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"~An Epic Tale Of Battle~"

Final Fantasy
Supports: battery backup saving
Best Feature: cool story line
Worst Feature: the time it takes to level your guys up
CrAzY TiPs: use reset+power to turn off on the game
CrAzY ChEaT: press A+B around 30 times while on the ship to play a puzzle mini game

Imagine your Nintendo, Super Nintendo, or Playstation. Now imagine your favorite RPGs for the systems. Chances are, at least one of them will be from the Final Fantasy series. This is the game that started it all. Final Fantasy: II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, Tactics, Adventure, and Mystic Quest are the games that are sequels off this game, all of them (with the exception of a lonely few) are awesome. I have to rate this game as if I were back when the Nintendo was still very popular (seems like a long while ago doesn't it?).

I play FFVII for a hour and then I play the original Final Fantasy and I think to myself _What? This is the prequel to one of the most stunning games ever?_ This games graphics aren't that great. The usual fuzzy, choppy, skippy, cartridge problems accompany MY GAME (and that may be because I bought at Funco Land). You can't blame anyone for this problem (except maybe Funco Land's lack of caring for their games). The graphics were great at the time FF released it, I remember how I ooed and awed at Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo when they came out (. I will probably think the same when the next generation of PS2, Dolphin, and the not so wonderful Bill Gates $X-BOX$). You can't shame this game for anything. This game gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling when you turn it on!

Your story line is cool. YOU (your four characters) are the Warriors of Light. You have to make your orbs glow again and save the Earth. You only get four characters, you can choose from:

Fighter (later becomes a Knight)
Black Belt (later becomes a Master)
Thief (later becomes a Ninja)
Red, Black, or White Mages (later become Red, Black, or White Wizards)

I suggest a one Fighter, one Black Belt/Thief, one White Mage, and one Black Mage in your party because they each offer different things. A fighter is a buff swordsman that has powerful attacks, defense, and a little magic. A Black Belt starts weak but possesses hidden skills once he is around level eight. The Thief is pretty much useless until he becomes an awesome Ninja. The White Mage uses white magic (good magic like healing powers) which is always cool. The Black Mage uses black magic (harmful magic attacks like fire and ice attacks) that cause major damage on the right foe. The Red Mage is the mix between the two other mages that can use white and black magic and has some fighting skills. Too bad Cid isn't a playable character!

Let's face it, music in a Final Fantasy game is like dessert at dinner, it's one of the best parts of the meal/game (that didn't go as well as I planned). I enjoyed the music in this game. Not as much as I enjoyed other games (*ahem*Ys Book I and II), but what can you ask for from an old school game machine? The sound effects are cool too, offering many different aspects of play. And for you emulator peoples out there, this game is worth getting a Nintendo for. If you don't own a Nintendo, you can't afford one, and still really want this game, it is worth your time to download and emulate it although I DO NOT support this!

Many people ask why my reviews are so magazine like. I do this because I like the style of it and I hope to get picked up for EGM instead of that E-Sak guy (I love him all the same the fat boy). Laughing? Don't be! Many reviewers were picked up this way. While on the topic of magazine reviewing they always rave over replay value and some even have a chart (cough cough PSM). If I had to make a chart this game would be going strong for about a week, then you would see nothing for five months, then you would see it strong for another week and then process would repeat itself. Once you get the game rolling along it's WAY better. This game never had much with control, but you gain more options as you go along. When you get your little pirate ship you can sail the seven(?) seas.

Overall here are the charts for the game in MY opinion on a 1-10 scale:

Graphics: 8
Gameplay: 10
Sound/Music: 10
Control: 8
Story Line: 10
Replay: 7
Overall: 10

Just go buy this game right now. It's a great game and should be in every ones collection. If you liked this game, you may also like Dragon Warrior 1-4, the rest of the FF series, and maybe even some Zelda. AWESOME!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/15/00, Updated 02/15/00

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