Review by Jeezus

Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 11/01/99

For the old school or the new school of game players, there's nothing more artistic than this...

This is it, this is the game. Where it all began ( kind of )... if you're a newbie and just got to play the SNES and Playstation's Final Fantasy and you enjoyed it ( even if you didn't ) then you must play this game, it's the whole essence of the saga.

The story of the game is actually simple but there's the suspense of it that surprises most. You begin the game calmly in a simple town and you suddenly are on a mission, during the entire game you go all around the world and mess with things you wouldn't imagine messing with and you just forget that first mission, and suddenly, near the end... it all makes a completed puzzle. This is the kind of thing that makes a good RPG, that makes it worth playing.

The graphics of it are astounding, at the time I played it when I was little, it was all really amazing and beautiful... now that I'm much much older, I look at it and still think of it as amazing and wonderful. I am daring to make a very equal comparision to the new Playstation games.

The music and sounds, well, it simply rules... comparing to the much cleaner sounds of the Playstation or SNES, the NES seems to be a very poor MIDI player but when you forget about such feeble comparisions, the sounds of this game have the same intensity as of any of the supposedly "perfect" ones of today.

The game is even fairly fast and the fights and movements of it are in a perfect speed, it doesn't take much time to play the whole of it and yet it feels as an immense game.The controls, well, to sum it all up... my sister is 8 years old and she ended the entire game without any help... I don't think anyone really will have a problem with this.

Ah hell, it's just a plain great game, it's the classic of all classics.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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