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"A True Classic!"

Final Fantasy is one of the most recognized games in history. Not only did it start the legendary Final Fantasy series, it saved Square from bankruptcy. It truly is a milestone to be cherished forever. I will always remember the first time I popped this game into my cartridge, and ended up throwing it in frustration. Times have changed, and it is now one of my favorite NES games. It’s even better then some of it’s predecessors, FF2j. I know that this game will live on forever... or at least it’s name will.

Gameplay: 9/10
A little shaky at times, but it’s what makes this game great. New battle systems, and even out of battle menus redefined the RPG gaming industry. Most of the concepts used in this game are still in use today. The gameplay is without a doubt the best aspect of this game. Without this great gameplay there would be no Final Fantasy series today, and without Final Fantasy there would be no Square. If there is no Square we would all surely be dead, it's a proven scientific fact.

Graphics: 8/10
Some of the best graphics around in the late 80's. The enemies actually look threatening, and you can tell what the hero's do just by their costume. My personal favorite would have to be the Black Mage. The black mage design was actually used for Vivi in FF9, proof of it's excellence.

Audio: 10/10
Nobeu Uematsu is God. His first video game soundtrack, but it doesn't really show. Great scene appropriate music, even fear inspiring at times. Some of the best music on the NES.

Story: 5/10
One of the few Final Fantasies not worth plaing for the stories. Let's face it 4 heroes just show up one day, each with a light orb, ready to save the world. The characters have no background and don't develop, but Chaos is cool.

Challenge: 8/10
Definatly one of the most challenging games on the NES. In fact, probably the most challenging Final Fantasy to date. If you've never played an RPG before, don't start on this one.

Pretty simple to control, yet aren't most NES games? The characters do what you tell them, so that's a plus. There is one flaw, the key items in the game can easily be sold off without a warning. It gets the job done, and thats all that really matters.

Fun Factor: 8/10
A very fun RPG. A must have for anyone that considers themselves old school game players. If you like other Final Fantasy games chances are you will like this game.

Character Reviews
The best character in the game. Count on the fighter to deliver most of you punch in battle, at least physical wise. Can equip most weapons and armor. Can be quite expensive, but is without a doubt worth it.

Black Mage:
A good addition to any party. Strong magic attacks that you may find your self relying on more and more. Weak attack, weak defense, strong magic. Not as expensive as the knight, but not as good. It's probably a good idea to have a black mage, or at least a red mage.

Stay away from the thief. Low attack power, low defense. Strong points? He can steal and has good speed, neither of which are necessary. Once he changes to the Ninja he can hold his own, but until then it's just not worth it.

Black Belt
A good all around character, but still a notch below the fighter. Weapons and armor are usually a step down for him, so he's quite cheap. If you are willing to level him up to the max he will become the best player in the game. Decent attack, great defense, great evade percentage.

White Mage
Helps out in tough situations with his superior healing powers. Can't equip too much. Good magic, bad attack, bad defense, low HP. Expensive just to keep it alive. Red mage does a better job of being a white mage then a white mage though.

Red Mage
Your basic Black/White mage. Has all the spells of the other mages minus one or two levels. Average attack, average defense. A nice roundout party member, I would throw at least one in your party.

About halfway through the game you have a chance to upgrade all your characters.

Your fighter upgrade. More weapons, more armor, better attack, better defense. Turns into the ultimate fighting machine. Gotta have this upgrade!

Black Wizard
The black mage upgrade. Same weapons, same armor, same attack, same defense, actually there's minimal increases. Better magic, more spells. Gives you the best spells in the game.

Finally the thief can hold is own. Drastic increases in attack and defense actually make the thief worth having, kind of. More weapons and more armor make this the best upgrade in the game.

Big improvement from the black belt. If you max level him up, he can beat the knight. Better defense better attack, nice all around upgrade.

White Wizard
Pretty much the same white mage. Throw in some great spells, and better magic power, and it makes him worth having. A good improvement from the White mage.

Red Wizard
A noticeable boost in power and defense. A good boost of the amount of spells you can use. Now the red wizard can use almost as many spells as the other wizards.

A great game, overshadowed by the newer Final Fantasies. A true classic that formed a generation.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/31/01, Updated 07/31/01

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