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Reviewed: 08/17/03

I great RPG

After watching a little internet cartoon called 8-Bit Theatre, I had a rough walkthrough to help me with Final Fantasy for my Nintendo. After dishing out close to $20.00 for this cartridge, I set out to play it and I found the mechanics quite different for the other Final Fantasy games. Though in some ways, different is good.
(My scoring system averages the 6 categories and is concluded in the Overall score, an average of the scores. This average is also the score given to the review.)

Story- 10/10
You are the four Light Warriors, and after talking to the king and buying some weapons, you must go off to save Princess Sara in the north. After fighting your way through hordes of Goblins and Wolves you reach Princess Sara and fight the evil Garland. After this, the King tells you to quest to light the 4 Light Orbs and he builds a bridge just north of Corneria (the name of the first city). After venturing North and East, you come upon a town called Pravoka. After meeting a pirate and fighting his crew, you now get a boat to sail the seas. With the ability to sail around the world, you can only visit the Elf Kingdom, where you find out that the King has been put into a deep sleep that can only be brought out of by a herb and a figure in the Northern Castle wants you to retrieve a crown from the Marsh Cave. After fighting the Wizards guarding the crown you bring it to the shady figure who is really the Evil Elf Astos. After retrieving a blind witches crystal ball from Astos and getting an herb from the blind witch, you are able to heal the King and get a key that can open up so many of the locked door you have encountered. Then you go to Corneria castle and get some TNT that you give to the Dwarves in the West and you are free to explore the world. Now your REAL quest to light the four orbs begin. You find out that 4 fiends (Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind) have awakened and you must defeat each of them to restore thier power to the Earth.

Controls- 8/10
The controls are not only fairly responsive, but simple to learn with the simplistic NES controller. The only bad part I'd have to say is in the battle scenes, where it seems you wait forever to enter in your battle command as each window slowly pops up. This was incredibly annoying for me.

Game Play- 10/10
The key to this game was leveling up and buying a lot of items. In many of the walkthroughs it says to buy lots of HEALs (Potions that Heal), PUREs (Potions that rid you of poison) and SOFTs (Potions that rid you of Stone). While buying all of that and either a Tent/Cabin/House to heal and save anywhere on the world map (you usually must save at an Inn and make sure to hold in the RESET button while you turn off the power), you must also try and buy the expensive weaponry and magic needed for your teams. Only Mages can learn magic first off, but later on in the game almost everyone can learn and use some form of magic. Magic also works oddly. There are 8 different levels of Magic and each level had 3 spell slots where only 3 spell can be learned. Also, each level has a limit that it can be used. Example: Your Level 1 spell limit may be 4, so if Cure is the spell you want to use (Level 1) you can only use it and all of your other Level 1 spells up to 4 times. Then you are out of luck until you heal yourself at an Inn. This unique magic system makes it more difficult and a bit more fun. The only bad part is, everything is so expensive, that it makes it hard for you to keep up with the costs of some parties. With several different modes of transportation, walking, boat, canoe, and airship, you'll be spending much time traversing the world.

Sound- 9/10
My favorite sound was Marsh Cave's theme and the Overworld Theme. There are some good tunes, including the battle theme. Just remember, this is an 8-Bit NES game, so don't be expecting anything near Final Fantasy 7's Sephiroth Orchestra.

Graphics- 10/10
For being a lowly NES game, the graphics weren't too bad. Each spell had a different animation and the attacks reflected the weapons the characters were holding. Both your party and enemy sprites were designed well and will little fault involved. The backgrounds of the cave were repetitive as only a few different tiles were used for some. Other than some repetition (a minor fault I assure you), the graphics are absolutely splendid.

This is by far one of the best games I've played in a while. I've played more modern RPG's that are less fun. I suggest that you buy this game. It's not only a classic, but a great buy and a great game. Happy Gaming!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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