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"Needed to Play this Game: Lots of Patience!"

Don't get me wrong about this game, after all I do like it a lot. So why do I feel compelled to give the game a score of just seven? Well, there is a severe lack of replay value due to the fact that it is so freaking hard to gain levels and gold in the game. Otherwise, it is a good, not great, RPG, the first from SquareSoft (ever hear of them?) The main problem that I had with this game is the fact that the game takes a lot of patience in order to beat. What do I mean by this? For instance, you have to spend an incredible amount of time raising your levels and buliding some gold up before you can do anything. This means that you'll basically go around walking around, killing enemies just to build levels. After a while, it really gets boring. I remember I used to quit playing this game after a while, just because the game got so boring to play after a while. I mean, I am not going to sit around and waste my time fighting some wussy enemies over and over again. However, I did eventually decide to beat the game. After I got by that rough part, the game turned to be pretty darn fun! Therefore, I reccomend playing this game, if you have the pateince to sit through the boring early parts of the game! Now, on with my updated review to Final Fantasy for the Nintendo Entertainment System!

STORYLINE (7.2/10)
First off, if you are expecting a grand and complicated storyline like the ones featured in Final Fantasy 7 or Final Fantasy 8, you are going to be severly disappointed. Mainly because this game came out long before SquareSoft really had much creativity when it came to storylines. The storyline in this game is your basic RPG plot: Save the world from the evil monsters. Of course, it is a little more complicated than that, and does involve some crystals of sorts (although not quite to the level of a Final Fantasy 4 or a Final Fantasy 5). Still, it is not the best storyline I have ever seen, but I got to give props to SquareSoft for coming up with a decent storyline for its first try. The storyline may not be perfect, but I am still impressed with SquareSoft for this storyline, considering it is their first attempt. Overall, the storyline in Final Fantasy for the Nintendo Entertainment System may not be perfect, but the storyline is still good for a first attempt by SquareSoft. Just don't expect an incredible storyline.

GRAPHICS (7.2/10)
These graphics are pretty good, I do not care whether they are from a nintendo game or not, they still aren;t great. The character and enemy designs aren't that good, and you got to love the fact that most of the backgrounds are the same (yeah right). And SMcFadden (gotta get in the Rock's type of speech) absolutely loves the most electrifying title screen ever seen (ya right). The biggest problem that I have with these graphics are the fact that the graphics during the battle are not that good at all. I mean, all you see is 4 characters on the right hand side, and some enemies on the left. So what's the problem? They're seperated by friggin rectangles! So the characters are in the right hand side (in a small rectangle) and the enemies are in the left hand side (in a large square). What's the point of that? I mean, it really could have been better designed. Overall, the graphics in Final Fantasy for the Nintendo Entertainment System are really not great, but they still are okay, especially for an old Nintendo Entertainment System game.

MUSIC/SOUND (9.1/10)
The music and sound effects in Final Fantasy for the Nintendo Entertainment System are surprisngly good. First off, the music. The music in Final Fantasy for the Nintendo Entertainment System is GREAT. It may not be as good as the music in the Famicom sequels, but the music in the original is still pretty good. I am not a huge fan of the battle theme, but it is still decent. And who could forget the classic victory music? In fact, the victory music is still used even today (as evidenced by Final Fantasy 7 and Final Fantasy 8). Sound effect wise, Final Fantasy for the Nintendo Entertainment System may not have the perfect sound effects, but the sound effects both inside and outside of battle are great! Overall, the music and sound effects in Final Fantasy for the Nintendo Entertainment System are great!

CONTROL (8.2/10)
The control is good but sometimes it is very difficult to navigate between the menus. Also, walking around outside could get to be a chore after a while, because due to the shape of the Nintendo Entertainment System controller it hurts your hand to walk around after a while, because there is no analog control. Regardless, the control in Final Fantasy is great, and just as good as the control in the other Final Fantasy games. Overall, the control in Final Fantasy for the Nintendo Entertainment System is above average.

GAMEPLAY (8.2/10)
Final Fantasy is a snoozefest for the first part of the game, then gets fun for a while, then turns into a snoozefest again. It is fun until you have to spend a few hours fighting wimpy enemies trying to accumalate enough gold to buy some armor (23,000 G for armor?!?) Otherwise, the gameplay is fun and classic Final Fantasy all the way. Can you beleive that it has been 12 years since the world was introduced to this game? Who would have known that the Final Fantasy series would become as huge as it would today? And this game has a lot to do with the rise of the Final Fantasy series into the powerhouse that it is today. If you can get by the boring opening parts of the game (the parts where you have to build up insane amounts of gold), you will find a great and classic fun game to play! Overall, the gameplay in Final Fantasy for the Nintendo Entertainment System is great, fun, and classic!

You'll want to play it until you beat it, for sure. But once you beat it, the magic may disappear. Why? The main reason is the fact that you do have to build up all that gold and levels again. Also, there really isn't much secret stuff to find in the game, which really takes away from the fun factor and replay value of the game.

Final Fantasy for the Nintendo Entertainment System may not be the toughest game of all time, but it definetly provides a decent challenge for the newbies to the game. The bosses are pretty tough (especially that damn Eye in the Ice Cave) and building up gold and levels can provide a decent challenge as well.

OVERALL (8.2/10)
Only for the patient, although there is fun to be had. It may not be the perfect game, but it is a great first attempt for what would turn out to be a long running and classic series.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 05/14/00, Updated 07/16/01

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