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"A Game from the WORST SEQUEL EVER!"

Back Story:
I'm sure that everyone is familiar with JAWS, a story about a killer great white shark that attacks anything in it's path. Everyone remember? Good. CAUSE THIS IS NOT THE MOVIE MADE FOR THE GAME! Flash Forward to 1987 when Jaws: The Revenge, the 3rd sequel to the series was released. For some reason, a Great White is Stalking...Stop laughing! The Shark is stalking The Brody Family, even following it to the BAHAMAS! (Pauses) OK, The story for the movie is INCREDIBLY LAME, and was probably written by a blind chimpanzee with a pencil in it's mouth. The game translates HORRIBLY to video game mode, but lets see how it is anyway...

Graphics: 4/10
Nothing good here. JAWS looks like a pathetic toy shark, and has no offensive skill at all besides swimming back and forth. The jelly-fish are animated even worse, as well as the scuba diver, who was Michael Brody for those who care. Amazingly he has an endless supply of spears to shoot at ocean life. The backgrounds are bland, and the final fight scene isn't any better.

Sound: 2/10
Outside of the traditional JAWS Theme, that consists of 3 notes basically, the music is not that good, and sounds very...(thinks of a nice word) very bad. The sound of the Shark Tracker is annoying, forcing a mute button to be made, and when you die, your character makes a VERY loud sound for no reason.

Story: 1/10
Already gone over. VERY BAD.

Difficulty: 1/10
I beat this game on my FIRST ATTEMPT in 15-20 minutes tops. There is no challenge here, and is a good game for new gamers...unless you are afraid of the opening title screen like I was. Damn it's so fake now. This is a game you can easily beat 10-20 times a day incase you want to be a worlds record.

Replay-ability: 3/10
Eh...once you beat it, it's not fun anymore really unless you want to top your old score, which is not a factor at all. I wonder if the Atari version was this bad.

Final Thoughts:
Overall, a very pathetic game made from an even more pathetic movie, especially the worst in the series. If this was the original JAWS, it might have been good, but the only thing good about this game is dropping bombs on dancing fish.

Buy or Rent?
NEITHER! Just download it if you want to so bad, but its not even worth the minute it takes to do that. The game probably costs $2 now in bargain bins, and even THAT is too expensive for this garbage.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 03/02/04

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