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    Game Genie Codes by Paulygon

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 09/03/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                Final Fantasy I - NES
                                   Game Genie codes
                                      by Paulygon
                                      Version 1.5
                                   September 3, 2005
    See the end of this document for copyright information, credits, and version
      Hi, all.  Welcome to my Final Fantasy Game Genie codes document.  I have
    personally found all of these codes and they represent many hours of digging
    around in the game.  To the best of my knowledge, they have not been
    available before.  This was always one of my favorite NES games and judging
    by the number and quality of codes, I think it shows.  :-)  Future releases
    of this document will include fixes and possibly new codes.  One other thing:
    These are all 8-letter codes, so there should be few side-effects, if any.
      These codes are used at your own risk and I assume no responsibility
    whatsoever for their effects.  I do not guarantee that they will work for
    you or that any set of codes will work in combination with any other ones.
    This includes any codes found by others.  There are far too many combinations
    for testing of this kind to be practical.
      I would like to know, though, if any of these codes don't work for you,
    exhibit any side-effects, or if you find any combinations of them that cause
    problems.  In that event, please give as much detail as you can.
      As of version 1.3, all codes have been tested on the NES and have been found
    to work, except for a couple (nobody's perfect :-).  Those have been corrected.
    It's still possible however, that some combinations of codes may not agree
    with each other, but I have not encountered any such problems to date.
      The codes have been organized into the following sections:
      * FIELD Codes : [UPDATED] Codes for use while wandering on a map.
      * WORLD MAP Codes : Codes that alter the World Map a little bit.
      * EQUIPMENT Codes : Codes that affect the ability to equip weapons/armor.
      * MONEY Codes : Codes to that get you Gold much quicker than normal.
      * BATTLE Codes : 2 sub-categories --
        * BATTLE/MISC. : [UPDATED] Codes that affect fighting/magic and potions.
        * BATTLE/ITEMS : Codes that affect the spells cast when using items.
      * LEVEL-UP Codes : Codes that take effect during level-up.
      * MAGIC Codes : Codes that affect Magic learning and non-battle use.
      * ITEM Codes : Codes that affect use of items outside of battle.
      * DIFFICULTY Codes : Codes that make the game harder by changing
          the type and number of monsters encountered in certain areas.
      * PLOT-ALTERATION Codes : [UPDATED] Codes to let you bypass sections of
          the game.
      * NEW GAME Codes:  Codes that can be used when starting a new game.
      * MISCELLANEOUS Codes : Interesting/odd codes that may or may not
          be useful.  If you want to fight the final boss near the beginning of
          the game, for example, be sure to check out this section.
      <<<< FIELD Codes >>>>   (Updated in Version 1.5)
    AAEKYITA :  No random encounters while on the world map.
    XVEKZION :  Random encounter at every step on world map and in dungeons.
    AAKKSAPA :  No damage from poison while walking on the field.
    AEKKSSGA :  Get attacked almost at every step while in a dungeon.
    OXKKXISK :  Very few random encounters while in a dungeon.
    LLOTUYPA :  Black Belts / Masters with no armor equipped have an absorb
      of Level + 50, instead of just being the same as the Level.
    XTEGKGAV :  Collect the contents of ANY treasure chest as many times as you
      want.  This also works for treasure chests that you have already opened.
    XVKKZGAV :  Walk over any kind of terrain.  You can enter towns and dungeons,
      but cannot mount any vehicles.
    TAEKITVS :  Enables use of the Ship before you actually get it.  Just walk up a
      ship port and out onto an ocean square.  When you do, the ship will just
      appear and you can sail around in it as normal.  After debarking from the
      Ship, it will disappear.  Notes:
      * This code has no effect if you already have the Ship.
      * Since you get the Ship so early in the game, there's not much use to be
        had from this code.  Just use it for fun or whatever.  :-)
      * When you are actually given the ship normally, it will appear in the
        last place you docked it.  So, if it doesn't appear outside of Pravoka
        after Bikke gives it to you, don't panic.  :-)  Just go back to where
        you last docked it and it will be waiting there for you.
    AENGAIUY :  Enables use of the Canoe before you actually get it.
    GPOKPZPZ :  Enables use of the Airship before you actually get it!  You can
      activate it from any land square and it will just appear and rise into the
      air.  Once you land it successfully, the Airship will disappear.  Notes:
      * This code has no effect if you already have the Airship.
