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"Only if you want a cheap challenge"

This game is based on a movie called Jaws. You're trying to kill a Shark named Jaws, people say it's ''possessed''. Don't believe it. He's just another dumb shark that attacks people.

Gameplay 5/10
A very lenient score. You go around in a boat trying to find Jaws and if you ''hit something'' which is often, you go underwater for a short period of time, very boring. After you shoot sea life with harpoons you just go up to the surface and repeat the process.

Difficulty 1/10
This game is impossible to beat unless you know what to do by reading the manual. It's TOO easy when you have enough power, but its impossible to beat this game as you are from the beginning, if you manage to find Jaws you can only take away about 15% of his power, then he swims away and heals himself. Coward!

Control 8/10
When you're in a boat or scuba diving the control is perfect. You never make an unwanted movement or anything. But when you get into the submarine, the control is utterly bad. You constantly make jerky movements and when you try to stop, the submarine slides, most of the time killing you. Not worth the investment.

Story 2/10
Wow, you have to kill a shark. YEAH!! Scyche! There's no cut scenes, prologues , endings, or anything. The game is purely game-based with no storyline. The only way to know what's going on is by watching the movie first. There's no compelling reason to play this game, you just play it.

Graphics 3/10
The scuba diver looks like a fish, and Jaws looks more like a clown fish than a shark. Jaws looks like he's smiling, it just doesn't fit. The sea life is okay, and the backgrounds are horrible. Their look like their hand drawn, and the ''waves'' are just blue lines. Very dull. This game by far, has some of the worst graphics on the NES, so don't get discouraged by it.

Music 8/10
The games best point, there's music from the movie , (Jaws theme music). The underwater theme fits the mood nicely and the ''sailing'' theme gives you suspense, and dread. The games music is overall, pretty good.

Sound 1/10
The games worst point. There are less that 10 sounds in the game. And 3 are VERY common. (The harpoons, you dying, and the ANNOYING radar. The best thing to do is to put the game on mute, despite the exceptional music. This game wouldn't have been so bad if they put more vivid, live sound effects.

Replay Value 0/10
There's no reason to play this game more than once. It's like one of those games that you only partially enjoy once. There's no real ''ending'' to see, well, I won't spoil anyone. If you gather enough power, you can beat this game in under 15 minutes! I beat it in 10, not really worth the time you spend.

Final Recommendation
If your looking for a challenge and you have a few extra bucks, buy this game if you see it. Don't waste your time looking for it though.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 04/04/04

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