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"A great job with the new concept of RPGs for the Nintendo"

Squaresoft took on the challenge of making a Role Playing Game after Enix started the
later phenomenon. With everything Dragon Warrior established in the newest genre of
the NES, Square did amazing in keeping the roots of it, yet adding a few new ideas to it. Another stage setting game for the rest of the games in the future of Video Games.

Graphics (8/10)

Much more clear and smooth then DW and much more variety of scenery, enemies, etc.
Regardless of its comparison with DW, it is still barely above average. The characters
had nice detail to them also.

Game Control (8/10)

As most RPGs, the controls and notions of the battle system and so on were simple.
Though I think the worst part of this game is the battle system and how it regulates
through the game, the game control impressed me overall.

The white magic and black magic was well inspired by DW except taken to the next
level. It went well with being able to choose your party between the characters who had
different strengths and weaknesses of stats and attacking.

Sound and Music (8/10)

Beautiful work by Nobuo Uematsu. He did well with what he had. Especially with the
8-bit NES. Also it shows his quick yet effective work of the little time that Final Fantasy
was in production.

Replay Value (9/10)

What is so perfect of this game is having the so many party combinations to start with.
You can have the challenge of four of the same kind of people, or anything you want.
You have so many things to try. Because it isn’t possible to try out all of the members at
once, it makes you want to play again to see them. It is fun because eventually, when you
understand all of their good points, you can make what you think is the best team.

Buy Or Rent?

I would have to say you should buy it even though the only place you could probably get it is
Funcoland or eBay. There most likely isn’t a place where you can rent it either so just try
and find a way to play this game. Borrow it from a friend even.

Overall (8/10)

This game did a good job with evening out it’s cons with it’s pros. I enjoy always going
back and playing this to see how the most popular series in the history of video games
was established. In my opinion, this is of the better games in the Final Fantasy series. So
if you haven’t tried it, find a way to.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/26/01, Updated 06/26/01

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