      * When you actually try to raise the Airship normally, it will appear in the
        last place you landed it.  So, if it doesn't appear on the screen in that
        desert where you truly get the Airship, don't worry.  :-)  You'll find it
        waiting for you in the spot where you last landed it.
      * If you use this code throughout your quest, then it isn't necessary to
        get the Airship normally at all!  That means you can skip the Ice Cave
        altogether, if you want.  :-D
    PESKLVAA :  Land the Airship on any walkable land square, instead of only on
      flat and dry terrain.  This expands the landable terrain to include the
      following:  Forest, marsh, desert, the fully-gray squares around towns, and
      entrances to towns and dungeons.
    AANGGZIZ :  Play the secret Ship puzzle anywhere on the world map, instead of
      just while on the Ship.
                ** NEW **
    AEEKEZPP :  Walk through walls in towns, dungeons, etc.  If you walk into
      rooms, you should go through the door first, or else you won't be able to see
      what's in there.  The same goes for when you leave, or else you won't be able
      to see NPCs or other sprites like bats on the outside of the room.
      <<<< WORLD MAP >>>>
    GGNZOEYE :  Access Elftown next to the Coneria sailing port.
    IGNZOEYE :  Access Melmond next to the Coneria sailing port.
    TGNZOEYE :  Access Crescent City next to the Coneria sailing port.
    IINZOEYE :  Access Onrac next to the Coneria sailing port.  Don't attempt to
      complete the Sea Shrine from here, because when you step on the altar to
      warp out, you'll be teleported to the true location of Onrac and be stranded
      on that continent!  You can go in for the top floor treasures, though, and
      make it back out OK whether you walk out or use magic to leave.
    ZINZOEYE :  Access Gaia next to the Coneria sailing port.
    ITNZOEYE :  Access Lefein next to the Coneria sailing port.
    GTNZOEYE :  Access Bahamut's Cave next to Coneria sailing port.  When combined
      with the plot-altering code for Bahamut below (XTEOGGAV), you can get the
      class-change almost any time you want!
      <<<< EQUIPMENT Codes >>>>   ** New in Version 1.1 **
    APKLXGAV :  Any character class can equip any weapon.
    XTNUSGAV :  Any character class can equip any piece of armor.
      <<<< MONEY codes >>>>
    POXKOAAE :  Get 6,500 Gold for completing the hidden Ship mini-game.
    TKXKOAAE :  Get 20,000 Gold for completing the hidden Ship mini-game.
    UKXKOAAA :  Get 50,000 Gold for completing the hidden Ship mini-game.
    LEXKSAAA :  Get 200,000 Gold for completing the hidden Ship mini-game.
    AOXKSAAA :  Get maximum gold for completing the hidden Ship mini-game.
      <<<< BATTLE / MISC. >>>>    (Updated in Version 1.5)
    SUXXAUVS :  Infinite Spell Points in battle!
    IANZOIPA :  Base number of hits per attack is 5 instead of 1.  Double this for
      unarmed Black Belts or Masters.
    LANZOIPE :  Base number of hits per attack is 11 instead of 1.  Double this
      for unarmed Black Belts or Masters.
    ZAVXSSZK :  If a character's Hit % is larger than 8, then the maximum number
      of extra hits that can be inflicted is quadrupled!  Double this for unarmed
      Black Belts or Masters.  FAST doubles this, as well.
    SLVPZVVS :  Infinite heal and pure potions in battle.
    AAKLNLIP :  Any magic spell cast on an enemy will defeat it instantly!  This
      includes items that cast spells on enemies when used in battle.
    AESPXTPA :  At the end of battle, each surviving member gets full exp.
      Normally, exp. is divided among surviving party members.  Notes:
      * If you need to save on code space, the second one can be omitted.  However,
        if you do and the first party member is defeated or turned to stone
        when the battle is won, then you'll gain massive experience instead.
        The exact amount varies.
    XVSPNLAV :  All party members gain exp. after battle, even if they're defeated
      or have been turned to stone!  With this code, everyone gains exp. at the
      same rate, no matter what.  Note that experience will still be calculated
      according to how many party members survive, but all will be credited with
      that amount.  Level-ups will still happen as appropriate.
    AEXOVZYA :  At the end of battle, all status ailments are cured.  More
      specifically, those defeated are revived with 0 HP, those turned to stone
      are restored to normal, and those poisoned are cured!  A bonus side effect
      of this is that everyone gains experience, making this code a more powerful
      version of the previous code (XVSPNLAV).
