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"A fun and addicting game..."

Jaws for the NES is a great game that I fondly remember playing in my younger days, and I noticed a lot of low-score reviews on here for it so this is my review of the game. I've noticed a lot of the people that gave it low scores said you had to continually fight Jaws and hit him many times to make his health bar go down just one notch. This is simply because they weren't powering up their shots by going back and forth between the two ports!!

Story: 6/10
The storyline isn't too in depth. You play as a diver out to kill the great white shark.

Gameplay: 8/10
You start at a port on a top-down view map and move your ship out to sea. You will randomly get attacked which opens a 2-D action scene where you dive into the water and shoot all the enemies and collect items... mainly conch shells to use at the port when you get there for power ups. After a few action scenes, you get to play a bonus scene where you play as a seaplane and drop bombs on jellyfish where you try to hit them all, similar to bonus stages in Galaga. Once you reach a certain score without dying you can find a mini-sub which will replace your diver when you're in the water... but unfortunately you will lose it by getting hit only once. After that you revert back to just being a diver, who dies with one hit from an enemy, which makes the game rather difficult at spots but also keeps it from being too easy.

Jaws is constantly out in the ocean somewhere searching for you, just like you are for it. If you see a big fin coming at you, this is it!! Even if it doesn't hit you and take you right into an action stage, if you are attacked by something else and it is nearby, it will come into the stage and chase you around. Attacking it when you're only at level one power won't do much good, as I referenced at the beginning. Once you make it to level three or four it becomes much more manageable, though you can go as high as nine. The final stage of the game after you deplete Jaws' health gage is to ram it with the front of your ship, playing homage to the last Jaws movie, Jaws: The Revenge. Timing this can be rather difficult because it's sort of in a 3-D view and you have to use a strobe at just the right time to make the shark raise out of the water.

There is a lot of variety in the game. Most levels have different kinds of sea life, though others have just mainly one type of enemy, the hardest of which are the baby shark and jellyfish levels. The bonus levels are a lot of fun, though you don't get to control the seaplane directly, you only can control it's speed and the timing of the bombs it drops. Also you can play the game for as long as you like because you don't necessarily "have" to attack Jaws. You can just keep going and not kill it to see what happens.

Although the spots where you get attack seem to be random, the action stages themselves are not. They do follow a pattern every time you play, as do the bonus stages.

Graphics: 7/10
Graphics are ok, considering it was released in 1987. Nothing is in too great of detail.

Music: 9/10
I found that all the music is great. Nothing to complain about at all, and the opening theme isn't exactly how it is in the movie, but it's still good. And the bonus level music is great, as is the ending music.

Sound Effects: 5/10
Yeah, sound effects are where this game really lacks. The shooting sounds can get really annoying, but the sound effects for the sub are better.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 09/18/07

Game Release: Jaws (US, 11/30/87)

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