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    Boss FAQ by AKishan

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 08/02/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Final Fantasy Boss Guide
    Version 2.0
    By Amar Kishan on 8/2/01
    The latest version of this FAQ can be found at:
    This is a Boss Guide for Final Fantasy (NES).   If you have anything to 
    add, just contact me at: amar_kishan@hotmail.com.  I hope you enjoy the guide.  
    If you wish to use this guide for any purposes (other than use for help), please 
    email me first.  This guide is not to be reproduced in anyway without my 
    permission first.  This guide is copyright 1999-2001 Amar Kishan.
    ii.) FORMAT
    This guide covers several things in a particular format, which is useful to know 
    in order to use the guide.
    Boss Format:
    - Added list of special attacks
    - Added EXP and GP rewards
    - Fixed Format
    - New strategies
    - Added Credits
    - Added HURRICANE to the spell list
    - Added more explanations
    - Added Credits
    - First version
    i.) Introduction
    ii.) Version History
    iii.) Format
    iv.) Table of Contents
    I.) Explanation
    II.) Special Attacks
    III.) Bosses
    IV.) Credits/Disclaimer
    In Final Fantasy, all the enemies have a nasty assortment of special
    attacks and magic. Let's look at the EYE, for example.  It has a magic
    list: XXXX, BRAK, RUB, LIT2, HOLD, MUTE, SLOW, and SLEP.  If the Eye
    chooses to use magic, it will only use the magic in this order, and when
    it finishes using SLEP it restarts with XXXX.  The same goes for special
    attacks.  As the bosses get stronger, they tend to use magic and special
    attacks more than anything else.  They don't have mp limits, either.
    Here is a list of the special attacks that the boss use and their effect
    (thanks to Ben Siron's guide).
    NAME                EFFECT
    BLAZE               Up to 220 damage to the party (Fire)
    BLIZZARD            Up to 200 damage to the party (Ice)
    CRACK               instantly kills the party
    DAZZLE              Stuns one party member
    GAZE                Stuns one party member
    GLANCE              Petrifies one party member
    HURRICANE           Up to 400 damage to the party
    INFERNO             Up to 384 damage to the party (Fire)
    INK                 Causes darkness to the party
    NUCLEAR             Up to 400 damage to the party
    POISON              Up to 260 damage to the party (Poison)
    SQUINT              Kills one party member
    STARE               Up to 80 damage to one party member
    SWIRL               Up to 256 damage to the party
    THUNDER             Up to 300 damage to the party (Lit)
    TORNADO             Up to 256 damage to the party
    Location:  Temple of Fiends
    HP:        106
    Weakness:  Fire
    Reward:    130 EXP, 250 GP
    Strategy: Fighters, thieves, and black belts should attack.  Red and Black
    Mages should cast FIRE, and White Mages should cast Ruse or Cure.
    Location:  Pravoka
    HP:        6 each
    Weakness:  Sleep
    Reward:    40 EXP, 40 GP [Each]
    Strategy: Every character should be able to kill a pirate in one hit,
    although Black and White Mages may need two hits.  If, for some reason,
    you have trouble, cast SLEP on the pirates.
    WIZARDS (Variable #)
    Location:  Marsh Cave
    HP:        84 each
    Weakness:  Lit
    Reward:    276 EXP, 300 GP
    Strategy: The wizards can attack for quite a bit of damage.  Have
    Fighters, Thieves, and Black Belts attack, while your Red or Black Mages
    cast LIT2 to severely damage the Wizards.  Not much of a boss, you'll see
    these later as normal enemies.
    Location:  Northwestern Castle
    HP:        168
    Weakness:  None
    Magic:     RUB, SLO2, FAST, FIR2, LIT2, SLOW, DARK, SLEP
    Reward:    2250 EXP, 2000 GP
    Strategy:  Before fighting him, switch your worst character to the top
    position.  This character is most likely to be leveled by Astos' RUB
    spell.  Right after his RUB attack, Astos will cast SLO2, which you should
    counter with FAST or TMPR (if it hits an attacker).  The best way to kill
    Astos is to FAST your big attackers and hope Astos doesn't RUB them out. 