    YSKZAPZI :  Only party members get turns in battles.  Instead of enemies
      getting turns, party members will get extra turns.  The end result is
      invincibility!  Extra turns result in party members repeating the command
      given at the beginning of the round.  The total number of turns per
      round is the same as normal (the total number of able party members and
      enemies remaining).
    VPSZILNP :  Only party members get turns in battles.  The enemies' turns are
      skipped.  The net effect is invincibility.
    AAXZTXZA :  Automatically win battles after the first round!  At least one
      party member must survive the first round.
    SZOXYKGK :  Any attempt to run from any battle will always succeed!  You can
      even run from boss battles.  Don't run from the final boss, or else you'll be
      left in the final dungeon with no way to finish the game.
    NYOLXOAE :  HARM spells will work against any monster, instead of only undead.
    AAUPKVTA :  After battle, the party's gold will be maxed-out at 999,999.  In
      addition, all surviving party members will have their experience points
      maxed-out at 999,999!
                ** NEW **
    OLKXGTOP :  Take no damage from physical attacks.  Characters can still be
      slain by these attacks if the damage from a single attack is higher than
      their HP.  Note that this does not prevent damage from magic or special
    AASLTXLG :  Normal enemies will always run away.  Bosses may also run away, but
      it's a very rare occurrance.
      Note:  This can be combined with AASLZXYG to make all enemies always run away.
    AASLZXYG :  Bosses always run away.
      Note:  This can be combined with AASLTXLG to make all enemies always run away.
    OLNUAZOP :  Get experience and gold for enemies that run away.
    AASLGZAI :  Enemies never run away by default; FEAR can still induce the enemy
      to run away, however.
    SLNXAUVS :  Heal and Pure potions aren't actually used up in battle, even though
      the numbers appear to decrease.  You can temporarily "run out" if you use them
      all up in battle.  After battle, though, the number of those potions will
      be unchanged from what they were before battle.
    SXKUKETV :  Damage spells do slightly more damage to targets that are weak to
      the spell's element (2x damage instead of 1.5x).  Players don't have element
      weaknesses, so only monsters will be affected by this.  Non-elemental damage
      spells like FADE and NUKE are not affected.
    TUKUKETV :  Damage spells do much more damage to targets that are weak to the
      spell's element (3x damage instead of 1.5x).  Players don't have element
      weaknesses, so only monsters will be affected by this.  Non-elemental damage
      spells like FADE and NUKE are not affected.
    AEOZSGAP :  After battle, status ailments will not cause the character order
      to change.
    EISXSAEY :  Enemies can no longer inflict statuses like paralysis, poison, etc.
      by hitting your characters with physical attacks.
    AASXVEIT :  Character weapon attacks now have a chance to inflict ailments, like
      some monsters do.  Chance of success depends on a monster's resistance to
      magic, while the type of ailment depends on a character's speed level:
        Slow:    nothing
        Normal:  death (like sorcerers >:-)
        Fast:    stone (like coctrices >:-)
      * If an enemy is instantly defeated, it will say "slain..", instead of the
        usual "Terminated", because normally it only works against the party.
      * You can substitute EISXSAEY for the third code, which would confer the
        additional benefit of that code as described above.
      <<<< BATTLE / ITEMS >>>>
    IXNALAIP :  Mage Staff casts FIR3 instead of FIR2.
    IUNALAIO :  Mage Staff casts NUKE instead of FIR2.
    IZOELPYO :  Thor's Hammer casts LIT3 instead of LIT2.
    IXSALPYO :  Zeus Gauntlet casts LIT3 instead of LIT2.
    ILNEYPAZ :  Black Shirt casts ICE3 instead of ICE2.
    GUVELAGP :  Heal Staff casts HEL3 instead of HEAL.
    GUUELPGP :  Heal Helmet casts HEL3 instead of HEAL.
    ZUVALAZP :  Light Axe casts HRM4 instead of HRM2.
    ZUVALAZO :  Light Axe casts FADE instead of HRM2.
    TPEALOYO :  Wizard Staff casts FAST instead of CONF.
      <<<< LEVEL-UP >>>>
    AAVOVGAG :  The Fighter class can gain Spell Points.
    AANPXKGL :  The Thief class can gain Spell Points.
