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Reviewed: 07/13/00 | Updated: 07/13/00

A Simple, Yet Addicting Game

Jaws is somewhat based on the movie of the same name, in which sailors try to take on an enormous great white shark. The game is very simplied, yet suprisingly fun - considering the poor graphics. But then again, you shouldn't expect the best graphics from an 8-bit system.

The music is very classic. I'm not sure how to describe it, but when you pop in an old NES game like Jaws and here that music while you are in the water shooting up jellyfish and sharks - its just classic gaming fun right there.

There is not a whole lot of variety in the underwater scenes, except for the three different areas: shallow, medium, and deep water depths. It is a simple ''shoot and avoid being hit'' style 2-D game, but with the overview control of the ship combined with the underwater control of the main character, it does make for a fun game.

Along the way you get a few items (i wont give anything away) that allow you to track and kill Jaws a little easier. As far as replay value, I personally think this game does have a lot of it - the way you can just put in the game and play for a few minutes and turn it off... to come back to it later. I suppose this game would get old if it was about the only one you had, but otherwise, it might be worth checking out. Its one of the few descent NES games, in my opinion.

Graphics - 5
Controls - 6
Sound - 10
Difficulty - 8
Replay Value - 8

Overall, I rated this game a 7 out of 10. If you can find it for $2 or so, you could check it out (NES games are basically free now).

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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