS has devoured. You just plunk around until a shark that's bigger than the 
    rest comes onscreen, and then you harpoon that for a while. 
       Still, the simple gameplay is surprisingly engaging. If this is your first 
    time playing, you're in for one of the better movie-to-videogame conversions.
       A few things to remember as you get started:
       *Get items as soon as they appear. You only have 5 seconds, which goes 
        faster than you think.
       *Points serve no purpose on this game, so don't bother going for starfish. 
        You could try to get a high score, but who are you going to impress?
       *Stay away from the edges of the screen during the underwater scenes.
        That's where the bad guys come from!
       *You can have a max of 3 harpoons onscreen at once.
       *You can pass through JAWS' fin if you are at the very surface of the 
        water. Don't try this with the small sharks.
       *The shallow-water scenarios are generally more difficult because of the 
        proximity of the bottom of the screen. Jellyfish can surprise you much more 
        easily. Stick to the deeper blue water where you have room to maneuver.
       *If you have a turbo controller, use it! There is no strategy to the 
        shooting element of this game, all of the enemies swim directly at you 
        and make no attempts to evade your shots. Your thumb is going to be tired 
        after you finish this. At power level 1, it will take you over 1000 shots 
        to kill JAWS.
       *Your power level doesn't affect any creatures except JAWS. It will take you 
        2 shots to kill a ray at level 1 or level 9.
       *Get a few crabs quickly. The added speed will give you an edge. The 4th and
        subsequent crabs that you get will no longer increase your speed.
       *At lower power levels, killing a small shark will often end the scene.
       You begin in an overworld in a ship. The secondary objective of the game, 
    other than to defeat JAWS, is to increase your power level. You do this by 
    collecting conch shells, which are in turn dropped by the sea creatures you 
    defeat. When you have enough conch shells to reach the next level, just sail 
    into one of the two ports and your power level will automatically be increased 
    (you can't visit the same port twice in a row). Before you can reach power 
    level 2, though, you must purchase the JAWS RECEIVER for 5 shells. This 
    (worthless) item makes a terribly annoying noise whenever JAWS is close, and 
    also sporadically when he isn't. This would be useful if not for the fact that 
    you can see JAWS' fin sticking out of the water when he's close ^_^ and 
    there's no way to avoid him anyway.
       Although there are only 3 basic enemies (stingrays, jellyfish, and small 
    sharks), the enemies come in a variety of 'scenarios'. The scenario you 
    encounter depends on your current power level. For instance, at power level 1 
    there are no small sharks. On power level 9, there is a possible 'all-shark' 
       Buy the receiver and increase your power level to 3 or 4 before you try to 
    take on JAWS. Since he recovers 4 energy bars if the scene ends before you can 
    reduce his energy to zero, attacking before level 3/4 is fruitless. Bonus 
    scenes, which occur randomly, are a good way to increase your shell count 
    quickly. Doing well in one of these can net you 7 or 8 shells.
       Around level 3 or 4, you should notice a small submarine on the overworld 
    map. By sailing up and touching it, your diver will operate a mini-submarine in 
    subsequent scenes. The submarine has missiles (same as harpoon gun) and bombs 
    (same as the ship's bombs). The submarine is also faster and easier to maneuver 
    than the diver. In addition to those excellent features, the sub lets you take 
    a hit and not lose a life (you just revert to diver form).
    Fighting JAWS
      When you feel ready to take on the legendary JAWS, sail around until you see 
    his fin sticking out (or listen to that terrible RECEIVER), and run into him.
    If you 'hit something' while JAWS is nearby, he will often swim into the scene. 
    JAWS just swims back and forth. He isn't any more threatening than any of the 
    other creatures, just bigger. He swims more slowly as you shoot him, so get 
    behind him and mash on the B button. If you're properly powered up, you should 
    be able to kill him in a single encounter. 
       After you reduce his life to nothing, the scene shifts to a first-person 
    view from a boat. You are given 3 STROBES (press A) that make JAWS leap out of 
    the water. The goal here is to hit A when JAWS is in front of the boat to make 
    him jump. Wait until JAWS is about at the black line just off the boat, then 
    press A. Then press B to stab him with the front of the boat. JAWS rotates 
    around when he jumps, exposing his white belly for a second. You have to get 
    him in the white part of his body. Stabbing him in the eyes or back of the head 
    doesn't work for some reason.  
       After you successfully gore JAWS with the business end of your boat, you are 
    treated to a cinema showing JAWS' corpse sinking down to the seafloor, then a 
    scene with your seaplane flying over a river. Still no mention of why you just 
    killed this shark, but LJN probably assumed that everyone knew who JAWS was 
    anyway. They're probably right.
    Ingame lists
    Enemy        Points               Behavior
    Jellyfish    50                   ascend vertically from seafloor
                                      at higher levels: move toward you 
                                      as they ascend
    Stingray     110                  swim horizontally, alternating directions
                                      at higher levels: swim twice as fast
    Small shark  580                  swim horizontally, 
                                      stays on same horizontal plane as you
                                      at higher levels: come in pairs or triplets
    JAWS         20 pts per shot      swims horizontally, 
                                      stays on same horizontal plane as you
    Any item can be dropped by any enemy.
    Conch Shell- 30 points. You need to collect these to purchase the RECEIVER and 
    increase your power level. 
    Crab- 30 points. Increases your diver's movement speed. 
    Starfish- Awards bonus points. They come in 500, 1000, 2000, and 5000 point 
    varieties (1000 and 2000-point starfish are the most common).
    *The number of shells listed is the amount you need for the increase, not 
    your total cumulative shell count.
    Level 1- starting power level
    level 2- 3 conch shells
    level 3- 5
    level 4- 7
    level 5- 10
    level 6- 15
    level 7- 20
    level 8- 25
    level 9- 30
    *After you reach level 9, you can purchase as many extra strobes as you 
    would like for 10 conch shells each.
    -Bonus Stage Results- 
    Hits     Conch shells received
    1-5      1
    6-8      2
    9-11     3
    12-14    4
    15-17    5
    18-20    6
    21-23    7
    24-26    8
    27-29    9
    30       10
    *The 30 is assumed, as I have never gotten a perfect score.
    Nintendo, for producing some of the most innovative, fun, and influential 
    games out there.
    LJN/Universal Studios, for bringing JAWS to the small screen.
    My parents for giving me this game in 1987.
    Myself for playing at least 5 hours of JAWS while writing this guide.
    This document is legal and intellectual property of Matt Toothman. [061206]

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