    AANOUKPA :  At every level-up, all classes except Fighter and Thief gain 1
      Spell Point for every spell level.  If used in conjunction with either of the
      above codes that allow Fighters and Thieves to gain Spell Points, then this
      code will also work for the respective classes.
    LEEPOGPA :  At every level-up, all Spell Point increases will be by 3 instead
      of by 1.  You can change this number by using techniques described in the
      codebook.  Just keep in mind that if the Spell Points pass 255 for any given
      level, they will roll over to low numbers.  ** See note [2] below **
    AEKPVKZA :  All level-ups will be "strong" level-ups.  That means that the
      Max. HP for all characters will increase by at least 21 at every level-up.
    OUXPNGOP :  No limits on Spell Points.  Normally, the limit is 9 for regular
      magic users and 4 for Fighters/Knights and Thieves/Ninjas.  By itself, this
      code is really only useful for Knights and Ninjas.  Maximum benefit will
      come when pairing this code with others.  For example, using this with
      AANOUKPA and/or LEEPOGPA can be very benificial. ;-)
    AAEOXIGA :  All stats increase at level-up.
    ZAEOKIPE :  At level-up, any stat that increases goes up by 10 instead of 1!
      * By itself, the only real benefit to be gained from this code is a higher
        VIT rating.  That will result in characters gaining more HP at every
        level up.
      * Normally, Evade % and Damage increase along with AGL and STR, respectively.
        However, because of how the game is programmed, the large increases given
        by this code will not be reflected in Evade % and Damage increases.
      * Possible unknown side effect, but likely to be insignificant.
    ZASOUIPE :  Whenever AGL goes up, Evade % increases by 10, instead of by 1.
      If the value exceeds 255, it will roll over to a low number.
    IAKOOIPA :  Whenever DAMAGE goes up, it increases by 5 instead of 1.  Note
      that this only happens for every other increase in STR.  Specifically, when
      STR increases from an odd to even number.  If the value exceeds 255, it will
      roll over to a low number.
    APKPESZK :  The DAMAGE rating increases whenever STR goes up.  Normally, this
      only goes up with every other increase in STR, as explained above.
    EONPELEL :  Level-up after nearly every battle, regardless of experience points.
      After you stop using this code, the exp. of party members will have to
      "catch up" to the proper amount before they can level-up again.  This will
      cause the "For Lev. Up" amount on the status screen to appear incorrect if
      it's greater than 65535.
    AAXPOGPA :  When levelling-up, the level number doesn't increase, yet you still
      gain all stats, HP, and MP as appropriate for the new level.  Notes:
      * The net effect of this code is to allow you to push stats and HP beyond
        their normal limits.  For MP, you'll reach the limits sooner.
      * Main stats like STR, AGL, etc. are limited to 99.  Other values like
        Damage, Hit %, Evade %, and Magic Def. % are limited to 200.
    AAXPOGPA :  When the two codes above are used together, they allow any character
      to gain stats, HP, and MP after every battle until they have enough exp. to
      level-up.  As a consequence, you avoid the penalty of falling behind in
      experience that would happen using the EONPELEL code alone.
    AASPSVTA :  At level-up, Max HP for surviving party members will become 999.
    AZVPVKGP :  At level-up, Magic Defense is set to the maximum value of 200.
      Magic Defense does not show up on the status screen, so you won't see any
      difference there.  However, in battle, you should notice virtual immunity to
      status ailments of nearly all kinds.  Note that powerful status ailment
      spells like STUN, BLND, etc. will always work on party members that have less
      than 300 HP unless they are resistant by virtue of their armor.  Lesser
      spells like SLEP, DARK, HOLD, RUB will almost never work, even without
      resistant armor.
    AAOONTZA :  At level-up, both Hit % and Magic Defense (hidden stat) are set to
      their maximum value of 200.
    EGKOUSOK :  At level-up, when the Damage rating increases, it is set to the
      maximum value of 200.
    EGSOSSOK :  At level-up, when the Evade % rating increases, it is set to the
      maximum value of 200.
    XTSPVKKI :  The following class-changed classes get 1 additional Hit % increase
      at every level-up over their non-class-changed counterparts:  Master, White
      Wizard, and Black Wizard.  That translates to overall increases of 4%, 2%,
      and 2%, respectively per level-up instead of 3%, 1%, and 1%.  DOES NOT WORK
    XTSPVKKS :  All characters get a 4% increase in Hit % at every level up.  DOES
      <<<< MAGIC Codes >>>>
    SUOXVNVS :  Infinite Spell Points for CURE, CUR2, and CUR3 outside of battle!