    Since Astos doesn't have much HP, he'll be gone after a few rounds of good
    Location:  Earth Cave
    HP:        156
    Weakness:  Fire, Harm
    Special:   Dazzle
    Reward:    1200 EXP, 2000 GP
    Strategy:  Have Thieves, Fighters, and Black Belts attack.  Red and Black
    Mages should cast FIRE of FIR2, while White Mages stick to HRM2 or HRM3
    (if you have it).  This foe is very easy; he'll appear as a normal enemy
    later on.
    Location:  Earth Cave
    HP:        400
    Weakness:  Fire, Harm
    Magic:     ICE2, SLP2, FAST, LIT2, HOLD, FIR2, SLOW, SLEP
    Reward:    2200 EXP, 3000 GP
    Strategy:  This is your first true boss battle.  Lich uses ICE2 near the
    start of the battle, so it might not help to cast AICE.  Also, you'll want
    to kill Lich before he uses FIR2, meaning you shouldn't waste time on
    AFIR.  Cast FAST and TMPR on your heavy attackers (Fighters, Black Belts)
    with your Black or Red Mage.  Cure or cast HRM2 or HRM3 with your White
    Mage (perhaps ALIT as well), and attack with everyone else.  Fir3 doesn't
    do a lot of damage to Lich, but it does more than your Black Mage could
    deal, so use it.
    Location:  Gurgu Volcano
    HP:        600
    Weakness:  Stun, Sleep
    Magic:     FIR2, DARK, FIR2, DARK, FIR2, HOLD, FIR2, HOLD
    Reward:    2475 EXP, 3000 GP
    Strategy:  This is your second true boss battle.  Your mages should open
    up with AFIR and FAST, then cure and cast SLO2/SLO on Kary to reduces the
    number of hits she gets.  Everyone else should attack.  Oddly, Kary is not
    weak to Ice, so don't use Ice spells.
    Location:  Ice Cave
    HP:        162
    Weakness:  None
    Magic Attacks: XXXX, BRAK, RUB, LIT2, HOLD, MUTE, SLOW, SLEP
    Special Attacks: GLANCE, SQUINT, GAZE, and STARE
    Reward:    3225 EXP, 3225 GP
    Strategy: Your main goal is to kill this guy before he can kill you with
    his powerful instant death attacks.  Fortunately, this guy has low HP, so
    in one or two rounds he'll be toast.  You can use spells like FIR3 if you
    ZOMBIED (Variable #)
    Location:  Castle of Ordeal
    HP:        268
    Weakness:  Fire, Harm
    Reward:    2331 EXP, 999 GP
    Strategy: Fry the ZombieDragons with FIR2, FIR3, HRM2, and/or HRM3.  You
    should attack with all other characters.  The Mage Staff could help if you
    use it as an item in battle.
    Location:  Ice Cave
    HP:        800
    Weakness:  Lit3
    Special:   INK
    Reward:    4245 EXP, 5000 GP
    Strategy: This foe is the hardest of the four Fiends.  He hits quite a few
    times for massive damage.  FAST your Masters, Knights, and Ninjas and have
    them attack.  Have your White Wizard on hold for casting CUR3 or CUR4. 
    After FASTing, your Black and Red Wizards should cast LIT3.
    Location:  Mirage Tower
    HP:        454
    Weakness:  Fire
    Special:   BLIZZARD
    Reward:    3274 EXP, 2000 GP
    Strategy: This foe is strong against LIT spells. Have your Ninjas,
    Masters, and Knights take care of this fight.  You can cast FIR3 to end
    the battle quick, if you want.
