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Reviewed: 06/27/01 | Updated: 06/27/01

My very first video game ever!!

''Jaws'' was the first console video game I ever got in my life. It was released by LJN (who are probably bankrupt by now). I purchased it with my NES system in the early part of 1988 when I was only 8 years old. Boy that was a long time ago. This game was an action game based loosely on the very popular movie about a huge killer shark.

Graphics: 6/10
For their time, these were good graphics. The boat, the jellyfish and the sharks all look very clear to me. The water is a nice shade of blue! There is not much to say about 8-bit graphics. Everything is very well-done even if they look very simple by today's standards. A drawback may be that most of the backgrounds are very similar and there is not a large variety of enemies. There is also not that great a variety of colors.

Music/Sound: 7/10
Okay, I actually enjoyed most of the music in this game. The music fits the ocean very well as that is the area where you'll be for the whole game. There is also a very good version of the classic ''Jaws'' theme that plays at certain points this game. Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo....
There's not too many themes that play through the game, but the ones that you do get to hear are relatively good.

Control: 9/10
These controls are fine and simple to use as they are with most NES games. You move around with the D-pad. Both the A and the B button are the same and both are used for shooting. The controls are very responsive and easy to get used to.

Gameplay: 9/10
This is the best part of the game. Here is how this game works. You start out on a map of the ocean on a port. Your objective is to collect shells. To do this you must move around on the ocean until you get into a random fight. When you get into a random fight the screen will change to an underwater view. Here you will control a diver who must shoot jellyfish and fish which drop shells, which you must collect. However, it is not so simple because these enemies move in patterns such as right to left or in zigzags. If they touch you, you die and you only have a limited number of lives in this game.
Once you have finished killing most of the enemies, you are taken back to the world map. Your main objective throughout the game is to take these shells that you've collected and to deliver them to the second harbor on the map (back and forth).
However, at all times, you can see Jaws the shark's fin on the map moving around. He will try to chase you and crash into your ship. If that happens you will get into a fight with Jaws underwater where you have to shoot him with the diver. After enough shots, Jaws will run away, but it will take MANY MANY fights to beat him.
The more shells you deliver the stronger your attacks get and you have to fight Jaws to win this game. At times, on the map you can collect a submarine which can be used to collect shells and/or fight Jaws.
At certain points in the game you also get to play a bonus round (when you reach a certain number of shells delivered). This is where you fly an airplane and try to shoot jellyfish who jump out of the water. The tricky part is that the jellyfish move very quickly and they move in patterns.

Overall: 8/10
I thoroughly enjoyed this game. Although somewhat repetitive, this game is a very fun game! In fact, I beat it several times after winning it the first time. I actually still have this game in the back of a closet somewhere. If you would like a game with a nostalgic feel to it, ''Jaws'' is the way to go.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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