    SLEUYEVS :  Infinite Spell Points for HEAL, HEL2, and HEL3 outside of battle!
    SUSZUNVS :  Infinite Spell Points for CUR4 outside of battle.
    SUOLIEVS :  Infinite Spell Points for PURE outside of battle.
    SUUUYEVS :  Infinite Spell Points for SOFT outside of battle.
    SUSUAEVS :  Infinite Spell Points for WARP outside of battle.
    SUNUPEVS :  Infinite Spell Points for EXIT outside of battle.
    TZXXSTPA :  Characters that aren't alive or that have been turned to stone
      can still use magic outside of battle.
    UZOLGAVU :  The HEAL, HEL2, and HEL3 spells will heal all characters to max
      when outside of battle!  Note that characters must be alive and not turned
      to stone in order to be healed.
    UXSZEYKU :  Outside of battle, after CUR4 is cast on someone, HP for all
      characters is restored to max.  Note that characters must be alive and not
      turned to stone in order to be healed.
    UXSZEYKU :  Outside of battle, after CUR4 is cast on someone, magic is
      completely restored for all characters.  Note that characters must be
      alive and not turned to stone in order to recover full magic.
    AAEXSLGP :  Any character class can buy any magic spell.
      <<<< ITEMS >>>>
    SZXUGUVK :  Infinite heal potions outside of battle.
    SZKUTUVK :  Infinite pure potions outside of battle.
    SZNLTUVK :  Infinite soft potions outside of battle.
    SXEUPXVK :  Infinite tents.
    SXXLTXVK :  Infinite cabins.
    SXKLLXVK :  Infinite houses.
    AEEUAZAP :  Tents can be used in dungeons.  If you save in a dungeon and then
      reset, you will appear outside of the dungeon.
    AEXLIZAP :  Cabins can be used in dungeons.  If you save in a dungeon and then
      reset, you will appear outside of the dungeon.
    AEKLZZIP :  Houses can be used in dungeons.  If you save in a dungeon and then
      reset, you will appear outside of the dungeon.
    XVOUALAV :  PURE and SOFT potions can revive defeated party members, as well
      as heal any other condition, instead of just the single condition that the
      name implies (PURE heals poison, etc.).  HEAL potions do not work.  Note
      that party members revived this way will have 0 HP instead of 1 and so should
      be healed before going into battle.
    GTXLZUTP :  Heal potions recover 100 HP outside of battle instead of 30.
    XYXLZUTO :  Heal potions recover 250 HP outside of battle instead of 30.
    GVEUIXTP :  Tents recover 100 HP for everyone, instead of 30.
    XNEUIXTO :  Tents recover 250 HP for everyone, instead of 30.
    INXUZXGU :  Cabins recover 125 HP for everyone, instead of 60.
    XNXUZXGU :  Cabins recover 250 HP for everyone, instead of 60.
    XNKLYXAN :  Houses recover 250 HP + Magic for everyone, instead of 120 HP +
      magic.  Due to a bug in the game, magic is recovered after you save with a
      house (if you do).  So, the restored magic isn't saved.  To get around that,
      save with a tent after using a house.
      <<<< DIFFICULTY >>>>
    TKKAVPIP :  Fight more Kyzoku at sea.. from a minimum of 4 up to 6.
    GOKENPPP :  Fight more Sharks at sea.. very often 2 at a time.
    YEKEXOPA :  While fighting at sea, sometimes you encounter a lone Shark.  This
      code pair makes it a Grey Shark, instead.  If used in conjunction with the
      code GOKENPPP, face up to 2.
    IUKAXUGU :  Instead of fighting a regular Vampire in the Earth Cave, fight a
      Wizard Vampire.  The colors are still that of a regular Vampire, though.
    GXVAVAPP :  It will be tougher to enter the Floating Castle when you have to
      face at least 2 Blue Dragons guarding the Transporter... up to 4!
    TNVAXELT :  The enemy guarding the Transporter in the Mirage Tower is, ah, a
      bit more difficult than a Blue Dragon... WarMech!  >:-)  The graphics and
      colors are still that of a Blue Dragon, though.
    GTXKYIZK :  When sailing on the ocean, fight monsters that normally appear on
      the entry floor of the Sea Shrine.
