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"The first game of the most reveared RPG series of all time. How did it fare? Not bad at all."

Squaresoft, (I guess) in jealosy of Enix for making an RPG series called Dragon Quest created the Final Fantasy series. That's what I heard from it. Square was sopposivly going to make FF come out earlier than DQ but technical problems came about and that didn't happen. Well, anyway, this has started a war with Enix and Square which Square has been winning lately. Well, the first ''Final Fantasy'' was actually quite good compared to Enix's first ''Dragon Quest''. That's what I'm here for, to tell you *WHY*!

Graphics: 6/10

-For the Famicon they were pretty good to me. I liked the map a lot, and the characters/enemies looked cool. I also liked some of the spells that they did in this game. The characters also looked even cooler when they got (oops: that could be a spolier) my fault. Anyway the graphics were good at that time, but look like junk from certin people's perspectives. I personally think they look good, but that's just me and my old school thoughts. Ah well, if you have to think back to that time, then you have to say they are 6/10 material, so there ya go!

Sound: 6/10

-Ouch, not that great stuff here people. I mean the Famicon can only do so much, but then again, *I* can only take so much. The world music was done OK, and so was the battle, but the boss music was definitly ''wierd'' not to mention a lot of towns music going down the drain. They have a few good tunes here, and they keep it going throughout the series, just in better quality. If the quality was better, even with the same tracks it would at least be a 7/10, but that's the Famicon for you, not to many games have good quality sound. But then again, I didn't really expect them to, either.

Story: 6/10

-I thought it was OK. It didn't blow me away, but it was decent enough for me to play through the game with. It was the first for the series, and it had some strong points, but it also had too many times where it dragged, and character development was next to none. Well, it was one of the first RPG's out there, what can I say?

Gameplay: 9/10

-Ah, even back in the 80's Square knew how to throw in good gameplay. At the begining of the game you can choose your four warriors. You can make a team of four fighters if you wanted or two fighters, and two white mages. Or a Fighter, Monk, White Mage, and a Black Mage. It's all up to you! You also get to ''change'' halfway through the game with that certin character EX White Mage changes into White Wizard. Thief changes into Ninja ect. It leads to high replay value just because of the number of possible parties to use. Now it would have helped for better sound/story but still this had way more replay value than DQ I which had next to none. The menu was good for the time, and easy to get through as well. The gameplay really saved this game. It really did.

Overall: 7/10

Conclusion: If your a big fan of Final Fantasy's from say starting at VII and have yet to play such classic's as VI, V, IV, and I. Then by all means, play this game for the fact that not every RPG had graphics like FFVII and VIII yet they were still good games when you looked past that. Well, for the time FFVI had excellent graphics, and I still love em today. Oh well ... This game only has one catagory over ''average'' and that's gameplay which COUNTS. It really saves the game from the craper at a decent 7/10.

Mildly Recommended



Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 10/19/00, Updated 10/19/00

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