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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Ramagamma

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/26/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Jaws FAQ for NES.
    Version 1.0.
    Written by Ramagamma (ramagamma@hotmail.com).
    1. Why a Jaws FAQ.
    2. The Game.
    3. Walkthrough.
    4. Anything else.
    1. Why a Jaws FAQ
     You might and indeed should be asking youself why i am writing a FAQ on 
    the game of a very very bad movie from the mid seventies. The reason is that
    i read a FAQ on it by EdtheMoogle that inspired me to rush out and get the 
    ROM off the internet and play for a good hour or so before deleting it. Heck
    its kinda fun finding a crap game and beating it then writing a FAQ/Review for
    it to pass the time and add a FAQ to my contributor page at www.gamefaqs.com 
    which is the only site that can host this FAQ. Beats doing homework anyday.
    2. The Game.
    I am sure you have all seen the terrible movie about a killer shark who 
    terrorises a small neighbourhood. It was made in 1975 and is famous for being
    a shark movie that lasts 2 hours with only about 10 minutes of that involving
    anything to do with sharks. Well as the way of the world goes some fool out
    there decided to cheat the public out of its own money by making a very very
    bad game. Dammit i could programme this and that isnt a joke. Anyways just to
    pass the time ill do a FAQ on it although god knows why anyone would need one 
    as my dad could complete JAWs. On with the FAQ.
    3. Walkthrough.
    You boot up the game and what do you get. A very nice title screen thats 
    what. The top of Jaw's head makes up the A and there some Jaws music going
    on in the background. All very nice so far. You push start and your suddlney
    greeted with even cheerier music and a picture of a boat. Just after the music
    fades the game starts. And yes you are extremley dissapointed. It looks like
    some kind of island surrounded by rocks and water. You take a look at the 
    bottom of the screen and you notice 4 things. Score which shows your current
    score for the level. I wouldnt give a damn about that though because your not
    exactly going to gain populatiry by running about shouting "i got a really 
    high score on Jaws for the NES". Shells which are this games basic from of 
    currency i suppose you could say. If you have shells you can buy upgrades
    to you ship. More on that later. There also power which starts at 1. You can
    upgrade this more on that later. The last thing on the screen is "Jaws Power".
    As you meet him and fill him with bombs and harpoons this will slowly decrease
    and increase again. Right so what you shuuld do to start is move about. 
    Eventually a message will flash at the bottom that you have "hit something".
    You are then taken to a side view screen where your guy is swimming about. You
    then have to shoot Jellyfish and Stingrays. Sometimes they drop crabs which
    try and run away, grab them for points. Sometimes they drop stars which
    you should pickup to get points and less often they will drop the shells you 
    can use as currency. Collect about 10 of these and then go to one of the 
    docks with the picture of the anchor on them. You then get the Jaws radar 
    whihc starts beeping whenever he comes near. Its a wee bit usless though 
    because you can always see him surfacing just before he comes at you. Right
    once youve got the tracker you have to get more and more shells. Eventally
    you should get to a bonus stage. What happens is instead of controlling a 
    crappy little scuba diver you control a plane. The ocean below you is filled
    with Jelllyfish that appear often. What you need to do is drop bombs on the
    jellyfishes heads. Its much easier than the rest of the game. Anyways once you
    have done that for a few minutes or so the bonus game ends and you get a number
    of shells depening on how many jellyfish you killed. I didnt say this game was
    any good. Now you are back to the main screen.
    Hopefully you will have about 20 shells at last by now. What you have to do now
    is swim between the 2 ports with the anchors on them avoiding Jaws. Every time
    you reach one with 5 shells your power bar in the bottom goes up. Once you are
    level 5 go sailing at the very right hand side of the screen and you should see
    some kind of boat type thing. Get that. Now whenver you go underwater you are
    in a submarine and you can shoot bombs underwater and your harpoons turn into 
    missiles. Ok so know you are level 5 and you have the submarine. Right just 
    stay in one stop till Jaws comes near you. The difference between this and any
    other encounters you had with Jaws is that the sea has a LOT of jellyfish that 
    can now swim sideways. Avoid these and pummel Jaws with your bullets and your 
    bombs. Since you are level 5 you will notice that Jaws power starts to go down 
    a large amount. Oh i forgot to mention. At the start of every encounter with 
    Jaws you are in the boat and you can shoot out bombs to the different sides by 
    hitting A and B. One button does the left side and one does the right. Once
    you get hit by Jaws though this stops and you are swimming. Its unlikley you will
    be able to hit him with many bombs before a jellyfish gets you and even then you 
    can only go a certain distance to the left or right before you stop and jaws gets
    you. Right you should be in the submarine so hit Jaws with everything, missles and
    bombs. Once his energy is about half done he will swim away and you want to scream
    thinking you have just lost all your hard work. Fear not though. He will come back
    about a second after you are back to the main screen and this time he has some 
    baby sharks. Avoid the sharks and take away the remaining half of his energy. Once
    he has no more energy left its your last encounter. Its not a perspective from 
    the front of your boat and you can see Jaws fin swimming up. When Jaws is very 
    close to you push B and he is forced up out of the water. You can only do this 3
    times before you have to waste his energy again. When he is up in the water he spins
    round really fast. Hit A to stab the front of the boat into his stomach. His corpse
    floats to the bottom of the sea and a plane flies over the river. Congratulations you
    have just comepeted Jaws.
    4. Anything Else.
    Wow that was fun and i did it in less than a hour. Anyways this guide is 
    copyright to Ramagamma(tm). It can only be found on www.gamefaqs.com and 
    not the evil www.fbgames.com which is the worst site ever.
    Rock on.

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