    TTXKYIZK :  When sailing on the ocean, fight monsters that would have appeared
      on the top floor of the Sea Shrine.  I say "would have", because there is a
      set of battles programmed for the top floor, but you never see them because
      battles do not occur there.  You can see the enemies in action with this code.
      Most of the encounters are normal Sea-Shrine variety, but there are 2 that
      feature RockGOLs.  Yes, I'm serious.  :-)
    PYXKYIZK :  When sailing on the ocean, fight monsters that normally appear on
      the Floor of Water in the last dungeon.  These are the among the hardest
      battles with sea creatures in the game!
    OZXKPSPE :  When travelling on rivers, the battles are always with the tougher
      river monsters from the northern regions.  This can make getting to and from
      the Volcano and Ice Cave a bit more challenging.  :^)
    YYKGYSAU :  Fight random battles with any overworld enemies anywhere, instead
      of only in certain regions of the map.  This may occasionally include battles
      that normally only take place in dungeons.
    PTKGTSPX :  Fight mostly dungeon enemies on the world map.  The easiest enemies
      are near the top of the map, while the tougher ones are near the middle and
      the bottom parts of the map.  For instance, in the area near Coneria that's
      south of the castle, fight enemies from the Ice Cave (including Sorcerors!!).
      <<<< PLOT-ALTERING codes >>>>    (Updated in Version 1.5)
    AEXVZLAP :  The bridge from Coneria is built and can be crossed at any time as
      long as this code pair is active.  If you're short on code space, then just
      use the first code.  In that case, then the bridge may be invisible but is
      still crossable.  The second code just makes the bridge visible.
    APVGOTEI :  Enter locked rooms without the Mystic Key.
    XTOPZLAV :  Wake the Elf Prince without having to have the HERB.
    AGVGYVGA :  The normal channel from the Aldi Sea to the ocean is always open as
      long as this code is active.  The channel may appear closed (if Nerrick
      hasn't cleared it), but you can just sail right through it!
    IOVKXIZE :  Enter and complete the Castle of Ordeals without the CROWN.  This
      code makes a liar out of the old man in the castle's entrance hall. ;-)
    XTEOGGAV :  Get the class change from Bahamut without having to
      "prove your courage".
    AONKLKAU :  Enter the Mirage Tower without the CHIME.
    XTNOILAV :  Get the XCalber sword from the blacksmith without having the
      Adamant!  Note that only Knights can equip it.
    AAEGNTST :  The final dungeon can be entered at any time.  These codes allow
      you to bypass the requirement of having all 4 orbs lit.  They let you remove
      the black orb in the Temple of Fiends and step into the time gate.
                ** NEW **
    AEEPTKAA :  Get the Canoe from the sage in Crescent City without first having to
      first restore the Earth Orb.  [BY REQUEST]
    XTSOPLAV :  Nerrick will open the canal to the outer ocean, even if you don't
      have the TNT.
    AXEPGLYX :  Get the Masmune from the dwarf blacksmith, instead of XCalber.
      Note that if you do this, there's no other normal way to get XCalber.
      <<<< NEW GAME >>>>
    NYKGIAAE :  This code is based on the 6-letter code NYGGIE that I discovered
      once back in the early days of guessing 6-letter codes.  :-)  This code
      erases your save game when you try to continue, but there's an interesting
      twist:  The spells and spell points for all characters from the previous game
      are not erased and therefore carry over into the new game.  Notes:
      * Depending on the level and class of characters in the previous game,
        you may start the new game with powerful spells and the MP to use them!
      * If you put non magic-users like Fighters, Thieves, and Black Belts into
        positions formerly occupied by magic users, then they will be able to use
        all of that magic right from the start, despite the fact that those classes
        cannot learn magic!
      * New magic users will have their current and maximum MP for Lv.1 reset to 2.
      * Make sure to save the game before turning off the NES or resetting, or else
        the spells and MP will be lost.
    PTKGTALT :  Same net effect as NYKGIAAE, except that it's non-destructive...
      meaning, it won't erase your saved game.  It will only have an effect if you
      start a new game.  If you reset after starting a new game and before saving
      that new game, the last saved game will still be there.
      <<<< MISCELLANEOUS codes >>>>
    AAXLALPP :  Can use Heal potions on characters that have been turned to stone.
    YUNEUUTX :  Ever wanted to see Garland's true form in the first encounter?
