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Dax Paradox!

The original game that started it all! Final Fantasy was supposed to be the last game Squaresoft was going to make before their shortage of money into bankruptcy. A man named Hironobu Sakaguchi decided to make a Role-playing game that had a plot twist to it. Something revolutionary like this couldn't be passed up. In the year 1987, Final Fantasy was born. Not even 3 years later, the game was translated and shipped to the states. Although one of my most nostalgic compilations, Final Fantasy does have more bad games than good ones. I for one like this game, but despise this version. In fact, it really is almost unplayable.

For its time, I'm sure there have been no other story induced Role-playing games back then. However, every time one goes back to this game, the plot makes less sense each and every time. The plot states that there are 4 Warriors of light trying to revive the four crystals. By adventuring high and low players will descend through many different dungeons to find the crystals. Lukahn's Prophecy states that darkness will corrupt the land; then, the 4 chosen warriors will stand up against the evil hordes of monsters and save the world! Although I'm more prompt to the presentation of a good plot, I still enjoy talking to the many denizens of the world for hints and neat pointers. However I do have to say that the plot doesn't present itself in a good manner. Even the later remakes still fall flat with configuring this mess.

Results: 4.5/10

Now I know that this is really ripping on the game too much, but the battles take WAY too long for anyone to enjoy it for a long period of time. In fact, multiple times have I had to stop playing because of pure boredom for the game. The tedious slow-paced dialogue makes it worse. There is also a nasty glitch that allows you to attack dead enemies. So you have to actually figure out how much hit points the enemy has left, otherwise you'll have your guys go all out on 1 little Imp, wasting an entire turn. Battles really are the dread of the game.

But I like the different scenarios you go through. Environmental areas consist of Ice Caverns, Fortresses, Temples and an Undersea Cavern! Going into different areas always make me curious and brings up my motivation to progress to the bosses.

Results: 2/10

Nothing too amazing about the music, but it does have a few good tunes that pop out in the game. Matoya's Cave, Flying Fortress and the last Dungeon have pretty neat themes to them. The sound effects do get a little annoying, but it's not much of a distraction. Overall I think anyone can agree that the music is just fine and dandy. The only thing I wish indifferently is adding at least 1 more battle tune in the game. Final Fantasy Origins added a lot more songs to the soundtrack. Fighting a six foot dragon sounds much more climactic when being paired up with some intense music.

Results: 8/10

-Fun Factor/Replay Value-
I like the game a lot. I try to play all of the different versions of the game possible. Bar-none Final Fantasy doesn't get any more bare-bones than the first installment, yet I always see myself playing it at least once in a Blue Moon. I like this version a lot as does everybody else that appreciates the game for what it revolutionized. Playing through the whole experience on the NES is really fun, but unless you have an abundance of patience, I would only make one play-through of it if I were you. The Playstation version trumps this one in almost every single way. Updated orchestrated music, along with better sound effects make a laughing stock of this version. Origins also has a quicker battle system, better level up system for you to keep track of the stat growths, and some amazing graphical updates. Final Fantasy on the Nintendo is good; however the bad aspects make it a one time deal.

Results: 5/10

I think it is safe to say that all turn-based games have excellent controls. There isn't any broken sudden movements or bad camera angles. The game is simplified to have near perfect controls. The con of it is that you always walk in the game. You can't run any faster in the dungeons or in towns, so getting to places is a little bit more work. I'm just grateful the character isn't super slow.

Results: 9/10

Many differences can be said about the game; but whether you like it or not, it is partially flawed. Learn to be patient if you play this version. You don't have to be subjugated to my opinion, I just thought that the game could have done a lot better. Origins has better game-play, and the battles are quicker. The story is also not convoluted like the Nintendo Entertainment System's version. But that should not stop you from playing Final Fantasy. Just buy Origins or Dawn of Souls for a better standard. If you're wanting a reasonable challenge, the NES version has just that.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Product Release: Final Fantasy (US, 05/31/90)

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