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"Pioneer? Yes. So???"

Final Fantasy is a RPG developed by SquareSoft. As far as I know FF1 and Dragon Warrior are the Pioneers of the console style RPGs. But besides its historical value is it actually good. In my opinion it's far from it…

Story: 6.8/10
Presentation: 3/10

Maybe I should cut some slack to the game in this section… then again everyone is talking about how wonderful the story is so I think I must make things clear. The basic premise is… err… basic(…). You know… a bad guy will destroy the world and you must stop him. Apart from that nothing else… its not until the very end that you will actually get to learn more about the plot… most of the time its like: You enter a town, you talk to someone, he says, “The earth is corrupt, kill the fiend that's doing this”, you go, you kill and then move on… final verdict: Not a game you play for its plot.

Gameplay: 4/10
Replay Value: 3/10

This is the main cheese and it doesn't taste so well. Final Fantasy is amongst the pioneers of console RPGs like Dragon Warrior, but that doesn't actually mean that it is good. Lets analyze things a bit. You have a team or warriors, you go into towns and talk to people to find clues, buy stuff like equipment and healing potions and then start roaming the world to find enemies to find… and there starts the main problem of the game, the one that ultimately destroys it. The battles are the archetype of RPG games. You choose the actions your characters will perform and then wait since everything is turn based. You win you gain EXP and after some EXP you level up, increasing your Stats. In the beginning of the game you can form a party of 4 heroes by choosing among 6 quite distinct for the time classes, the Fighter, the Monk, the Thief, and the Black Mage, White and Red Mage. Fighters simply fight, Monks can fight barehanded, Thieves are fast and agile, Black & White Mages use destructive\healing magic and the Red Mage can use a little bit of both and at the same time fight a bit better. So what's the problem? Well random encounters start WAY too often and are so, so, so damn sloooooow… I've almost committed suicide after watching my “heroes” battle in 2-3 fights. Not only the fights are slow but they are also unrewarding. In order to gain enough levels to survive the next dungeon you must kill a LOT of enemies. There is no real strategy to keep you interested, there isn't something to balance things out, the battles are simply boring…

Graphics & Design: 6.9/10
Sound & Music: 5.7/10

Quite nice for a NES game I might say… not something extraordinary but good nonetheless. The medieval setting of the cave is pretty basic, with typical areas like castles, towns, caves, forests, dungeons and so on but they are nicely designed. The enemies have nice designed although non of them are exactly original, not to mention that most of them are actually differently colored clones. Also the battles are pretty static, unlike FF 2 and 3 but they are ok I guess. The music of the game isn't something to die for, apart from the primeval version of the famous Prologue theme most of the themes are just nice and nothing special like the rest of the series.

-Nice graphics
-6 character classes to choose from
-If it weren't for this we wouldn't have FF6 and FF7

-Extremely slow and boring battles
-The plot although somewhat good takes a backseat throughout the game

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Overall: 4.9/10

-Insert wise-ass Outro about the game being too boring and overhyped and something about the fanboys of the franchise or something-

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 09/28/10

Game Release: Final Fantasy (US, 05/31/90)

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