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"This is the game that started it all!"


Final Fantasy is the game that started it all, atleast in the U.S. It changed the way RPG's are made today. As in any final fantasy game, it has a story which involves several heros trying to defend their land,and get rid of evil. This game is a masterpiece in its time and the onlyother NES games that are comparable in terms of RPG value are from the Dragon Warrior series , which were released after Final Fantasy.This game set the standard for RPG's and has gone on to produce other hitssuch as FF2(SNES), FF3(SNES), FF Mystic Quest, FF7(Playstation), FF Legend 1,2, & 3(GB), and FF adventure(Game Boy), not to mention theupcoming FF8 for Playstation.


The gameplay is fairly simple, but at the time of production it was firstrate. There are many options like changing armor, weapons, ect... It is fairly easy to learn the controls and to get through the menus. Walking around towns and the world map is self explanatory.


The graphics are simple, but they seem to have an edge on other NES games.The battle scenes were revolutionary at the time and the world map wasneat and easy to locate places.

Closing Coments

Final Fantasy is a must have for true RPGers, and is well worth the $30-40it will cost you to buy a NES and the game at your local Funcoland or other used game stores. The game comes with an 80+ page booklet filledwith info or weapons, armor, ect.. I give this game a rating of 9 outof 10 only because it is on the NES. In its day it would have been an11 but after palying the other Final Fantasy games, it will have to take the 9.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 11/01/99

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