Review by Dave 008 Bond

Reviewed: 11/08/00 | Updated: 11/08/00

Who had the "wonderful" idea of "making" this "game"?

We have all seen bad NES games. Heroes of the Lance. Deadly Towers. This game has to be one of them. Everything, I mean EVERYTHING is average to terrible. Read on to learn the details.

Graphics 5/10
Very average. The charactors look sort of detailed, but the enemies look pretty bad, especially the stingray. Jaws looks terrible, though. He looks hilarious, because he is so small and he has this ''I have a bad, bad headace'' look on his face. The backgrounds are mediocre. Not very much detail was put into the backgrounds, and it really shows. When you are in the water, it is very simple looking, and after you see that you will probably think, ''I could draw that blindfolded!'' The area where your boat sails looks horrible. Ii looks sort of like a blue with what looks like a bunch of spray paint. The graphics get a five because not much effort was put into it.

Story 6/10
You have to kill Jaws with your small boat.

Sound 4/10
Blaugh. The Sound here is very average, even for an NES game. That says a lot. Anyway, the Sound Effects are very basic. Shooting a bullet makes this really odd noise, and I think that is the only sound effect in the game. The music, is really bad. When you sail it has this song that only belongs in a game titled, ''Why the Smurfs started beating up Pro Wrestlers.'' The other music in the game is not really very good, but fair.

Gameplay 1/10
First you start sailing. Randomly something will attack you, and you better get you used to happening, because it happens every two seconds when your sailing. You have to blast small sharks and stingray, which gets old in ten seconds. Then you go back on the main map and then two seconds later something else attacks you! But you just kill it and you move on. Then you guessed it, something else will attack you! I hope you can see how this gets really tedious after about Three minutes of playing! And if Jaws does attack you, (everything randomly attacks) he just stupidly swims back and forth while you shoot him Hundreds of times. When his life falls down to about halfway, he swims away, forcing you to start over. You can fight Jaws again and again but you'll never ever beat him. Not once. Sometimes you get to go to a bonus level, in which you blast Squid with bombs, but like the rest of the game, gets old in ten seconds. Overall this is pathetic attempt at classic gaming fun.

Control 6/10
Good, but two big flaws bring the score down. Your diver moves a little too slowly, which can get in the way of Gameplay easily. The second one is shooting things with your gun. When you press ''B'', your diver will take a second to think if this is the right thing to do, and THEN he fires. Despite these flaws, the control is good, but you won't really care because the game is no fun.

Replay Value N/A
If you hated it the first time, why would you want to face the torture again?

Challenge 1000/10
Even if it somehow is possible to kill Jaws, you really won't care. It isn't worth the torture you must go through.

Buy or Rent?
Neither. Buy only if you want a good laugh, or you are looking for a new doorstop.

-Ummm, it makes a neat sound when you ''accidentaly'' leave it in the middle of the road and something destroys it

-Replay Value
-Everything ,(saves me a lot of typing)

Overall 1/10

Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

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