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"This game needs more bad reviews"

Ok, I am typing this for the following reasons:

A. VARIATION-needs freedom of speech
B. ESTABLISH FAITH IN GAMEFAQS-this game has received far too many positive reviews and I need to make a critical analysis to regain the faith of people who share my opinion

This game is highly outdated, and it's concepts have been infinitely improved upon as role-playing has progressed. There is no reason to give this game such high ratings over more modern RPG's, especially the newer installments in the final fantasy series.

Allow me to state that I am not a fan of NES RPG's; nevertheless, I do think there are better RPG's on the NES than Final Fantasy one (such as Earthbound, Ultima, or Dragon Quest), and that all these series have, at the very least, been improved upon derivatively or innovatively in the past 20 years. Thus, I think this game is essentially obsolete.


STORY 5/10-Run off the mill RPG. You get a prologue that tells you to rescue a princess, and then once you do that your off on your journey of just going through a bunch of dungeons.

MUSIC- 5 out of 10

The battle theme was obnoxious. Nothing else was particularly great, so there is no need to over-rate the music. The victory theme was more memorable than anything else.

GAMEPLAY-6 out of 10-The gameplay set a lot of good precedents, but simply does not hold up to today's standards. Gameplay of the sequels for this game were improved upon just on the Nintendo, and as far as today is concerned this game has been plainly outclassed.
I will give credit to it's sophistication. Although I found Dragon Quest to be more fun, I do concede that Final Fantasy's gameplay is more innovative and sophisticated by the standards of NES RPGs. Just not that fun, and a bit too challenging.

GRAPHICS 5 out of 10-I think they're even worse than Dragon Quest's. This is not par graphics, even for the NES. The battle mode graphics are crap, with the black background, and I did not like the monster designs to the same extent I did in Dragon Quest 1, and even older game.

OVERALL-5, this game set a lot of good precedents, but it is simply not a great game, even by NES RPG standards. It was improved upon in it's sequels, and in my opinion is just not as fun as it's dragon quest equivalent. It seems all the reviewers are not willing to see this game for what it is; innovative but highly outdated, even in it's own time.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 08/07/08

Game Release: Final Fantasy (US, 05/31/90)

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