      Here's your chance..  If you're playing on a NES, you can just use the first
      3 codes.  The colors will be wrong, but it's still the right enemy.  Fight
      him and see for youself. :-}  Don't expect to last long...
    AXSAIILA :  Giants give 8303 exp. points each instead of 879.
    PLKOVUGO :  Instead of getting gold after battle, get that amount of heal
      potions instead.  If the amount is larger than 255, then get both heal and
      pure potions.
      Note:  This code can serve as a basis to manipulate other game data.  The
      pair codes below are mainly for those who know how to manipulate GG codes to
      change the value and feel like doing some experimenting.  For example, if you
      pair this code with any ONE of the following, ...  (you cannot use more than
      one of these codes below at a time)
      PTSPXLAT :  Manipulate character stats/equipment instead.
      LTSPXLAT :  Manipulate character spell-data or current/max MP.
      ZTSPXLAT :  Manipulate plot data instead. (not recommended)
    Notes about specific codes:
    [1] Plot-alteration codes:
      These codes allow you to bypass certain parts of the game by removing the
      requirement of having certain items to activate other plot points.  I only
      checked to make sure that these codes work as described.  Their effects have
      not been tested for wider impact on the story's progression.  So, be careful
      when using these codes.
    [2] Code LEEPOGPA - 3 Spell-Point gains:
      This note only applies if you don't use the Spell-Point limit-remover code.
      If the new number of Spell Points for a given level is 10 for regular magic
      using classes or 5 for Knights and Ninjas, then that spell level will only
      gain 2 Spell Points instead of 3.  This has to do with how the game is
      programmed.  This can happen a maximum of one time per character per
      spell level and may not happen at all.
    Copyright notice
    This document is Copyright 2001+ by Paul D. Shoener III (Paulygon).  It
    may not be published or otherwise made available in whole or in part in any
    way without my express permission.  I can be contacted at the e-mail address
    specified at the top of this document.  Please drop me a line if you wish to
    post this document on your website.  That is all. =)
    Thanks go out to:
    * Square (now Square-Enix), for making such a great game in the first place.
    * Tony Hedstrom, for testing some of the codes, feedback on some of my
      other FAQs, and the nice conversations about code creation, etc.
    * CaitMage, for testing a few codes, but mainly for the pleasant e-mail
      conversations and for being a good friend.
    * The regulars on the GameFAQs Final Fantasy message board for some code ideas
      and feedback.
    * Alex Jackson, wmage, Disch_ and other ROM hacking and technical veterans of
      the GameFAQs Final Fantasy message board for new discoveries in the game that
      are an excellect source for new codes.
    Version History
    1.0:  April 7, 2001.  First version.
    1.1:  September 26, 2001.
          +  Added the EQUIPMENT category and 2 codes for it.
          +  Revised the difficulty code for Kyzoku.  Fight from 4 to 6 of them.
    1.2:  October 21, 2001.
          +  Added a new code for battle magic (Infinite Spell Points!).
          +  Added the LEVEL-UP category and 6 codes for it.
    1.3:  August 22, 2002.  Big update.
          +  New WORLD MAP category.
          +  Updated description of a MONEY code:  AOXKSAAA.
          +  Added new BATTLE codes.
          +  Added new LEVEL-UP codes.
          +  Added new FIELD codes.
          +  Added a new ITEMS code.
          +  Fixed two DIFFICULTY codes and updated descriptions of others.
          +  Fixed a PLOT-ALTERATION code and updated descriptions of others.
          +  Added a new MISCELLANEOUS code.
          +  Added a Credits section.
    1.4:  May 7, 2004.  Another big update.  I found most of these new codes not
          long after version 1.3 was released, but I had forgotten about them until
          recently.  Sorry!  :-)
          +  Added new FIELD codes.
          +  Added new BATTLE/MISC codes.
          +  Added new LEVEL-UP codes.
          +  Added new MAGIC codes.
          +  Added new ITEM codes.
          +  Added new DIFFICULTY codes.
          +  Added new MISCELLANEOUS codes.
          +  New NEW GAME category.
          +  Minor wording changes here and there.
    1.5:  September 3, 2005.  Not as big of an update, but there are some very
          interesting new codes.
          +  Added new FIELD codes.
          +  Added new BATTLE/MISC codes.
          +  Added new PLOT-ALTERATION codes.
          +  Minor wording changes here and there.

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