Review by Keele Zeibel

Reviewed: 10/16/01 | Updated: 10/16/01

This game will tear you up! Literally...

The good ol' days of NES.

Where else could you find a game so bad ass as to be made from a movie such as Jaws? I know many of you are just thinking; ''Well the movie sucked ass, so the game will too.'' The older generations will understand me in saying this game ruled. We would sit back being the pre-teens that we were and would fire up our NES for some Jaw's action. The game never failed me, nor did it many other children everywhere. This game summed it up early of what was to be known as ''gaming perfection''.

This game for me started it all. When I got tired of messing around with crap like Mario and duck hunt, this game came in and kicked its ass. The gameplay of this game was some of the best ever. Riding around in a ship until I have to go underwater and blast things with my harpoon gun to collect shells made my little head spin. At the same time it brought me great joy knowing I was kicking some jellyfish ass. Now at first you would think this game was easy, those jellyfish were slow and the stingrays obviously failed ''catching the harpoon in your teeth 101''. Just when you got cocky thinking I have this badass radar now Jaws' ass is MINE things get difficult. Before you know it you have Jaws stalking your ass and the jellyfish are now going faster and in all different directions. Your scuba Steve ass is in a panic and you have like 20 different things flying at you. That’s when scuba Steve gets pissed and its time to break out some super harpooning in the face, TO THE EXTREME.

Jaws was the video gamers heroin. You just couldn't get enough of this game. You would play it over and over, just waiting for the chance to stab Jaws' gigantic self one more time. You would remember that little Jaws tune that the game always had and it was time to get busy. It certainly was great to be alive. The endless hours you will spend replaying this game will be worth it when you see Jaws fall, and throw that controller at a younger sibling in your victory celebration. This game gives you that much pleasure, and then some.

Before you become skeptical about playing a game based off a movie (God knows 99.9% of them suck, i.e. batman games) just give this one a try, it would be worth the 7 dollars it costs in the old Nintendo bin sitting at the local game store. You will finally see how 7 dollars can give you a game that has such awesome gameplay that kicks the ass of most of the games out today that will run you about 7 times as much. Take your choice, play a bad game, or play this old game that will make you feel like a kid again, and show you how to have fun.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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