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"An Ecoterrorists Playground"

Welcome to my review for Jaws on the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Jaws. You've seen one of the movies atleast once, or maybe atleast a good ten minute portion. If not, you probably know the gist of it; A giant Great White Shark is eating a bunch of swimmers, and it must be stopped. So, you'd assume that this game would somehow follow that basic plot, right?

Wrong. This game is something much more evil...

The Beginning: The game starts off with the famous cover shot, which is nicely done for NES, I must say. Then, you get a rather alarming screen. "Get Ready!" Is plastered on the top of your screen, along with the picture of a boat. Get Ready for what? I just got here!
Under that is your number of remaining lives, score, shells and Jaws' Power. Next, you're at the world map. You take your boat of apparently Titanic proportions and set sail. For the first few seconds, this seems like it might be an enjoyable shark hunting game, but then..

You've Hit Something!

This is where the game takes a turn for the worse. The whole "You've Hit Something!" message was just a lie, obviously, since there's absolutely nothing in the area that you could have struck. This is merely a flimsy excuse to dive into the water with harpoon in hand.

Underwater: This is the first time you see The Diver. Say hello to him, and be aware that he is the Bin Laden of the underwater ecosystem. At this point, your sole purpose is to swim about this stretch of water and obliterate any living thing you see.

A beautiful, delicate jellyfish, calmly swimming toward the surface? Not on his watch!

A couple of harmless and curious stingrays, possibly looking for a small fish to eat? Don't count on it!

Even a nice baby Great White will come along once in awhile to welcome you to his home, but The Diver is an equal opportunity slaughterer.

After The Diver blasts anything he sees to smithereens, he likes to collect the shells they leave behind. Most likely for grinding up and using as some sort of drug.

Air: Just incase you weren't satisfied with the massive red cloud of blood you left behind, every now and then The Diver will jump into his trusty plane equipped with carpet bombs, and take out entire populations of jellyfish. Why? Because they're alive and happy, and this angers him a great deal.

Jaws: The true hero of the game. I don't know who's sick idea it was to make you play as the villain, but atleast they got it right in Jaws: Unleashed. He comes along every now and then, well aware of what you are doing and rightfully knocks you out of your boat.

The idea here is to avoid him, since shooting him does absolutely no good at all. Though, I don't know how long the game goes on for after Jaws shows up, because I can't bring myself to let The Diver live and let Jaws fulfill his destiny as keeper of the peace and eat me.

The game gets a rating of 5/10. While the gameplay is pretty fun for awhile, and I hear there's an entire minigame at the end, the story is terribly immoral. Maybe if this game wasn't about slaughtering sea creatures and instead feeding them and cleaning up harmful litter in their environment, this game would get a perfect 10.

The Serious Reviewer

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 11/10/06, Updated 11/13/06

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