    WARMECH (Variable #)
    Location:  Sky Castle
    HP:        1000
    Weakness:  None
    Special:   NUCLEAR
    Reward:    32000 EXP, 32000 GP
    Strategy: WarMech is hard.  His NUCLEAR attack takes off anywhere from
    100-400 HP, so keep CUR3 or CUR4 handy.  FAST Ninjas, Masters, and Knights
    with your Black and Red Wizards right off the bat.  While they attack,
    Black Wizards should cast NUKE and Red Wizards should stand by/heal/or
    cast INV2.  If you can, use FADE with your White Wizard.  He'll go down
    Location:  Sky Castle
    HP:        1000
    Weakness:  Bane, Brak
    Reward:    5496 EXP, 6000 GP
    Strategy: Tiamat is very easy.  Right off the bat, try BANE or BRAK on
    Tiamat.  On occasion, this will get rid of him immediately.  If that
    fails, simply FAST your attackers and use NUKE and FADE.
    Location:  Temple of Fiends
    HP:        360
    Weakness:  Fire, Harm
    Special:   GLARE
    Reward:    1 EXP, 1 GP
    Strategy: Simply attack him and he should die in one turn.
    Location:  Temple of Fiends
    HP:        500
    Weakness:  Harm
    Magic:     NUKE, STOP, ZAP!, XXXX
    Reward:    2000 EXP, 1 GP
    Strategy: Have everyone but Black Wizards and White Wizards attack.  Black
    Wizards should use NUKE (if you have 3 charges of it) and White Wizards
    should use HRM3 or HRM4.  He may be able to NUKE you before you can defeat
    him; hopefully that won't kill your White Wizard.
    Location:  Temple of Fiends
    HP:        700
    Weakness:  None
    Magic:     FIR3, RUB
    Reward:    2000 EXP, 1 GP
    Strategy: Use AFIR with your Red/White Wizard, then hammer away at Kary
    with physical attacks (you can use FAST with your Ninja to increase # of hits).
    Location:  Temple of Fiends
    HP:        900
    Weakness:  None
    Magic:     LIT2
    Special:   INK
    Reward:    2000 EXP, 1 GP
    Strategy: Just hammer away at him with physical attacks and LIT3.  He can
    still deal a lot of damage, but your primary concern is to take him out
    (obviously, you should heal if you need to).
    Location:  Temple of Fiends
    HP:        1100
    Weakness:  None
    Magic:     BANE, ICE2, LIT2, FIR2
    Reward:    2000 EXP, 1 GP
    Strategy: Tiamat is still not too hard.  Have your Ninja FAST a Knight or
    Master, then hammer away at Tiamat with physical attacks.  If you have 2
    charges of NUKE left, you CAN use on here, but I would save it for the
    final boss.
    Location:  Temple of Fiends
    HP:        2000
    Weakness:  None
    Magic:     ICE3, LIT3, SLO2, CUR4, FIR3, ICE2, FAST, NUKE
    Reward:    None
    Strategy: If your levels are not in the high 30s or low 40s, you'll have
    problems with Chaos and his CUR4 spell.  Since this spell comes up pretty
    early, one way to deal with Chaos is to power up until he uses CUR4, then
    kill him in the next few rounds.  First off, FAST and TMPR your attackers.
    Have your White and Red Wizards use INV2.  Also, have your White Wizard
    cast WALL on him/herself.  As soon as Chaos casts CUR4, knock him out with
    physical attacks and NUKE.  If your levels ARE high and you have a Master,
    FAST him and another attacker and Chaos should die before he can use CUR4.
    Brett Fisher <nbjrock@hotmail.com>: Information on Hurricane.
    Ben Siron <bensiron@cco.caltech.edu>: Boss attack patterns and special
    attack explanations.
    Squaresfot: Making this excellent game.
    Disclaimer: This guide is copyright 1999-2001 Amar Kishan, and Final
    Fantasy is copyright 1987 Squaresoft.  This guide is not official. Do
    not distribute or upload at all without my permission.  This guide cannot
    be reproduced in any way without my permission.

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