Review by Dralion

Reviewed: 09/26/03

Can you escape the Great White terror of the deep?

Jaws is based on the highly successful movies series of the same title that stars the famous Great White Shark that enacts terror to any coastal town that it comes in contact with. Jaws was developed by Acclaim and published by LJN Ltd. back in 1986.

GamePlay (8/10):
Jaws the game is very simple to play you start off on a world map in your sail boat and occasionally hit something to where you dive into sea to investigate what you hit and gather shells that in order help you get power up to take on Jaws. The games difficulty is easy until you get to the final scene of the game which the difficulty increases a couple notches. On a fun level Jaws does succeed I mean what's better than hunting down a Great White and getting power up to do it in the process.

Story (6/10):
Basically your out to hunt the Great White that has been terrorizing people and put people into a fright and panic to go swimming, surfing etc. Basically it is your duty to hunt this Great White and put an end to its reign of terror.

Graphics (7/10):
The graphics aren't too bad in Jaws the map layout in which you travel in your ship searching for Jaws really stands out and looks really good for back than. However when busting up some baddies in the water the graphics could of use a little update as they come up a little bland and boring.

Sound (8/10):
The sound is really great in this game the background music when your in the sea and fighting to survive the life of the sea really makes you feel like your in the sea and something is out to get you. Also the music includes the famous ''Jaws'' theme that you'll immediately notice when it hits.

Playtime/Re-playability (6/10):
Playtime really varies on this game on how you level up and if you can take out Jaws successfully. But most likely you'll want to put this game on your shelve for a while before playing it again after you have beaten that annoying Shark.

Final Recommendation:
Is Jaws the game a buyer? Sure why not this game is fun from the beginning to the end and you'll really feel that you have accomplished something when you take out Jaws. Plus this game is pretty cheap so if you actually find this game give it a consideration if your looking for something to occupy you for awhile.

Final Overall Rating:

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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