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"A triumph"

Ah, the other first installment of a legendary rpg series. Unlike its competitor, Final Fantasy is an amazing game for a first effort, showing creativity and inspiration in every aspect of its execution. If anything, Final Fantasy is expansive, with multitudes of weapons, spells, locations, and characters to meet. In every area Dragon Warrior failed, Final Fantasy succeeded.

Graphics: 9
Unlike the tiled cheapness of Dragon Warrior, Final Fantasy takes a more realistic approach to the graphics, with continents that are curved and rounded, as are the forests and other details. Tiles are still used a great deal in towns, but buildings actually look like buildings. The monster look as good as those of Dragon Warrior, but there are more of them, they are larger, and the bosses especially are large and impressive looking. Battles have a little background wallpaper to show where you are fighting. Very impressive for the nes.

Music: 10
Some of the most beautifully crafted music of any nes game is from the original Final Fantasy. Uematsu let out all his good ideas the first time here, with many memorable themes making their first appearance. Completely superior to the music of any nes Dragon Warrior game. The battle music is energetic and enjoyable to hear, even over and over.

Gameplay: 10
A huge world to explore. Tons of weapons, tons of spells, tons of different enemy types. A ship for the ocean, and an airship for later. Elemental affiliations of monsters and spells for more strategy in battle. Four characters in your party. For a first game in a series that still had time for two sequels on the nes before moving on, the large amount of features found here is incredible. This is a complete game, not just something to be built upon later. As if all that weren't enough for such an early game, you also get to choose your party at the very beginning, from six preset classes. Any party you want. You can go for balance with a fighter, thief, white mage and black mage, or go crazy with four fighters, or suicidal with four black mages. Anything you want. This adds huge replay, and the game is balanced enough to make any party a challenge, but no party impossible. A masterpiece of rpg game design.

Concept: 10
The real forefather of modern console rpgs. In addition to all the great gameplay ideas present, the story is very original and complete. It revolves around a time vortex and the gradual decay of the planet, and is far from some ''go kill the evil thingy'' affair.

You should play this game if:
you're a huge fan of the playstation games, just to see how little the series has really changed over the years.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/24/01, Updated 02/24/01

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