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Reviewed: 05/02/01 | Updated: 05/02/01

The game that started the magic

When I started to play this game, a few years ago, I didn't expect much. Sure the Final Fantasy
series is incredible but how good can an old RPG for the NES be? The answer is, very good.

This is the only FF game where the story isn't one of the best aspects. The story is pretty
straight forward but it is good for being so old. There's a Knight called, Garland, which are
summoning some monsters and four heroes comes to rescue. After a while the story gets a little
better but it's nothing spectacular.

You start by selecting a group of heroes by choosing jobs. There's a few jobs to select from
including, Black Mage, White Mage, Knight etc. The knights have some great armor and weapons but
they are very expensive and they can't use magic. The Black Mage sucks at fighting but can use
some powerful magic, and so on. So you have to be careful what you choose.
The battles is probably the most important thing in the game. It works like all of the other old
RPGs, you select a command for all of your characters and then they do it. It works well but if
you've played the new FFs and are used to the ATB (Active Time Battle) it will feel really old
(but it is old so it's OK).
One of the biggest problems with the NES Final Fantasies is that you are forced to gain levels
and GP for hours before you can continue or else you will die quickly in the next area. But if
you can stand that, you will probably think that the gameplay is great.

The music is great. This is the game where all of the classics were played for the first time,
such as the crystal theme and the official FF theme. You can really understand why Square
decided to keep them trough the whole series.
But the sound isn't that good. But there aren't much sound in it anyway so it doesn't matter.

The replay value is very high. You can play normal, all Knight games, solo games etc.

I can really recommend this game to every RPG fan out there. The game has flaws but so does every
other game.

Graphics: Like every other NES game, they suck - 3
Sound: The music is great but the sound is a different story - 8
Gameplay: It has some flaws but otherwise, everything is fine - 8
Story: Good for it's time - 6
Replay value: Great - 10
Overall: A great game for the NES - 8

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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